View or Download Instructions for AGRI-COVER® Roll Tarps

Our manuals are intended to provide installation instructions that are descriptive and easy to follow. In addition, these manuals will keep you abreast of factory recommended operation and maintenance techniques. Occasionally, special instructions for non-typical installs may be needed. Listed below are owner manual/instructions followed with special instructions that may apply to a particular set up and are to be used in conjunction with the manual/instructions when applicable. If you feel these instructions do not address your needs, please contact us for additional information that may be available for your specific tarp needs.

AUTOLOCK® Electric Roll Tarp:

SRT-2® Spool Roll Tarp:

EZ-LOC® Roll Tarp:

ROLTEC® Side Locking Tarp:

ROLTEC® Electric Tarp Conversion:

ROLTEC® Electric Hopper Conversion:

Roll Tarp Price Guide:

Roll Tarp Fabric Color Options:

John Deere Special Instructions:

Accessory Instructions for AGRI-COVER® Roll Tarps:

Miscellaneous Instructions for AGRI-COVER® Roll Tarps:

Tarp Order Forms / Box Detail Sheets:

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SRT-2 John Deere
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