ROLTEC™ Electric Hopper Conversion

Hopper Door Openers for Safer Operation

Modify your manual crank hoppers to electric for safer operation by installing a ROLTEC™ Electric Hopper Conversion. This upgrade is easy to complete utilizing existing trailer parts and installs above factory hardware. Built to meet any challenge, the electric hopper door openers deliver the ideal torque to open and close the hopper. This proven chain drive is built to last and made to perform with corrosion resistant metal housing to provide years of use. Take control of your commodity with ROLTEC™ Electric Hopper Conversions.

Motor kits for hopper openers available for pull behind trailers and chassis mounted boxes.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Electric Hopper Door Motor


Reliable chain drive system with durable, corrosion resistant metal housing. Worm gear creates an instant, positive lock. No brakes or limit switch to fail. Motor and gearbox provide optimal torque needed to open and close hopper.Choose AGRI-COVER™ Control Box and Remote or AGRI-COVER™ Switch Control.

Stable Design


Mounts on original equipment with stabilizing arm.

Split Sprocket Technology


Simply weld sprocket assembly on existing shaft to mount motor and gearbox, no need to cut drive shaft in most cases.Designed for 1 in. round drive shafts, adapter available for other shaft sizes.

Manual Override


Quick link detachment, if needed.


See how easy it is to convert your manual hopper to electric with ROLTEC™ Electric Hopper Conversions. Adapt OEM equipment using our split sprocket technology, no need to cut your drive shaft on most applications. Enjoy maximum stability with our three mounting points. Save time and make more trips in a day with the ROLTEC™ brand electric hopper door openers.

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5star reviewBy Max M. - ND

" As a commercial grain hauler I have used a variety of electric tarps and hoppers and the ROLTEC Electric Tarp and Hopper Conversions from Agri-Cover have definitely worked the best. Everything about having these electric hopper door openers on my semi trailer has been a benefit to me. It saves me a lot of time, increases safety by keeping me out of the way of farm machinery, and increases my tarp life by getting a good roll every time. It also provides less stress on my back and shoulders than using a crank handle. Farmers are working longer days and longer seasons, and by having electric on a trailer it isn’t being lazy - it is being smart. The best part is I have had no problems with it breaking down, not one. The ROLTEC Electric Hopper conversions have consistency, longevity, and the difference between it and others I have used is the ROLTEC works. "

5star reviewBy Brian P. - ND

" Over a year ago I added ROLTEC Electric Tarp and Hopper Conversions to three of my semi trailers. Being a custom harvester I know the importance of efficient work and my drivers really like how easy they are to use. I did the hopper door installation myself and after I got the first one done the rest went on really fast. Using the wireless remote saves a lot of time, when pulling into the elevator I can open my roll tarp as I drive and it keeps the flow of traffic going. The guys working at the elevator really like being able to flip the switch on the receiver box to open the bottom hoppers too. "

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