AGRI-COVER® Roll Tarps

Reliable Manual and Electric Tarping Systems

Delivering reliability with every roll since 1981, AGRI-COVER® Roll Tarp Systems are fine tuned for the uncompromising weather and diverse production of North America. Our focus on innovation, premium materials and long-lasting performance ensures superior protection with every load. Ranging from manual to electric roll tarps and hopper conversions, Agri-Cover, Inc. has the solution for you!

SRT-2 Spool Roll Tarp


The original SRT-2® Spool Roll Tarp stands the test of time. Precision crafted with spring loaded spools and tensioning ratchets for unparalleled performance, especially in windy conditions. The anodized aluminum, telescoping crank handle with flex drive offers a steady, smooth rolling operation. From the 3 in. aluminum roll tube with rope channel to our custom, crimped end caps, SRT-2® Spool Roll Tarps deliver a full spectrum of control.

Starting MSRP $1,016.75.

EZ-LOC HD Roll Tarp


The premium EZ-LOC® HD Roll Tarp offers undeniable protection for your most valuable assets. A durable 3 in. aluminum roll tube paired with an in-roll tube cable return provides exceptional performance in any weather. Easily control the tension of the tarp using our heavy duty, 21 spline U-joint. The completely welded tarp construction with UV resistant vinyl fabric remains flexible to -40° F. EZ-LOC® HD Roll Tarps help cultivate your profits.

Starting MSRP $1,668.00.

EZ-LOC Roll Tarp


The dependable, economical EZ-LOC® Roll Tarp is a cost-effective advantage to any operation. The in-roll tube bungee return helps to quickly and easily roll tarp closed when utilizing the adjustable crank handle. Our heavy duty U-joint with 21 splines offers direct tension control while the 2 in. corrosion resistant aluminum roll tube with rope channel minimizes wear. EZ-LOC® Roll Tarps provide greater value with long lasting quality.

Starting MSRP $821.75.

AGRI-COVER Side Locking Tarp


There for those long hours, AGRI-COVER® Side Locking Tarp provides protection from the elements at a remarkably low price. Manufactured with custom, crimped end caps and commercial grade, UV resistant vinyl to make every load count. The quick release, aluminum tarp stops open and close freely for easy removal while the integrated set screws eliminate tube sliding. Ready to work when you are, AGRI-COVER® Side Locking Tarps get the job done.

Starting MSRP $704.75.


Operate your system with ease, upgrade your equipment with electric tarp and hopper conversions. Save time and increase productivity by tarping on the go. The convenient on/off control keeps the driver out of the dust, rain and harm’s way. Stay protected, clean and on schedule with our wide variety of electric conversions.

Roltec Electric Conversion


Add the power you need by converting your tarp system to electric. The ROLTEC® Electric Tarp Conversion is designed for quick, easy installation with pre-assembled components and a universal heavy duty mounting system. The motor gears feature an instant, positive lock impossible to back-off. The safe, efficient ROLTEC® Electric Tarp Conversions deliver innovative solutions for everyday operations.

Starting MSRP $1,449.

SRT-2 Electric Tarp Conversion


Experience faster, safer and more versatile operation with the touch of a button. SRT-2™ Electric Tarp Conversion converts manual spool roll tarp systems to electric. The front motor has a 90:1 gear ratio and utilizes existing spring-loaded spools. Our slim design allows the electric motor to easily fit between the cab and box. SRT-2™ Electric Tarp Conversions are built to last and made to perform.

Starting MSRP $815.

ECONOMICAL Electric Tarp Conversion


Safe and efficient, cover your profits without leaving the cab by upgrading to electric with our Economical Electric Tarp Conversion. The front motor combined with a strong synthetic cable return easily opens and closes your tarp system. To fit all your needs, the universal mount is suitable for most applications. Time is valuable, save some with our Economical Electric Tarp Conversions.

Starting MSRP $1,110.

Roltec Electric Conversion


Take control, work smarter, not harder by converting your hopper openers to electric. The ROLTEC™ Electric Hopper Conversion is easy to install using existing trailer parts with our split sprocket technology. No need to cut the drive shaft in most cases. Built from rust resistant, sturdy metal housing, ROLTEC™ Electric Hopper Conversions provide maximum protection to withstand harsh conditions.

Starting MSRP $1,362.

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