SRT-2™ Electric Tarp Conversion

Agri-Cover's Motor Kit for SRT-2® Roll Tarps

Electrify your operation with an SRT-2™ Electric Tarp Conversion. Easily upgrade your manual spool roll tarp system with a reliable motor featuring 90:1 gear ratio while retaining existing spring loaded spools and ratchets. Conveniently and safely operate this tarp conversion from inside the cab on trailers up to 27-1/2 ft. with as little as 7 in. minimum clearance between the cab and box. SRT-2™ Electric Tarp Conversions supply the power needed to deliver more loads in a day.

Electric tarp conversions available for chassis mounted boxes, grain carts, construction dumps, belly dumps and end dumps.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


SRT-2 Powerful Motor


Controls tension of the tarp, when heaped loads settle, touch switch to tighten. Worm gear creates an instant, positive lock with no backing off for a tighter fitting, longer lasting tarp. No brakes to fail. A dependable 90:1 gear ratio with durable corrosion resistant metal housing.Choose Cab Operated, AGRI-COVER™ Control Box and Remote or AGRI-COVER™ Switch Control.

Existing Spools and Mount


Reduces stress on drive components and pivot arm, roll tube rises over heaped loads. Your existing spring loaded spools and tension ratchets create positive return when closing the tarp.

Slim Design


Easily fits between the cab and box with only 7 in. clearance. Simple installation using one bolt configuration.


5star reviewBy Bart T. - IL

" I own a pair of power tarps for a couple of gooseneck trailers. Always been happy with the quality and service of your products, thanks. "

5star reviewBy Thomas C. - IN

" One of the best things I have ever done. Now anyone can open or close the tarp on our big grain cart, my wife or my 90 year old father. Plus, no worries about wind speed or direction. I plan to add another to our smaller cart once it is refurbished. "

5star reviewBy Eric N. - NE

" This is the first electric system I've ever owned and I can't tell you how great it is. When it starts to rain in line at the elevator I just push a button from the cab and my commodities are protected. I just sit back and smile as everyone else is getting wet while closing their manual tarp. "

5star reviewBy Paul M. - IA

" WOW! I just bought a fertilizer spreader with an SRT-2 Electric. What a great product, no more getting in and out of the cab to roll and unroll the tarp. That means I get in the house a few minutes early each night, sometimes those few minutes make all the difference, especially when it's "story time" for the kids. "

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