OUTLANDER™ Soft Truck Topper

Versatile Pickup Top

Take truck bed freedom to new destinations and maximize your cargo space with the OUTLANDER™ Soft Truck Topper. Expertly designed aluminum, quick release bows allow for easy transitions between a fully protected truck bed or open cargo capacity while providing the durability you need to keep the soft topper securely in place at highway speeds. Extruded aluminum clamps fasten to extra-wide side rails for easy installation without drilling into your truck box. The model specific OUTLANDER™ Soft Truck Toppers are perfect for protecting small or large cargo from the elements. The vinyl coated canvas construction includes standard removable windows and strategically placed weather seals to provide years of performance. Bring home an OUTLANDER™ Soft Truck Topper for the ease of functionality and convenience you expect from Agri-Cover, Inc. to get started on your next adventure.

Starting MSRP $1,094.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


  • Voyager


  • Expedition


  • Stargazer



4 Season Protection


Vinyl coated canvas is waterproof, mildew resistant and UV protected. Strategically placed weather seals and built-in tailgate flap prevent elements from entering the truck box.

Tonneau Side Sealing


Clear rear window can be rolled up or completely removed. Both tinted side panel windows are standard and completely removeable. Zippers and channels make removal and reinstalling windows a breeze, no snaps. All 4 windows are manufactured from DOT approved film.

Full Bed Usage


Allow frame to easily fold forward. Fixed bows and storage straps secure topper in place, even when traveling at highway speeds.

Trouble Free Installation


Attaches utilizing two extra wide, single piece side rails with extruded clamps, no need to drill into truck box.

Durable Construction


Lightweight, aluminum frame holds fabric tight, minimizing wind noise.Topper blocks 3rd brake light.


Check out how easy it is to install, operate and explore with OUTLANDER™ Soft Truck Toppers. One piece side rails and extruded clamps make installation a breeze with no-drilling required. The weather-smart design can withstand any climate while quick release bows make transitioning from fully open to closed simple without tools. Pack everything in with an OUTLANDER™ Soft Truck Topper, because when adventure calls there is no time to waste.


  • Outlander Truck Topper Review

    5 star reviewBy Lawrence A. - IN

    " Easy to install. Works great for adding additional storage out of the weather. I love the flexibility to open and use the full bed for hauling. Easy zip out windows. "

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  • Outlander Truck Topper Review

    5star reviewBy Brendan B. - ND

    " I am very happy with the performance of my topper. It keeps the elements out while traveling with dogs so I don’t have to cover their crates anymore. At first I thought I would take it on and off since it is so light but found that I use it way more than I had initially thought. I just leave it on all the time now and fold it up when I have to haul tall loads. Couple minutes and I can haul anything I need. Sure beats having a hard topper that takes two people and thinking ahead before you can haul tall loads. "

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  • Outlander Truck Topper Review

    5star reviewBy Ben N. - WA

    " Overall, the Overlander soft topper has been a great cover choice for my pickup. The assembly looks nice installed on the pickup, and not awkward or squared off. The cover folds up for storage easily and securely, it was very convenient to be able to fold the cover up and fill my truck box full of wood, then close the cover and keep it out of the elements for the drive home. My dog especially enjoyed it, whether we were out hunting or on a family trip! We took several trips out of town and after you have all your family luggage, strollers, a wagon, plus a dog kennel in the back, you wouldn’t be able to close a standard tonneau. This cover was a great choice to effectively double the cargo space of my box while keeping everything out of the harshest elements. "

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  • Outlander Truck Topper Review

    5 star reviewBy Jason T. - ND

    " Nice fit, sturdy, lightweight topper, and it keeps the box dry. In the fall it keeps the dog warm and I can leave the kennel tied in and keep rain and snow out of the box. "

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