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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Neal P. - IN

" Looks great stays dry inside best frame system out of the three available "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Trenton F. - UT

" A couple of the nuts and bolts came loctite but the customer service sent me out spares overnight. Other than that I have no complaints after about 3 weeks of having it on my truck no problems or anything have come up. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Doug S. - OH

" Love the topper. Customer service has been fantastic BETHANY GURRIERI And Curt have done a great job Question:The topper is water proof however, I see Water has saturated the vinyl see pic What products can I purchase and apply to make topper water proof "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Nicholas C. - WA

" I was in the market for a soft cap for my truck in preparation to move across the country from GA to WA. Most internet searches led me to Bestop or Softopper, in which I quickly found out that they had poor quality control, spotty customer service, and most importantly to me, very long, sometimes months for products to arrive. Fortunately I found Agri-Cover and the Outlander topper. I called customer service to inquire about shipping times, in which they immediately answered and told me the topper would ship in at most 2 days from purchase, and arrive within 5-7 days of departure. I ordered, and it arrived very timely. (I had also called the other companies, which didn't even answer the phone). Installing the topper was pretty simple, but definitely requires some basic tools (allen/hex keys and a socket wrench) and a second person. The provided instructions and YouTube video were helpful. Now to the best part, the topper survived and thrived my 10 day journey across the US, from the extremely hot/humid South and Gulf Coast, through the extremely hot and dry desert heat, and through countless rain storms along the way. All of my stuff in the truck bed remained completely dry. I particularly enjoy the tinted side windows that many other soft toppers don't have. They gave the truck bed a "tent-like" feel while camping. The zippers on the panels are easy to use, and the rubber tubing on the back flap creates a pretty solid seal when the tailgate is closed. My only recommendations for the topper would be some sort of locking mechanism (which I don't think other soft toppers offer either so it's not a huge deal) and more colors. I think it would look dope on my truck in tan! Overall an excellent product! I look forward to countless more adventures with it. 10/10 recommending to friends. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Ben N. - WA

" Overall, the Overlander soft topper has been a great cover choice for my pickup. The assembly looks nice installed on the pickup, and not awkward or squared off. The cover folds up for storage easily and securely, it was very convenient to be able to fold the cover up and fill my truck box full of wood, then close the cover and keep it out of the elements for the drive home. My dog especially enjoyed it, whether we were out hunting or on a family trip! We took several trips out of town and after you have all your family luggage, strollers, a wagon, plus a dog kennel in the back, you wouldn't be able to close a standard tonneau. This cover was a great choice to effectively double the cargo space of my box while keeping everything out of the harshest elements. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Tim F. - WI

" Easy to install, great instructions that should be followed. So far so good. Would be nice to be able to vent the sides if transporting dogs. I love the look. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy John C. - GA

" We love the product, we have it on two Trucks. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Mark Y. - OK

" Love it! Was simple to install and works great ? "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Mark W. - NC

" Love this product. Very sturdy and well constructed. Took it on a 10 hour trip the day after installing it and absolutely no issues. Quiet ride, sturdy construction, easy to use. Great product. Only wish it had better pet accessories like mesh zip out windows. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Lawrence S. - IN

" Easy to install. Works great for adding additional storage out of the weather. I love the flexibility to open and use the full bed for hauling. Easy zip out windows. "

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