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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Aaron D. - TX

" Topper has been fantastic since installing. No leaks during rain events here in Texas. Drove from TX to CO with the Outlander installed and zero issues, even at 80mph. On the installation, it's a little tricky on the 2023 F-350 but it worked. Did have to make one modification in that the tailgate bar was too long to fit into the pockets - had to trim about 1 1/4" w/ a hack saw. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Kyu C. - WA

" Looks great and very functional. No visible water leaks even driving in heavy rain. I recommend it to all Gladiator owners 100%! "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Brandon P. - TX

" The product is very nice. It would be better if it had a cut out for the sliding back window on our gladiator. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy S Neill B. - AL

" I started looking at this because we spend several weeks a year RVing and want the truck cargo space covered. First looked at hard top-"No"-to $3-4,000. Looked at the Soft Topper as a lower cost alternative. I am sure glad I did. I have had a hard and now a soft topper. For my purpose I like the Soft topper much better. It looks SOOO sporty. It is so functional. If I need to transport something in the bed that needs to be loaded (like a load of dirt or rocks), I can just fold it down out of the way-so much more usable space. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy JOSHUA G. - WA

" I can't say enough good things about this company in their products. I purchased a soft topper for my F150, and after a mishap after receiving delivery, accompany went above and beyond to get me a replacement ASAP. The company is honest, hard-working, not to mention their products are top-notch. Love my soft topper and would definitely recommend to anyone. "

Outlander 4 star ratingBy Brandon F. - IA

" Seems to be well made. Catches some air driving at highway speeds but hasn't changed my fuel mileage. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Randy H. - CO

" Excellent quality and easy to install. I have purchased soft tops for two new trucks.My first was 11 years old when I traded the truck in and still looked good. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy John H. - ID

" I really like the topper. Install is fairly straightforward and changing configurations is quick. The more I use it the more I like it. "

Outlander 4 star ratingBy Doug V. - WA

" So far so good. Truck bed is staying dry despite all the rain in Washington. I was able to install the topper myself, but it really is best to have a second set of hands for the initial installation. The only negative is that within a couple weeks each of the plastic buckles on the rear window straps broke, but were easily replaceable with sturdier, metal buckles similar to what is used on backpack straps. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Randy Z. - WI

" I'm pleased with the topper. Even with 4 days of rain traveling to AZ the contents of the truck stayed dry. Not happy with the light I bought - won't stay attached to the canvas or supports of the topper. Topper is great "

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