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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Gerald R. - WI

" I have a fifth whell trailer and used a toneau cover before. I look forward to using this soft top. Istallation went godd but recommned installation during warm weather. I did it when just above freezing, with the durable fabric it was stiff to get fabric into the v's and zippers closed. The only other problem I had was the front bar did not install easily, I had to file down the receptacle the bar fit into to get it in. Other than the front bar installation, excellent product. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Logan H. - MI

" Overall I really like the cover, install took a out 2 hours by myself in 40 degree weather. Warmer weather definitely would have made it easier as the fabric is really tight new. Only complaint is the velcro piece on the rear window came off after the first use and there is a small gap at the front on both sides where the front bar pops in, guessing it's because the fabric is still new even though I have the clamps all the way forward? "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Thomas M. - NC

" Waited for a warm day like the instructions recommended. It was about a month from when it was delivered. I had not even opened the box. The first thing that jumped out at me was the quality of the components. Went together and put on my Titan in about 90 minutes, took my time. The mechanical lever to tighten the top is the bomb compared to the straps that the other toppers use. That one feature was what actually sealed the deal for me. Thanks Folks!!! "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy William M. - TN

" It's working great! "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Carlos - CA

" Amazing top. Very easy to put on. Love that I still can use my whole bed without having to take the top off. Which would have to happen if I had a hard top. Thank you guys for a great product. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Brian W. - AL

" So far so good. Really Like the look and performance of the cover. The flexibility of being able to have my complete truck bed open is great. I roll up the rear window 3-4 times a week and it's a breeze. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy James P. - PA

" I really like the cover, however I am very disappointed that is was made in China!!! If I had known this I wouldn't have purchased it!!!! You can try to explain all you want but I purchased it without knowing it came from China, the other 2 that I looked at were made here in the good old USA, really close in price so that can't be a factor, unless you are pocketing more money from the sale. Again if I had known it was Chinese, I would have bought a cover from somewhere else. You never mentioned on you website that it was imported so my mistake, and I won't make it again. Seriously disappointed by this!!!! "

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Outlander 4 star ratingBy Patrick S. - TX

" I travel back and forth between MS/TX and Maine fairly often and I had been looking a long time for a soft topper for my truck to keep the dogs and all the junk we have to pack, nice and dry. I wanted something easily removable and easily installable by 1 person. I also have a toolbox in the back of my truck so the topper needed to fit with it. It's not a typical toolbox made for my truck, so there are gaps on either side of the toolbox and the rail, just enough space for the topper clamps. Though I havn't removed it from my truck yet, I did install it by myself. The instructions were a little lacking so it took a little thinking and youtubing to get everything just right. I applied and heated snow seal(a beeswax) to all the stitching to help prevent water seaping through as after the first rain, the inside of the canvas appeared damp. This helped a little bit, but don't think it was really worth the effort as it appears water seaps through the canvas anyway. Maybe if you applied the snow seal to every square inch of the topper, would it make a real difference. There's a couple spots like the zippers and the rails where a little bit of water gets in but nothing like without the topper. The seal on the tailgate also does not sit flush with the middle of the tailgate, but does sit flush with the ends. Not a huge deal to me as it doesn't appear water is coming in there. This is my first topper ever, so overall, the topper is completely worth it if you are looking for a semi-easily removable topper to keep all your belongings nice and dry. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Adam R. - IN

" Good product "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Dan L. - ON

" Did some research before buying and saw there were a few options on the market. Chose the Outlander based on reviews and products features. I was very happy with the cover, took 2 of us to install without difficulty. Fit and finish are very good, high quality. Have had many friends take a look and they are impressed. Travelling 75mph causes no movement or flutter, no noise. Excellent! "

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