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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Art B. - OH

" I wanted a topper that was light and sturdy to protect the bed contents while providing easy access. This topper is perfect for that and it looks great on the truck. It's strong and sturdy, plus it's very easy to remove. I am happy with my purchase and the price was an added bonus. I also appreciated the fast delivery. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Matthew B. - CA

" Fantastic topper! I've had others on previous vehicles and this one blows them out of the water. The materials, manufacturing, and fitment are spot on. Love the look more than the other name-brand toppers. Looks and functions awesome on my 2019 F150! "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Peter O. - CA

" Great quqlity for a great price. Easy to install and gets the job done. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Eli G. - TN

" Very happy with the topper. The topper is very easy to install. With the help of one to set the frame. The top was very easy to put on. I let it set in the sun for a bit to loosen up. The top installs very similar to my Jeep TJ top. No noise going down the road, it rides really well. After looking at the other brands I'm very pleased with my decision to go with Outlander Topper. I had the topper with in 4 days of my order, packaged really well. I would highly recommend this topper. I would like to see a window bag come with them. I ordered a window bag from Amazon that is for a 4 door jeep. They fit great in the bag. "

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Outlander 4 star ratingBy Tobin W. - NC

" 8.5/10 Bracket for mounting topper to truck bed could be improved. "

Outlander 4 star ratingBy Eric B. - CO

" Was looking for something I could use to camp in the back of truck with, while also still having the functionality of a full truck bed if needed. With a few soft topper choices on the market right now, I chose the Agricover Outlander because of the side windows, making camping more enjoyable. After a couple trips with the topper, I'd say I am very pleased! The functionality of the zippered windows is sound, and so far the durability is holding up. I've camped in the bed with some rain, and I didn't get any water leakage. I installed it myself without too much effort. Definitely took a little repositioning before clamping it down, and the instructions could have been a bit more clear with some parts, but overall it wasn't bad. I've already had a few compliments on the topper around town, which makes me feel better about my choice. Cons: -After first installing the topper, I rolled up the back windows and cinched down the straps, and immediately one of the plastic hooks used on the straps broke. I let Agricover know, and they sent me some new ones right away, but I ended up buying some more durable metal ones on Amazon because I felt like it was going to happen again. -When the windows are zipped off the topper, the instructions say not to store them folded up, and to keep care not to store them where they can get scratched or damaged. I'd love to see a "storage case" from Agricover for the windows, since they do seem to be fragile. - If Agricover could make window panels that had a mesh option to give more airflow, I would be stoked! I know these aren't specially designed for camping in, but I think there is a market for that if you could make it happen. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Jay K. - CO

" Just received my Outlander for a 2010 Nissan Frontier. I was able to install without any help in about an hour. Looks fantastic. Feels substantial. Love the windows. I highly recommend. "

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Outlander 4 star ratingBy Del E. - WA

" After doing away with the instructions, I mastered the install. All is good now! "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Eli G. - TN

" After much research with all of the brands out there. Outlander was the only one that I felt was the best route to go. I did some checking on FB Market place, when I see a lot of one particular brand for sale. I typically stay away from them for a reason. It is best for two to install, but one person can. The top goes on really well. It does great going down the road at 75 mph. Very fast shipping, great customer service. "

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Outlander 3 star ratingBy Dan B. - OH

" Product received was exactly as presented on web and in videos. The soft top provides the element protection I was looking for and looks nice on the Chevy Colorado. "

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