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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Mike B. - WA

" I'm very pleased with the Outlander Topper. The cover looks great on the truck. The fit is tight and works well with the tailgate. I also like the black bars that support the cover , rather than the chrome ones other companies put on there cover products. The topper cover is thick and made of good quality materiel. This is a great addition to my truck build. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Stan R. - CA

" Easy installation. The top fits good and works as expected. I will know more after a 3000 mile trip. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Paul C. - SC

" Absolutely love this top, took about 2 hours, but was an easy install. It looks and fits great! "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Anthoney A. - IL

" Awesome product! Relatively easy installation with an extra pair of hands or two and works perfectly for protecting my cargo! "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Holly S. - AZ

" This topper is top notch quality. I would recommend this product and would purchase it again. Plus it looks sweet! "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Logan H. - MI

" The so far has exceeded my expectations. Shipping was incredibly fast and the customer service is great. Had a small issue that really wasn't a big deal at all and within 12 hours I had a shipping notification a replacement part that I wasn't expecting. I would highly recommend their products and will buy again if I end up with a new truck in the future. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Erik S. - AZ

" This thing is awesome. I went with the Outlander because it fit the bad/cab truck shape better than any of the competition I saw. Install was straightforward, and I don't worry about it even running 80mph on the highway to work everyday. I bought it because I wanted something I could fold out of the way to haul dirt bikes, and it takes no time at all to fold up, and is very secure. I recommend it to anyone that wants a topper, but still needs the utility of a truck. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Terrance C. - MN

" Great so far "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Jeff C. - MD

" Great fit. Keeps cargo dry, Easy install, but the canvas took a bit of work to get zippered up. It was cold when I installed it so I assume that would have been easier if I put it on during the suggested temperature. Looks great on the truck and easy to collapse when I want to use the bed for taller items. Wish the side panels were available in solid panels "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy William G. - NC

" Topper is easy to install, and seems to be great quality. Looks good, and fits on my F250 great! Only trouble I have had was the velcro strap on the back panel came unstitched. Hope it dosn't cause flapping and early damage. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Gerald R. - WI

" I have a fifth whell trailer and used a toneau cover before. I look forward to using this soft top. Istallation went godd but recommned installation during warm weather. I did it when just above freezing, with the durable fabric it was stiff to get fabric into the v's and zippers closed. The only other problem I had was the front bar did not install easily, I had to file down the receptacle the bar fit into to get it in. Other than the front bar installation, excellent product. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Logan H. - MI

" Overall I really like the cover, install took a out 2 hours by myself in 40 degree weather. Warmer weather definitely would have made it easier as the fabric is really tight new. Only complaint is the velcro piece on the rear window came off after the first use and there is a small gap at the front on both sides where the front bar pops in, guessing it's because the fabric is still new even though I have the clamps all the way forward? "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Thomas M. - NC

" Waited for a warm day like the instructions recommended. It was about a month from when it was delivered. I had not even opened the box. The first thing that jumped out at me was the quality of the components. Went together and put on my Titan in about 90 minutes, took my time. The mechanical lever to tighten the top is the bomb compared to the straps that the other toppers use. That one feature was what actually sealed the deal for me. Thanks Folks!!! "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy William M. - TN

" It's working great! "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Carlos - CA

" Amazing top. Very easy to put on. Love that I still can use my whole bed without having to take the top off. Which would have to happen if I had a hard top. Thank you guys for a great product. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Brian W. - AL

" So far so good. Really Like the look and performance of the cover. The flexibility of being able to have my complete truck bed open is great. I roll up the rear window 3-4 times a week and it's a breeze. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy James P. - PA

" I really like the cover, however I am very disappointed that is was made in China!!! If I had known this I wouldn't have purchased it!!!! You can try to explain all you want but I purchased it without knowing it came from China, the other 2 that I looked at were made here in the good old USA, really close in price so that can't be a factor, unless you are pocketing more money from the sale. Again if I had known it was Chinese, I would have bought a cover from somewhere else. You never mentioned on you website that it was imported so my mistake, and I won't make it again. Seriously disappointed by this!!!! "

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Outlander 4 star ratingBy Patrick S. - TX

" I travel back and forth between MS/TX and Maine fairly often and I had been looking a long time for a soft topper for my truck to keep the dogs and all the junk we have to pack, nice and dry. I wanted something easily removable and easily installable by 1 person. I also have a toolbox in the back of my truck so the topper needed to fit with it. It's not a typical toolbox made for my truck, so there are gaps on either side of the toolbox and the rail, just enough space for the topper clamps. Though I havn't removed it from my truck yet, I did install it by myself. The instructions were a little lacking so it took a little thinking and youtubing to get everything just right. I applied and heated snow seal(a beeswax) to all the stitching to help prevent water seaping through as after the first rain, the inside of the canvas appeared damp. This helped a little bit, but don't think it was really worth the effort as it appears water seaps through the canvas anyway. Maybe if you applied the snow seal to every square inch of the topper, would it make a real difference. There's a couple spots like the zippers and the rails where a little bit of water gets in but nothing like without the topper. The seal on the tailgate also does not sit flush with the middle of the tailgate, but does sit flush with the ends. Not a huge deal to me as it doesn't appear water is coming in there. This is my first topper ever, so overall, the topper is completely worth it if you are looking for a semi-easily removable topper to keep all your belongings nice and dry. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Adam R. - IN

" Good product "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Dan L. - ON

" Did some research before buying and saw there were a few options on the market. Chose the Outlander based on reviews and products features. I was very happy with the cover, took 2 of us to install without difficulty. Fit and finish are very good, high quality. Have had many friends take a look and they are impressed. Travelling 75mph causes no movement or flutter, no noise. Excellent! "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Aaron D. - TX

" Topper has been fantastic since installing. No leaks during rain events here in Texas. Drove from TX to CO with the Outlander installed and zero issues, even at 80mph. On the installation, it's a little tricky on the 2023 F-350 but it worked. Did have to make one modification in that the tailgate bar was too long to fit into the pockets - had to trim about 1 1/4" w/ a hack saw. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Kyu C. - WA

" Looks great and very functional. No visible water leaks even driving in heavy rain. I recommend it to all Gladiator owners 100%! "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Brandon P. - TX

" The product is very nice. It would be better if it had a cut out for the sliding back window on our gladiator. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy S Neill B. - AL

" I started looking at this because we spend several weeks a year RVing and want the truck cargo space covered. First looked at hard top-"No"-to $3-4,000. Looked at the Soft Topper as a lower cost alternative. I am sure glad I did. I have had a hard and now a soft topper. For my purpose I like the Soft topper much better. It looks SOOO sporty. It is so functional. If I need to transport something in the bed that needs to be loaded (like a load of dirt or rocks), I can just fold it down out of the way-so much more usable space. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy JOSHUA G. - WA

" I can't say enough good things about this company in their products. I purchased a soft topper for my F150, and after a mishap after receiving delivery, accompany went above and beyond to get me a replacement ASAP. The company is honest, hard-working, not to mention their products are top-notch. Love my soft topper and would definitely recommend to anyone. "

Outlander 4 star ratingBy Brandon F. - IA

" Seems to be well made. Catches some air driving at highway speeds but hasn't changed my fuel mileage. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Randy H. - CO

" Excellent quality and easy to install. I have purchased soft tops for two new trucks.My first was 11 years old when I traded the truck in and still looked good. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy John H. - ID

" I really like the topper. Install is fairly straightforward and changing configurations is quick. The more I use it the more I like it. "

Outlander 4 star ratingBy Doug V. - WA

" So far so good. Truck bed is staying dry despite all the rain in Washington. I was able to install the topper myself, but it really is best to have a second set of hands for the initial installation. The only negative is that within a couple weeks each of the plastic buckles on the rear window straps broke, but were easily replaceable with sturdier, metal buckles similar to what is used on backpack straps. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Randy Z. - WI

" I'm pleased with the topper. Even with 4 days of rain traveling to AZ the contents of the truck stayed dry. Not happy with the light I bought - won't stay attached to the canvas or supports of the topper. Topper is great "

Outlander 4 star ratingBy Jim M. - KY

" All is good. Installation instructions could have been a little more clear but I figured everything out and I like the final result "

Outlander 4 star ratingBy Bryan W. - CA

" Overall the top seems like a great product. It worked great on my hunting trip and did what I needed. There were only a few small issues. A few missing nuts and bolts with a few rolling around in the box, one screw on the back seal was stripped out and in the box and if you are someone who relies on directions I could see someone having issues since they are somewhat vague. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Bill M. - UT

" Great, solid top and snap in floor. You can tell it is quality material when you install it or just admire it installed. I have already received compliments and request with where to buy this top. Thank you Agricover for your excellent customer service! "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Rob P. - GA

" What a wonderful product and great customer service. I had an issue with a zipper on the top and they sent me a brand new one. Great company and great product. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Frederick L. - IA

" Best soft topper I have used. I like the design and the windows. It has a complete bottom frame for easy opening of the tailgate. I have run it threw automatic car washes and down the highway at 75mph will no issues at all. Great product. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy John M. - ID

" My first impression of my new Outlander Soft Topper is I am pleased with the look and quality. I also purchased the storage kit and am happy with it. I hope after winter my impression will be the same. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Michael C. - TN

" Great product, very easy to put together. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Jeffrey W. - NY

" I like it my stuff stays dry fairly simple to put together and install will seehow it holds up to winter in New York. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Edward F. - SC

" A little tricky to get on the first time and lined up, but other than that has been great. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Brandon G. - IN

" Works as expected. Good tight fit that is quiet even at highway speed. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Art B. - OH

" I wanted a topper that was light and sturdy to protect the bed contents while providing easy access. This topper is perfect for that and it looks great on the truck. It's strong and sturdy, plus it's very easy to remove. I am happy with my purchase and the price was an added bonus. I also appreciated the fast delivery. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Matthew B. - CA

" Fantastic topper! I've had others on previous vehicles and this one blows them out of the water. The materials, manufacturing, and fitment are spot on. Love the look more than the other name-brand toppers. Looks and functions awesome on my 2019 F150! "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Peter O. - CA

" Great quqlity for a great price. Easy to install and gets the job done. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Eli G. - TN

" Very happy with the topper. The topper is very easy to install. With the help of one to set the frame. The top was very easy to put on. I let it set in the sun for a bit to loosen up. The top installs very similar to my Jeep TJ top. No noise going down the road, it rides really well. After looking at the other brands I'm very pleased with my decision to go with Outlander Topper. I had the topper with in 4 days of my order, packaged really well. I would highly recommend this topper. I would like to see a window bag come with them. I ordered a window bag from Amazon that is for a 4 door jeep. They fit great in the bag. "

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Outlander 4 star ratingBy Tobin W. - NC

" 8.5/10 Bracket for mounting topper to truck bed could be improved. "

Outlander 4 star ratingBy Eric B. - CO

" Was looking for something I could use to camp in the back of truck with, while also still having the functionality of a full truck bed if needed. With a few soft topper choices on the market right now, I chose the Agricover Outlander because of the side windows, making camping more enjoyable. After a couple trips with the topper, I'd say I am very pleased! The functionality of the zippered windows is sound, and so far the durability is holding up. I've camped in the bed with some rain, and I didn't get any water leakage. I installed it myself without too much effort. Definitely took a little repositioning before clamping it down, and the instructions could have been a bit more clear with some parts, but overall it wasn't bad. I've already had a few compliments on the topper around town, which makes me feel better about my choice. Cons: -After first installing the topper, I rolled up the back windows and cinched down the straps, and immediately one of the plastic hooks used on the straps broke. I let Agricover know, and they sent me some new ones right away, but I ended up buying some more durable metal ones on Amazon because I felt like it was going to happen again. -When the windows are zipped off the topper, the instructions say not to store them folded up, and to keep care not to store them where they can get scratched or damaged. I'd love to see a "storage case" from Agricover for the windows, since they do seem to be fragile. - If Agricover could make window panels that had a mesh option to give more airflow, I would be stoked! I know these aren't specially designed for camping in, but I think there is a market for that if you could make it happen. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Jay K. - CO

" Just received my Outlander for a 2010 Nissan Frontier. I was able to install without any help in about an hour. Looks fantastic. Feels substantial. Love the windows. I highly recommend. "

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Outlander 4 star ratingBy Del E. - WA

" After doing away with the instructions, I mastered the install. All is good now! "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Eli G. - TN

" After much research with all of the brands out there. Outlander was the only one that I felt was the best route to go. I did some checking on FB Market place, when I see a lot of one particular brand for sale. I typically stay away from them for a reason. It is best for two to install, but one person can. The top goes on really well. It does great going down the road at 75 mph. Very fast shipping, great customer service. "

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Outlander 3 star ratingBy Dan B. - OH

" Product received was exactly as presented on web and in videos. The soft top provides the element protection I was looking for and looks nice on the Chevy Colorado. "

Outlander 4 star ratingBy Bernard R. - PA

" Definitely does the job! Not too hard to install, but a bit "fiddly". I did have to fasten the lower front bar to the truck bed, by itself that bar bowed up leaving a 1/2 inch gap. Have not used the cap except around town, but will go cross country next week. So far it seems to do well. "

Outlander 4 star ratingBy Brian H. - WA

" The material and workmanship seems to be spot on. I have a newer truck so it don't exactly fit perfect but I made do. Looks nice and add a good look to the truck. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Kyle O. - NH

" This cover was perfect for our cross country road trip even though it poured for a week straight nothing got wet. The cover is well made. The only thing that could make the cover better is to add a third brake light to it "

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Outlander 4 star ratingBy Chad - PA

" The light weight makes it easy to build and install by yourself. The rails clamp down easily with the supplied clamps. The canvas seems to be made nice and is very easily attached to the frame. This is a very versatile soft topper with a great price point for what you get. Time will tell how well it holds up in the Western PA weather. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Richard F. - OH

" Absolutely amazing product. It held all of my families luggage for the beach. And even had enough room for my 2 very large dogs. I even slept in the back of my truck in the hotel parking lot to keep an eye on our luggage. Everything for the entire 12 day trip stayed dry. Could not be happier with this product. Ordered this product and it arrived in 48 hrs. Installation was very easy and the directions were precise. "

Outlander 4 star ratingBy Jeffry K. - WA

" Just finished installing on a short box 2016 Tundra. The OUTLANDER is superior to the competing brand one that I installed on a Super Duty a few years ago. The top zippers on the side and back panels are so much easier to use than the competitor's interlocking c channels. I would have liked the top to be a couple of inches taller. One installation tip that is not covered in the instructions: Check the fit of the front seal bar to the side rails before sliding the front wall into it and putting them on the truck. The instructions say that the fit will be tight, but in my install there was no way the seal bar would fit into the side rails. Had to sneak up on them with a rotary tool and do some grinding to fit them together. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Rocco A R. - TX

" Working well so far. We've had it a little over a month. I thought about rewriting their installation instructions for them to make them easier to understand and more thorough. The video was more helpful. The topper is stiff and you really have to work getting it on your truck but one day out in the Texas sun and it loosens right up and is much easier to work with and operate. Make sure there is one vertical flat hand width between your truck back window and the front of the topper. This ensures enough clearance between the two so the truck window and topper window don't rub up against each other. One real recommendation. Perhaps a roll up bag with dividers to place the sides and back windows in would be useful as there is really no place to stow these easily inside your truck when you want to move the topper forward to have an open bed. No issues running 75 mph with the topper secured forward either. Get the bed mat with the topper. You won't regret it. Really easy to install and fits great. Drill holes for the snaps rather than using the Velcro strips. The mat is easy on the knees and even helps when installing the topper. I've had it through the car wash at least four times. No worries there. Some water will come through the bottom of the back window where the zippers end but not a big deal or enough to worry about. How long will it last in the Texas sun? We'll see, but so far very pleased with it. Have had other truck bed products from ACI over the years and have never had a problem with quality or operation once installed. They're a good company. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Zachary R. - NY

" construction is sturdy and tight! Looks good and wrinkles smooth after a day in the sun. "

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Outlander 4 star ratingBy Lyndon S. - PA

" Directions are not the best, after installation it looks good but the zippers are difficult and rolling up the back and sides are easy enought but will have to try it out more. Need a third brake light to be available. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Phillip L. - UT

" The cover itself is awesome, fits well, looks good, only thing I can say is their instruction video on installation makes it look simple.....well installation is a bit rough, definitely need two folks and alot of adjectives used when installing lol. But all and all very happy with product. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Robert S. - WI

" Love the topper and the flexibility of its use. Very lite and can be installed removed my one person. I would like to see screen windows as an option (for my dogs). Thumbs UP "

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Outlander 4 star ratingBy Erik H. - OH

" The outlander top works great. Installed on 17 Ram 2500. Easy to install. No leaks. Zippers could be better though. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy John V. - NY

" Accurate and tight fitting soft top cover. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Judy W. - TN

" Looks great really like the soft topper but think it should come with a window for up at the cab of the truck .Had to buy that separately and install "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Vitaly S. - PA

" Loved it. Easy to put together and is a great asset to my truck. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Tim H. - NM

" Absolutely love it! Was not easy put on without help, but it's on and it's a joy to use! Great product! "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Charles - LA

" Great product! Install was a breeze and looks great on my 2018 F150 . Holds up perfectly when driving at highway speeds and have had no leaks what so ever. My only gripe is that the front window should be made to unzip to allow for easy cleaning of the rear truck window with out having to remove the front portion of the top. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy John H. - CO

" I'm 70-years old and a bit stoved-up, so some of the assembly was a bit difficult but doable even for me. The fit and look are excellent. Not a drop of water entered when I ran it through the car wash and the test on the freeway at 75 mph passed easily. Totally satisfied! "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Nicholas B. - CA

" Thing is nice. Zippers are a bit tricky and the instructions warn to be cafeful trying to set it up when its cold out. This is true, its not possible in the cold. Once it warms up it fits like a glove. Looks cool. Thanks again ACI "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy John M. - CA

" IMO the best soft topper available. I did quite a bit of research before purchasing the Outlander for my '23 4WD F-150. I liked the zipper/velcro combo for the windows and that the frame mounted on top of the bed rails, thus not narrowing the bed. Soft top folds forward easily for filling bed with hay or motorcycles. Was easy to install, I did it myself, but would be easier with 2 people. Very good quality. Comes with a stick-on seal fro front, don't need it there, as the rubber on the rail makes a good tight fit with my bedliner. There are small gaps in the front corners and not sealed above the tailgate, in sideways strong rain a little water gets in. This doesn't bother me, but one could caulk the front corners, not sure what could be done about the tailgate, as Ford has a very wide top on the tailgate. Cheers "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy J - OH

" I am enjoying the final product. On delivery I began to install and ran into a few conundrums and gad to reach out to customer service for some answers. They were fantastic and got me sorted out right away! I have had no issues since then. I will be putting this topper through some work this year. A lot of on/offs but with this topper I should be able to keep it on all the time! The collapsable feature is what I wanted most. My one critique is that I want a front window that opens so I can reach through my truck cab to my dogs that will be in the bed. The solid window is fine but am upgrade would be huge! "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Brian R. - GA

" Excellent product. Perfect fit. Assembled frame myself. Got the wife to help set frame on and install the canvas. Windows zipped in no issues. Much better option than the other brand that does not have windows. Thanks Agri-Cover "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Luis M. - NC

" Installed on my 2016 Nissan Frontier. Definitely get a pair of second hands to help with the install. But overall, excellent product. Kept all my my stuff dry on the move from NC to CO. And its holding up GREAT in the CO winter. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Dean H. - TN

" Love the outlander, install was easy. Looks good and functions well. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Roy B. - PA

" Everything about this product is first class. Fabric is tough, easy to cleam and looks great. The frame is robust and at the same time light. Instructions and functionality are excellent. The best thing of all, this company really stands behind their product. When I lost a piece , they replaced it no charge. Will buy again from this company for sure. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Shana H. - TX

" 2020 Jeep Gladiator LOVE this bed topper! No issues putting together but instructions on where to place the foam at bulkhead was confusing. Where placed is too far back so purchased more foam to move topper closer to bulkhead. All Windows tricky getting installed - easier to get inside bed to attach. Originally had Mopar hard tonneau and everything inside got wet with rain or car wash. This topper keeps everything DRY! I recommend also buying the EZ-Retriever...opening the back window or side windows to get things at the bulkhead not as easy as tonneau cover. HIGHLY RECOMMEND "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Wyatt M. - WI

" Exactly what I ordered and has been really good so far "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Craig D. - AZ

" The topper fits the lines on the Jeep Gladiator nicely; doesn't look like a "universal/one size fits all" product. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Jon W. - VA

" Love it! Has the best lines for the gladiator bed out of all the soft toppers on the market. Easy to install. Getting the windows zippered in was quite the task but doable nonetheless. The only CON in my opinion is I wish the side "windows were solid or tinted dark. Have not disassembled or rolled up yet but it definitely doubled my storage capacity. THANKS! PLEASE advise when solid side panels are available. The YouTube video for this product at the trade show has them but upon ordering, I was told they are not available... that was a bit of a let down and somewhat false information when watching the video. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Michael K. - NC

" A zipper on the Outlander broke upon installation. However, the team at ACI was incredibly receptive and efficient. A new section of the cover arrived in short order. I definitely appreciate ACI's customer service and warranty-honoring. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Des - ON

" Got the Soft topper for my Jeep Gladiator as we wanted the hybrid option without the need for storage. It was easy to install, and looks great. The topper has the ability to fold forward so you can utilize the full bed without removing the top off the vehicle. "

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Outlander 4 star ratingBy Joseph H. - PA

" I had to wait for a warm day to install it as per instructions. The frame is a bit wider than the truck bed (2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn) but we were able to make it work, although not perfect. I hate those clamps and will probably drill a hole or two to make it work without the fear that the clamps will fail when I'm riding down the highway. Getting everything zippered and tucked in was a challenge, but we got it done. It looks nice and should do the job. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Tony H. - GA

" Excellent quality and easy to install. Fits my Tundra perfectly. Prompt shipping and arrived in excellent condition.. "

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Outlander 4 star ratingBy Robbie D. - UT

" Its been amazing, drove 1000 miles through rain and snow. Only a little water made it in. easy installation. would recommend to a friend. if you live where it rains a lot. just put some sealant in the front 2 corners. But still does great at keeping the weather out. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Darin K. - VA

" Perfect fit and reasonably priced. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Jesse G. - KS

" Bought the Outlander soft topper before a trip to Arkansas last month to keep everything dry in the back of the truck. The Outlander did just that while it snowed the second night there. Also just went on a trip to Oklahoma over Thanksgiving and it rained all night and day one day and once again still all dry inside. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Jason I. - WI

" I just wanted to write this review to save Jeep gladiator owners some time and money looking for the perfect topper this topper is perfect it's construction is second to none and the fit is excellent you won't be disappointed. If you have the vinyl coated top like I do this topper is an exact match The unit is made of all aluminum and stainless steel and every component is automotive grade. The gauge of the aluminum is very thick no tent poles here. I ordered on a Thursday and received it on Monday. Give it a try you won't be disappointed. "

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Outlander 3 star ratingBy Jacob T. - TX

" Awesome "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Vincent C. - NJ

" I've owned a few of the competitors tops this thing blows them away. The only down side is it's now removable. But I haven't had a drop of rain in the bed with this cover. "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Neal P. - IN

" Looks great stays dry inside best frame system out of the three available "

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Outlander 5 star ratingBy Trenton F. - UT

" A couple of the nuts and bolts came loctite but the customer service sent me out spares overnight. Other than that I have no complaints after about 3 weeks of having it on my truck no problems or anything have come up. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Nicholas C. - WA

" I was in the market for a soft cap for my truck in preparation to move across the country from GA to WA. Most internet searches led me to Bestop or Softopper, in which I quickly found out that they had poor quality control, spotty customer service, and most importantly to me, very long, sometimes months for products to arrive. Fortunately I found Agri-Cover and the Outlander topper. I called customer service to inquire about shipping times, in which they immediately answered and told me the topper would ship in at most 2 days from purchase, and arrive within 5-7 days of departure. I ordered, and it arrived very timely. (I had also called the other companies, which didn't even answer the phone). Installing the topper was pretty simple, but definitely requires some basic tools (allen/hex keys and a socket wrench) and a second person. The provided instructions and YouTube video were helpful. Now to the best part, the topper survived and thrived my 10 day journey across the US, from the extremely hot/humid South and Gulf Coast, through the extremely hot and dry desert heat, and through countless rain storms along the way. All of my stuff in the truck bed remained completely dry. I particularly enjoy the tinted side windows that many other soft toppers don't have. They gave the truck bed a "tent-like" feel while camping. The zippers on the panels are easy to use, and the rubber tubing on the back flap creates a pretty solid seal when the tailgate is closed. My only recommendations for the topper would be some sort of locking mechanism (which I don't think other soft toppers offer either so it's not a huge deal) and more colors. I think it would look dope on my truck in tan! Overall an excellent product! I look forward to countless more adventures with it. 10/10 recommending to friends. "

Outlander Review Image

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Ben N. - WA

" Overall, the Overlander soft topper has been a great cover choice for my pickup. The assembly looks nice installed on the pickup, and not awkward or squared off. The cover folds up for storage easily and securely, it was very convenient to be able to fold the cover up and fill my truck box full of wood, then close the cover and keep it out of the elements for the drive home. My dog especially enjoyed it, whether we were out hunting or on a family trip! We took several trips out of town and after you have all your family luggage, strollers, a wagon, plus a dog kennel in the back, you wouldn't be able to close a standard tonneau. This cover was a great choice to effectively double the cargo space of my box while keeping everything out of the harshest elements. "

Outlander Review Image

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Tim F. - WI

" Easy to install, great instructions that should be followed. So far so good. Would be nice to be able to vent the sides if transporting dogs. I love the look. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy John C. - GA

" We love the product, we have it on two Trucks. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Mark Y. - OK

" Love it! Was simple to install and works great ? "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Mark W. - NC

" Love this product. Very sturdy and well constructed. Took it on a 10 hour trip the day after installing it and absolutely no issues. Quiet ride, sturdy construction, easy to use. Great product. Only wish it had better pet accessories like mesh zip out windows. "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Lawrence S. - IN

" Easy to install. Works great for adding additional storage out of the weather. I love the flexibility to open and use the full bed for hauling. Easy zip out windows. "

Outlander Review Image

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Kevin H. - MN

" Work excellent. Instructions could be better "

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Jason T. - ND

" Nice fit, sturdy, lightweight topper, and it keeps the box dry. In the fall it keeps the dog warm and I can leave the kennel tied in and keep rain and snow out of the box. "

Outlander Review Image

Outlander 5 star ratingBy Brendan B. - ND

" I am very happy with the performance of my topper. It keeps the elements out while traveling with dogs so I don't have to cover their crates anymore. At first I thought I would take it on and off since it is so light but found that I use it way more than I had initially thought. I just leave it on all the time now and fold it up when I have to haul tall loads. Couple minutes and I can haul anything I need. Sure beats having a hard topper that takes two people and thinking ahead before you can haul tall loads. "

Outlander Review Image

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