Tech Tips

Installing stainless steel fasteners

Avoid galling by using anti-galling spray, lubricant or grease on threads and avoiding high speed when fastening. Do not use impact tools on stainless steel hardware.

Preventing premature tarp wear

Ensure proper tension is always applied and all bows are at the same height, tarp should not flutter in the wind. Deburr sharp edges or surfaces.

Leveling end caps for uneven boxes

Apply adhesive seal tape and shim with washers under end cap at bolt locations.

Reducing commodity splatter when loading

Twisting ridge strap prior to attaching ratchet will help reduce commodity splatter. Number of twists depends on trailer length, adjust accordingly. Ensure not to wind up any twist in ratchet. Or order a ridge rope, the narrow profile reduces splatter when loading.

Tightening ridge strap or rope

Snug is ideal, do not over tighten to prevent pulling down on the end caps.

Installing roll tubes to tarp

Liner tool can help align holes in tube and tarp to fully insert rivet. Unfolding tarp prior to install gives tarp time to relax.

Achieving proper tension on SRT-2® Spool Roll Tarp

Proper tension is achieved when tension channel is level at bottom or 90 degrees from starting point. Tighten ratchet an additional two clicks past level. Open and close tarp approximately 5 times for cable to seat in spool grooves and tarp material to pull snug, tension channel should be level. No need to adjust tension every time tarp is used.

Preparing electrical connections

Use dielectric grease at all electrical connections throughout installation. This will help seal out moisture and prevent corrosion. Use heat shrink and electrical tape where applicable.

Installing spring box on ribbed trailers

Optional mounting bracket is an alternative mounting point when installing spring boxes on trailer with exterior structural ribs.

How to reverse motor direction

Switch wires at control box or motor.

Welding splice connection alternative

Screw install method is a replacement for splicing aluminum roll tubes together. Follow this method in place of welding, both installation procedures can be found in the instructions.

What to do if breaker trips

If breaker trips and does not reset, it may have detected a continuous short and will not reset until short is repaired. Disconnect battery and locate short to repair. Using a jumper wire on breaker can help determine if breaker is bad.

Installing bows

Set front and rear bows to correct height. Install ridge strap and draw tight until no slack. Adjust remaining bows to just touch bottom of ridge strap, ensure strap remains level.

Preventing tarp wear on bows

Bow covers can prevent premature tarp wearing over bows. Or when ordering a new tarp, add bow reinforcements.

Fixing small tears in tarp

Using a tarp repair kit on small tears early may prevent them from becoming larger.

Installing motor and motor extension shafts

Use anti-seize or grease on motor shaft and motor extension shaft before installing into roll tubes. Prevents rusting and difficulty getting apart in the future.

Adding addition items to pre-existing electric system

Ensure your main power wire/supply is ample enough to carry the additional electrical system such as hopper openers. We recommend 4 ga. on longer length trailers.

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