This personal snow plow has an average  SnowSport HD 4.90 star average rating rating based on 222 customer reviews.

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SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Ryan A. - WI

" Works as advertised! "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Richard S. - MT

" Great product! Works as advertised, putting the plow together took around 1 1/2. Also ordered a receiver for my truck. I have a Westin deer guard on my truck and a hour project took a day of modifying brackets to mount the receiver and purchasing a 12 inch receiver extension to clear my deer guard. With my atv it took me over 2 hours to plow, with the Snowsport about 20 minutes in a warm vehicle. Well worth the money! "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Brent C. - MI

" I needed a plow that wouldn't tear up the lawn. In Michigan we get a lot of warm and cold days so if it snows and the ground is soft I am still able to Plow with basically no damage to the lawn. I have plowed 8-10 in. of wetter snow and it had no problem to clear the snow while getting it scraped cleanly to the ground. Quality seems good, fairly easy install, assembly was straight forward. Overall I feel for what this plow costs and what I need to plow it works terrific ! I would recommend this to someone. Also I have to clear about 500yd driveway about 12ft wide along with a couple residential drives and the plow handles it great and not torn up lawns!! "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Joe B. - NJ

" Love it works great no electronics or hydraulic to worry about. This is my second one. Would recommend this snow plow to anyone. "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Jeremy G. - PA

" Well built and removes snow with ease and plow comes comes off in minutes when not using. "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Robert A. - NH

" I have the 84" plow mounted on a 2001 Dodge Ram 2wd. The plow works great. So far we've had two snow storms this year, a 5" and a 6" storm with heavy wet snow. The plow cut through the snow like butter. I do have studded winter tires and about 400lbs weight in the bed for extra traction. Do not try this plow out on dry pavement, it will bounce up and down due to the rubber cutting edge, only use it in snow. "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Douglas S. - MN

" I have had the Snowsport plow for a couple of years now and it works great. I recently bought a new Ford F-150 and was pleased that I was able to order a new receiver for the new truck and did not have to change anything else out. Great product! "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Charles N. - MN

" It came within a couple of days and was relatively simple to put together. I finally got a chance to use it on a couple of inches of snow today; it worked just as advertised. I have a 500 ft gravel drive and it looks like i used a snowblower on it. I would definitely recommend the snowsport plow. "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Richard K. - NY

" Very easy to put together,did it by myself in my garage. Nice and light did not want too much weight on my 2015 Wrangler. Also put a front hitch on my 2015 2500 Ram if needed. Nice product hope I do not have to use it. But it is spitting snow right now. Thanks "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Kevin - ND

" We ordered our Snow Sport and mount knowing it was not going to fit our lifted Jeep with tall tires. A little steel and a little welding, we made a custom mount for the plow so it would fit our Jeep. We got the plow in mid-March and with no fresh snow to try it out, we tried it in 40 degree weather in wet, heavy snow! Worked great, did not miss a beat, and plowed easily through the snow! After using a small skid-steer for four years to move snow at our home in the country, this Snow Sport plow is a snow removal game changer!! Cannot wait for some fresh new snow!!! "

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