SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow

Vehicle Friendly Snowplow

Superior in every detail, SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow combines power, precision and performance! A heavy duty push frame with built in three-point angling interceptor allows you to adjust the blade left, right or center to clear a wide expanse of snow. SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow is manufactured with a corrosion resistant aluminum blade available in 84 or 96 in. lengths with rubber box ends to keep snow in front of the blade. The unique motion activated design and turf friendly rubber cutting edge helps protect driveways and lawns. SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow easily attaches to a front mount or rear receiver without the need for extra lights and wiring. Sit back, relax and plow some snow with the SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow!

Starting MSRP $1,799.

SNOWSPORT® Plows are self-adjusting and do not require controls in the cab. No need to worry about any electrical or hydraulic components freezing, malfunctioning or wearing out. See How it Works to find out how easy the plow is to use.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


3-point Angling Interceptor


Simply adjust blade position to left, right or center.

Cutting Edge Snow Plow


Robust 1 in. thick rubber works great on concrete, asphalt, brick, gravel and grass. Lasts longer than a metal cutting edge.

Aluminum Snow Plow


Heavy duty, corrosion resistant aluminum blade is vehicle friendly and stacks snow higher than the vehicle's hood. Blades available 18 in. high and in 84 and 96 in. lengths.

No Wiring


Low profile design does not obstruct OEM headlights in the plow or transport position, no need to remove plow when driving.

Snow Plow Push Frame


Allows blade to slide up and down with the terrain. Quick pins secure blade in the plow or transport position.

Snow Plow Push Frame


Keep snow in front of blade and from spilling out the sides.

Easy On and Off


Secures with receiver pin, no tools required. Quickly transfers from one vehicle to another when equipped with 2 in. receiver. No electrical or hydraulic components to maintain or malfunction.


SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow is the most valuable player when tackling winter! Our videos feature this snow plow removing feet of snow from curves, inclines and straightaways. When you are ready to take on winter, simply lower blade, secure quick pins and go push some snow! Premium design and priced with you in mind, SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plows will make your snow problem, no problem.

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    5star reviewBy Richard S.- MT

    " Great product! Works as advertised, putting the plow together took around 1 1/2. Also ordered a receiver for my truck. I have a Westin deer guard on my truck and a hour project took a day of modifying brackets to mount the receiver and purchasing a 12 inch receiver extension to clear my deer guard. With my atv it took me over 2 hours to plow, with the Snowsport about 20 minutes in a warm vehicle. Well worth the money! "
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    5 star reviewBy Kevin S.- ND

    " We ordered our SnowSport HD and mount knowing it was not going to fit our lifted Jeep with tall tires. A little steel and a little welding, we made a custom mount for the plow so it would fit our Jeep. We got the plow in mid-March and with no fresh snow to try it out, we tried it in 40 degree weather in wet, heavy snow! Worked great, did not miss a beat, and plowed easily through the snow! After using a small skid-steer for four years to move snow at our home in the country, this Snow Sport plow is a snow removal game changer!! Cannot wait for some fresh new snow! "
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    5 star reviewBy Ed S.- MI

    " I ordered my snow plow on a Thursday and had it the following Tuesday! I have used it a half dozen times and plow 2 driveways exceeding 600 feet in length. This plow is amazing, not hard on my truck, though I do admit I tend to baby it. Caught a "plow" guy looking at it in the parking lot and he didn't think it would perform. I have proven him wrong. This is a big change after fighting Northern Michigan winters for 20 years with a 28 inch snow blower! I"ll never be without a snow plow again. "
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    5 star reviewBy Kerry S.- IN

    " I purchased a new garden tractor and was looking at another snow blower. I added up the cost plus chains and I would still be in the cold. I found the SNOWSPORT on the internet. I mounted the SNOWSPORT on my 2004 F150 and very happy with it, also my neighbors. I live on a gravel lane, my daughter has a long gravel lane also. Church parking lot cleared for service, no problem. After 10 years I traded my 2004 F150 for a 2013 Silverado. Only had to purchase a new truck mount. When not in use I hang the snowsport on the wall. Im 59 now, quick mount/dismount a plus. Thanks for a good product, home made cookies and gas cards from my neighbors. "
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    5 star reviewBy Mark K.- NY

    " I have been using this plow for several years, and I couldn't be happier with it. There is almost no sign of wear on the rubber bottom, and I can plow over my grass without any damage. This plow handles the heavy lake effect snow we get here in upstate N.Y. without any problem. I purchased the hold down strap last winter and it really helps when we get the wet heavy snow, or when the driveway has been driven on before I get a chance to plow. I recommend this to everyone who is tired of snow blowing and shoveling. "
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