SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow

Vehicle Friendly Snowplow

Superior in every detail, SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow combines power, precision and performance! A heavy duty push frame with built in three-point angling interceptor allows you to adjust the blade left, right or center to clear a wide expanse of snow. SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow is manufactured with a corrosion resistant aluminum blade available in 84 or 96 in. lengths with rubber box ends to keep snow in front of the blade. The unique motion activated design and turf friendly rubber cutting edge helps protect driveways and lawns. SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow easily attaches to a front mount or rear receiver without the need for extra lights and wiring. Sit back, relax and plow some snow with the SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow!

SNOWSPORT® Plows are self-adjusting and do not require controls in the cab. No need to worry about any electrical or hydraulic components freezing, malfunctioning or wearing out. See How it Works to find out how easy the plow is to use.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


3-point Angling Interceptor


Simply adjust blade position to left, right or center.

Cutting Edge Snow Plow


1 in. thick dense rubber is turf friendly, yet will last 20+ years.

Aluminum Snow Plow


Vehicle friendly, anodized extruded aluminum with a curved design rolls snow up and forward allowing you to stack snow higher than the vehicle's hood. Available 18 in. high and 84 or 96 in. lengths.

No Wiring


Does not obstruct OEM headlights, no wiring or extra lights required.

Snow Plow Push Frame


Allows snow blade to slide up and down with the terrain, easily transition from driveway to lawn and vice versa. No electrical or hydraulic components needed.

Snow Plow Push Frame


Keep snow in front of blade and from spilling out the sides.

Easy On and Off


Set collar allows for easy receiver pin alignment, simply pull pin to remove. No tools needed.


SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow is the most valuable player when tackling winter! Our videos feature this snow plow removing feet of snow from curves, inclines and straightaways. When you are ready to take on winter, simply lower blade, secure quick pins and go push some snow! Premium design and priced with you in mind, SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plows will make your snow problem, no problem.

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SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Nick B. - CA

" This thing is rad. I have been handling my parking lot in my mountain town without issue. The floating nature of the plow allows it to stack snow at least 4x higher than the shovel itself. I was delighted with the customer service and strongly recommend. "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Gene K. - NV

" It's a great plow took me about three hours to put together and it works great I recommend it highly? "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 4 star ratingBy Mike T. - MT

" have now used the plow twice. works as advertised. one person can install and remove the plow from the vehicle in minutes. had a part missing in shipping and was replaced by the seller after providing pictures of damaged shipping box. took a few hours by myself to assemble the plow, best advice is to take time in the process. "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Aaron C. - WI

" Great Plow for personal use. Love that there's no electrical or hydraulic requirements, and its below the headlights when raised on the supports. When letting it down, it's not a heavy lift by any stretch, but there is enough weight that I need to step forward for balance and I frequently set it on my foot "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Charles A. - TX

" Amazing! We are so happy with this purchase - it's the best thing we have ever used! Flawless snow removal! Charles and Jerri Akers - New Mexico "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Mike P. - MI

" This thing is the real deal! I ran a plow truck for many years and all the negatives with it repairs, gas, having it sit around all year. I always had a new truck as my daily driver but I didn't want to put a full plow on my new truck. After the first snow fall this year my old truck broke beyond reasonable repair. Instead of repeating the cycle of finding another truck, fixing what's broke, swapping the plow, etc. I decided to get something on my new RAM. My current plow was discontinued so I couldn't have gotten a mount for my 2022 Ram so I started researching and found the half ton plows were thousands more than they were just a few years ago and I didn't want or need all that. I then found some winch operated steel plows that were more what I wanted but looked really cheaply made. Once I found the snowsport I was interested. It looked tough, it looked simple and looked like it was perfect for what I needed. I ordered and installed it and am impressed. It pushes way more snow better than I could have ever expected! It is exactly what I wanted. You just need to sell hats to replace the one I got from Western! "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Timothy B. - MT

" The Snowsport HD plow is incredible! I bought my plow in 2005. I use it to clear my 900-foot-long gravel driveway in the high mountains of Montana. I depend upon my Snowsport HD plow to get me out of my mountain hermitage every winter. It has never failed me. In 17 years I have wear and tear but the plow still performs flawlessly. Agricover is a phenomenal company as well. Their customer service is easily the best I have EVER encountered. If you want a top-quality plow that is easy to use, reasonably priced, will last for decades, and is backed by superior service then Snowsport is for you. I am so happy I chose the Snowsport plow when I moved to Montana 17 years ago. Buy one. You will never regret it. "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Kim M. - WA

" Small but mighty. Am very impressed with the unit. Have gotten alot of snow here this winter and at times was plowing over a foot of the stuff with ease. Even cutting through hard snow banks it performed very well. For the price you can't beat it. "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy John H. - CO

" I ordered this plow on Monday morning. They shipped it from Jamestown, ND on Monday afternoon. I received the 4 boxes in Black Hawk, CO via FedEx on Wednesday morning at 10:30 AM. I assembled the plow with directions that were clearly written in Perfect English with easy to understand illustrations. My wife and I assembled the plow in about an hour. I was plowing snow at 3 PM and the design is ingeniously simple. Go forward plows like a champ, go backwards plow flips up so that the rubber plow edge isn't back dragging snow. Do not over tighten fasteners, ram rocks, curbs or smash into fixed objects. This plow will serve you very well. There is nothing to break no electrics or hydraulics to break. Eventually I'll need to replace the rubber plow edge. I can simply remove two bolts and I have a new rubber cutting edge. Maybe they will send me a spare for writing this outstanding review. Seriously 5 stars it's not a commercial plow but I didn't want a commercial plow. I installed this into my existing 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ front bumper receiver hitch. When the 4th of July rolls around I'll pull this baby off and go four wheeling until September and reinstall it in like 5 minutes. "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Philip B. - ME

" This thing is so convenient and easy to use! And it can really plow snow! I plow a large section of my back yard to create piles for my boy and extra parking and no tear up come spring from the plow. I wanted a plow I could easily remove and put back on for storms and take off otherwise and this plow nails it. Brilliant design. "

SnowSport HD Review Image
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