SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow

Vehicle Friendly Snowplow

Superior in every detail, SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow combines power, precision and performance! A heavy duty push frame with built in three-point angling interceptor allows you to adjust the blade left, right or center to clear a wide expanse of snow. SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow is manufactured with a corrosion resistant aluminum blade available in 84 or 96 in. lengths with rubber box ends to keep snow in front of the blade. The unique motion activated design and turf friendly rubber cutting edge helps protect driveways and lawns. SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow easily attaches to a front mount or rear receiver without the need for extra lights and wiring. Sit back, relax and plow some snow with the SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow!

SNOWSPORT® Plows are self-adjusting and do not require controls in the cab. No need to worry about any electrical or hydraulic components freezing, malfunctioning or wearing out. See How it Works to find out how easy the plow is to use.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


3-point Angling Interceptor


Simply adjust blade position to left, right or center.

Cutting Edge Snow Plow


Robust 1 in. thick rubber works great on concrete, asphalt, brick, gravel and grass. Lasts longer than a metal cutting edge.

Aluminum Snow Plow


Heavy duty, corrosion resistant aluminum blade is vehicle friendly and stacks snow higher than the vehicle's hood. Blades available 18 in. high and in 84 and 96 in. lengths.

No Wiring


Low profile design does not obstruct OEM headlights in the plow or transport position, no need to remove plow when driving.

Snow Plow Push Frame


Allows blade to slide up and down with the terrain. Quick pins secure blade in the plow or transport position.

Snow Plow Push Frame


Keep snow in front of blade and from spilling out the sides.

Easy On and Off


Secures with receiver pin, no tools required. Quickly transfers from one vehicle to another when equipped with 2 in. receiver. No electrical or hydraulic components to maintain or malfunction.


SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow is the most valuable player when tackling winter! Our videos feature this snow plow removing feet of snow from curves, inclines and straightaways. When you are ready to take on winter, simply lower blade, secure quick pins and go push some snow! Premium design and priced with you in mind, SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plows will make your snow problem, no problem.

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SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Philip B. - ME

" This thing is so convenient and easy to use! And it can really plow snow! I plow a large section of my back yard to create piles for my boy and extra parking and no tear up come spring from the plow. I wanted a plow I could easily remove and put back on for storms and take off otherwise and this plow nails it. Brilliant design. "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Mike N. - OH

" I love my snow sport plow. It's over 10 years old and I bought replacement ends for it. ACI Was great in getting my parts quickly. "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Nannette H. - MI

" Great product. Front mount on Ford F-150. Would change a few things though. 1. The self drilling screws were extremely tight for the recommended hole to drill. So tight that my impact wrench couldn't do it. This needs to be reviewed, and modified accordingly. 2. It seems odd that the HD is the model that has the angle setting option, because of the "box" at the ends. This option needs to be for the plows without the End "box". I liked the box feature, but using it at an angle defeats the purpose of the box, and it deformed my rubber box ends. I will never use the r/l angle settings on mine ever again. Seems it would better to offer angle settings with the plows w/o the box ends. Or offer the angle option or straight option for all three plow designs. 3. Handles on the push bar would be nice. Being an older woman, I have trouble grasping it, and dragging it into place. Still working on how to best execute removal/install into front receiver hitch. The male also fits really tight into receiver, where it is difficult to remove (the handles would help with removal too). I will be greasing the receiver, as it will also help keep out snow and ice which might freeze up and make removal really tough. 4. Design a cart to make mounting/removal easier. I'll have to devise something on wheels to make it easier to for me to mount and remove. 5. End flags a bit short to see from my cab, but making them longer they would still it the body of my truck. Not sure what solution would be for this issue. 6. Need to have more distributors that will sell & assemble the HD. It took me a long time, a lot of soap, and many swear words to get blade rubber into place. 7. Instructions were great. 8. I see that you offered a UTV option at one point. With the problems with winch cables breaking by having to lift and lower traditional blades on each push, you should hit this market again. Great product, highly recommend. "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Marvin J. - MD

" Been using this plow for 7 years now and no sign of wear on the blade. I plow my long drive, my son's, church parking lot and an occasional neighbor or two. This amazing tool is worth every dollar I spent! "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Blake P. - MN

" I love it for my driveway at home!, use for ice fishing as well,great plow for the price and lightweight! "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Scott L. - CO

" The Snowsport HD works great . Even works on my lifted Suzuki Samurai ! Lightweight and easy to install. Highly Recommended . "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Frank P. - IL

" Assembly of blade and mount was straightforward - just followed the clear and comprehensive instructions. When joining the upper and lower blade sections I decided, after drilling the pilot holes, to run a tap through each before inserting the supplied "self-tapping" fasteners. Worked like a charm. Mounted on 2018 Wrangler JL Rubicon with 33" tires. All measurements (e.g., ground clearance) are within the assembly instruction's specifications. Photos show front receiver hitch installed below factory steel bumper, and the plow as mounted in the transport position. Looking forward to first use, probably in Jan 2022 as there has not yet been any snowfall in Chicago. "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Jane K. - MN

" Amazing snowplow!! I am a truck gal and have had my SnowSport plow for two years. It is simple to use and glides perfectly on top of plowed surface. It does a beautiful job. It is also very easy to take the plow on and off which is a big plus for me. Surpassed all my expectations! Very satisfied. "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy James C. - WI

" First significant snowfall of the season 6+ inches and works like a champ! Used existing 2 inch trailer hitch on AWD Terrain. Took some practice plowing backwards but getting the hang of it. This will pay for itself over the first few winters. "

SnowSport HD Review Image

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Gerald L. - WI

" This plow is a perfect fit for my personal use. Really impressed with the amount of snow you can move. It even impressed my landlord and friends. I really like the fact that it does not wreck my grass and gravel driveway. I have shown multiple people how it works and have recommended it as an alternative to heavy plows that can be cumbersome and not as easy to use. Love the fact that it also keeps your vehicle with a "clean" look when not attached. "

SnowSport HD Review Image
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