SNOWSPORT™ Electric Winch

Reliable Blade Power Lift

Are you ready for winter? The SNOWSPORT™ Electric Plow Winch is raising the bar for quick and efficient snow removal. A high output motor, heavy-duty synthetic cable and corrosion resistant aluminum construction ensure your new snowplow winch will exceed expectations. With an in-cab switch, remain comfortable inside your heated cab while lifting and lowering the blade. Our innovative design maintains the exclusive motion activated operation of your SNOWSPORT® HD or LT Utility Plow. Give yourself a reliable assistant with a SNOWSPORT™ Electric Plow Winch.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning




Works on new and prior HD and LT models with a four bolt push frame and maintains the plow’s unique motion activated design.

Reliable Motor


Effortlessly raises and lowers plow. Worm gear creates an instant, positive lock to hold plow in position. Lightweight, compact and uses a 12V power source.

Aluminum Snow Plow


Instantly connect or disconnect power with two sets of quick connect plugs, maintaining simple attachment and removal of snowplow.

Aluminum Construction


Strong, yet lightweight construction with an easily removable cover provides safety and protection.

Heavy Duty Synthetic Cable


7,700 lbs. breaking strength and easily replaceable, attaches to an included heavy duty cleat.

  • Interior Switch
  • Exterior Switch


Circuit breaker protected and completely waterproof with fully epoxy potted control box keeps elements out. 7 ft. of wire from relay to plow and 12 ft. of wire from relay to in-cab switch.


Blending power and precision, the SNOWSPORT™ Electric Plow Winch is a perfect partner for SNOWSPORT® HD or LT Utility Plows. Our videos highlight how easy lifting and lowering the blade is from the comfort of your heated cab. Simply mount this winch assembly to a new or existing push frame. This electric lifting winch system is a reliable choice to fight the war on winter!

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SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy John E. - ID

" I got my 1st plow in 2010 manual . Someone ran a red light and the plow won, save my life. Broke the plow mount insurance bought me a new plow and I bought a electric winch in 2018. What amazing products!! "

SnowSport Electric Winch Review Image

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Glenn M. - ID

" Very impressed. Here and Idaho we have experienced severe winter storms since November. I have had to plow snow every day for the last two weeks. I installed the electric winch to raise and lower the plow, it makes plowing much easier and faster for me. this plow system works great for me and it is very easy to install and also to remove. Thank you for a great product "

SnowSport Electric Winch Review Image

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Mark D. - MA

" Have not used yet but easy to install and will make plowing easier. A little pricey but same price as other companys. Like the ACI company. "

SnowSport Electric Winch Review Image

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Joe B. - WI

" I already owned the 180 plow and have used it in the trailer hitch of my 2005 Toyota Highlander. I've used it for a couple of seasons and have been pretty pleased with it . I saw the electric winch and hold down strap as new accessories so I wanted to try them with my plow. I spoke with Ed in customer service and he was very helpful . I received the electric winch and upon review realized it was better suited for the larger four bolt frame that the other plows use. I spoke with Ed again and he walked me through what I would need to do to make it work, I ordered the larger frame for the plow and Ed was able to get it shipped the same day so that I would have it before our first significant snow. I installed everything and have used it a couple of times now. The ability to raise and lower the plow from inside the vehicle is fantastic. The hold down strap improves the plows ability to really clean the driveway well and scrape off the snow where it previously left a layer of snow. It cost a few more $ to get it set up but well worth it for me. Thank You! "

SnowSport Electric Winch Review Image

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Mark B. - MT

" The power lift took plowing snow from being fun to use to being an addiction. It takes an already versatile tool and makes it even better. Plowing is just that much easier to put the snow right where you want it. If you don't have one of these, you are missing out! "

SnowSport Electric Winch Review Image

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Mark K. - MI

" This plow setup it really great in multiple ways. The amount of snow that it will move is just as good as a standard hydrolic plow but the ability to easily and quickly mount and remove is what I love! I keep the push mount and winch on a small roller cart and can easily install that and the blade in literally minutes. Quicker than i could prep and start the snowblower. after only a couple months I upgraded to the electric winch control and that was the icing on the cake. Wonderful setup and ability to move large amounts of snow with ease. then remove the entire unit and no one would guess you have a plow system on your vehicle. After 1 year i cannot even tell the blade or rubber part at the bottom was used and i put it to use all winter. This unit will last a long time. "

SnowSport Electric Winch Review Image
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