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SnowSport Electric Winch 4 star ratingBy Jose V. - CT

" I purchased the down pressure kit and the angle interceptor which made plowing a totally different experience. Initially I had issues getting the winch onto the push frame due to the thickness of where the bolts are squared, but I was eventually able to. I like this setup because it doesn't rip up grass or gravel but really can now push down into the pavement. Before it would leave a coating even on flat surfaces. The only thing I hope for now is an automated way to rotate it so I don't have to get out. That's why I give it 4 stars. "

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Russell R. - MI

" Plow and winch work great!! Only one snowfall so far, but looking forward to more "

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Mark D. - MA

" Have not used yet but easy to install and will make plowing easier. A little pricey but same price as other companys. Like the ACI company. "

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SnowSport Electric Winch 4 star ratingBy John T. - NY

" Winch should be Wireless remote - easier and less wires- it's cheaper too. "

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy John R. - MI

" Would be nice if a person could buy just the nylon rope for the winch "

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Matt G. - CO

" WOW !! I have driven a commercial grade plow for 20 yrs or so. I plowed the dealership lot i worked at. That plow cost $10,000.00 ish. I got the Snowsport and the winch with the downforce kit. I was skeptical of its ability in the case of a real storm based on appearance vs the pro grade plow I was used to. Boy was I wrong, this plow kicks butt. we just got around three feet of snow and I have a nightmare driveway about 1/8th of a mile with a 8% grade or so. This plow OWNED the snow all the way to the driveway leaving a useable driveway. I am so glad i decide to give this system a try, great job guys for building such a quality product. "

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Thomas M. - NJ

" I love the Snowsport electric snow plow winch,fast delivery just in time for the snow. "

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Don K. - IL

" Love this winch! It makes it so much easier to plow. Also purchased the down strap. Really make the plow much more efficient. "

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Chad W. - CO

" We love the winch we got from Agricover. We get a lot of compliments about our snow plowing work all because we apply down pressure and it gets in there to bite off in the snow. We actually got a compliment from someone who has worked at the business we snow plow for the last 10 years. He said we are the first in the past 10 years to come in after so many snow removal companies and do a job like no other. Thank you for an awesome product that helps us do an awesome job! "

SnowSport Electric Winch 4 star ratingBy David M. - SD

" This winch works great however I do have one issue with it. If I leave it sitting for a period of time it drains my battery. As a result I have to unplug it when I am not plowing snow. "

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