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SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Charles F. - CO

" Works great. Installing the cover plate over the motor took the longest. Tough to fit. "

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Larry R. - MI

" I live in northwest lower Michigan about 20 miles from Lake Michigan. It's pretty common to see 12 to 14 feet of snow every year, most of it from the lake. I've been using the SNOWSPORT HD plow for 7 years to clear 250 yards of gravel driveway winding through the woods and it always performed like a champ. This year, I got an e-mail from ACI advertising their new winch. I saw potential and took a chance and purchased one. After 3 times plowing with it I can say it was a smart move on my part. Their are at least a few dozen times when I'm plowing where it's better to lift the blade then let it roll out of the way when backing up. I can do that with just a push of a toggle switch from inside the cab! This simple set-up can easily keep up with the hydraulic steel blade plows on driveways, small parking lots, etc. for less than half the price and no modifications needed on your vehicle suspension. I'm never trading mine for something else. "

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Samuel J.

" I've had my SnowSport Plow for about 8 yrs. I just told a friend of mine last wk I was going to sell it this fall and buy a powered one. I have a bad back with rods & screws & lifting it up & down going just the few blks in the neighborhood caused too much pain. For years I've been searching to see if you guys have came up with a winch for them. I'd seen lots of DIY's. I just got your email saying you got a wench for them and you have no idea what a relief this is for me. Especially financially, but my plow is in good shape and I hated to get rid of it. Tx you guys very much. "

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Scott S. - RI

" I've had the 7' snowsport HD plow for several years. It has exceeded my expectations for home use. As easy as it is, the winch kit takes it to the next level of convenience. No more plowing up small piles of snow when turning around in the street. Easy travel locally from house to house without getting out to lift the blade. Even a simple mod allows for backdragging, especially effective with the downforce kit. Just replace the bottom bolts on the metal side plates with inward facing steel eye rings and run a strap to each front tow hook if you have them. Presto, backdragging with downforce too since there is no longer a need to allow the blade to collapse forward when backing up. Just lift instead. Only cons...... Probably costs 3 times what a do it yourself kit would and agricover couldn't give me ANY specs on the winch power rating. Not so great in the warranty duration either. But overall, easy install and big leap in capability. Clean factory look. "

SnowSport Electric Winch 5 star ratingBy Steve J. - NY

" Great product easy install makes life easy for 72 year old man. Thanks for great product. "

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