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SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Arden M. - OH

" I purchased the Snowsport plow for light duty use on my concrete driveway. Plow assembly was straightforward, but I would recommend the use of a 1/2" impact driver for assembly. The hardware is sturdy, and has a lot of fasteners to assemble. I also had a bit of a search for a suitable front hitch for my truck, since it was a newer model GMC equipped with a Diesel engine, but found one and had it installed. The Snowsport plow is light enough that I can easily install it by myself (I am a 67 YO fat guy), and now I can clear my drive from the comfort of my truck. My 20+ YO snow blower was a bit tough to use. "

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SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Don P. - MI

" Best investment I ever made to take care of my property, horseshoe driveway, uneven, terrain, plows with no problem. I would definitely buy this product again every year I look forward to using my snow sport plow.. "

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SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Daniel N. - MN

" This plow works great! And it doesn't tear up my yard like traditional steel blades either. I Highly recommend this plow! "

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SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Jan T. - NY

" Great plow, fast delivery. Thank you. "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Fred K. - PA

" Do to the stance of my Tahoe the blade rested at -3" off of the ground. I called and they recommended multiple options... I had to get a 6" drop hitch because a front mount isn't possible on my Tahoe. Haven't had the time yet to try it but I have no doubt it will be fine. We'll see this winter. Assembly was very straight forward and relatively easy.... Took about 2 hours. Great product and the representative was extremely nice and helpful to my needs. "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Duane P. - MI

" This plow has changed my life, haha. Love it. "

SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Nick B. - CA

" This thing is rad. I have been handling my parking lot in my mountain town without issue. The floating nature of the plow allows it to stack snow at least 4x higher than the shovel itself. I was delighted with the customer service and strongly recommend. "

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SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Gene K. - NV

" It's a great plow took me about three hours to put together and it works great I recommend it highly? "

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SnowSport HD 5 star ratingBy Andrew S. - MI

" Got the base package. Put it together by myself; the instructions suggest two people, but that was not possible for me. The job went well and was not terribly difficult, although at a few steps a helper would have been useful. All parts are cut correctly and the instructions are both clear and complete. Read them! Now for plowing: it took a while to get snow (if you want to prevent snow, mount your snow tires and get a new plow), but I am finally able to review the function of the plow. I used it on the rear hitch of my truck. That works, but trying to plow while it's snowing leaves you struggling with visibility issues. It works well when the air is clear. I also mounted it to a hitch mounted to the bucket of my front-end loader. That is very functional. In my case I had to modify the hitch to stabilize it laterally. These tests were done in 8" of heavy snow. My opinion: Not perfect, but a great value. For someone like me, who is plowing a long driveway (1/4 mile) and a couple of parking pads anywhere from 1 to 6 times a year, the Snowsport is the optimal solution. Close to zero maintenance and easily transfers to different vehicles. I've had several Boss plows that always wound up getting sold with the truck because it was too complicated (read expensive) to transfer. Those plows also cost about 3x the cost of the Snowsport. It's no contest for my use case. "

SnowSport HD 4 star ratingBy Mike T. - MT

" have now used the plow twice. works as advertised. one person can install and remove the plow from the vehicle in minutes. had a part missing in shipping and was replaced by the seller after providing pictures of damaged shipping box. took a few hours by myself to assemble the plow, best advice is to take time in the process. "

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