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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Charles C. - TX

" Easy to install. Solid strength. High quality materials. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Roberto Z. - CA

" So far, I can say that the installation was quick and I feel very satisfied with the purchase. I fully fill my expectations "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Don H. - IA

" The installation was easy and the cover looks great. I really like how it opens to allow full access to the bed. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Eric L. - TN

" The Lomax Stance is standing tall with my friends who have been asking where I got this cool looking cover for my Honda Ridgeline. The install went great by just following the instructions. The Lomax Stance was installed with no added assistance and functions perfectly. In short; the best bed cover (no leaks), quite going down the road, easy to flip, the latch is very secure, and really enhances the look on my Honda Ridgeline. I will buy the Lomax Stance for my next truck regardless of the brand of vehicle I decide to go with. I wish I knew about this product for my Ford F-250 which I used to pull our RV. Lomax is just a great well thought out product. Eric "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Mark B. - ND

" Stance cover traveled great upright 250 miles to pick up a new used hog. Looks great when it is closed and opening is faster than rolling with added security! "

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Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy Neil L. - TX

" I received my Lomax Stance hardcover as promised. The installation was more difficult than I expected it to be. The clamps that hold the rails in place weren't particularly easy to install, but I learned as I went and got it done. I have not installed the brace mounts on the roof of my truck yet because I have a problem with the idea of gluing something to the painted surface of my new truck. I can see how it would work with the cover in the vertical position, and that they are necessary in holding it in place. I might eventually do this I don't know. As for the cover itself I reallv love the look and functionality of it. The low profile and urethane finish are a good combination and it really dresses up my truck. This cover is so much easier to operate than the one I had on my other truck. I think the Lomax is a very good product and I definitely recommend it. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Bill G. - NY

" Recommended by a LoMax owner. It arrived fast. Install was easy. It is beyond my expectations. Super smart simple engineering allows for easy installation, manipulation and removal. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Kendal K. - NM

" Purchases for a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 a couple of weeks ago and used extensively (opening and closing) over the past week. So far, I am very pleased. I like that I have full access to the bed when needed by standing up cover behind back window. It does leak a little bit of water at the front but not a problem for most of the cargo I normally carry. It fits bed perfectly and looks good. Installation took about 1 hour total. I would recommend. "

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Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy George - RI

" So far, so good although I've only had it for a few weeks and haven't driven with it completely folded up. It's sturdy and operates as described. Installation was reasonable but getting the rails flush is critical. I didn't like that the allen bolts on the stabilizer arms were stripped and couldn't be turned. No allen wrench I owned would fit them. I had to jerry-rig loosening and tightening those with pliers. I was told the arms were set to my truck from the factory and shouldn't need adjusting. Not so. They definitely needed to be adjusted inward. It looks great on my truck and I'm generally happy with it, but I think the warranty period should be longer than 3 years. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Matthew S. - OH

" Regarding the F250 cover, I am beyond impressed with this product. I was able to get it installed in about an hour yesterday afternoon and am thrilled with the construction. I worked previously with a BakFlip MX4 tonneau on the F150 that I traded in and just was never very happy with Bak's design. The exterior weatherstripping warped with weather conditions and looked sloppy. The Lomax Stance design is superior in so many ways. I love the vertical stance supports on the roof, the rail system is very sturdy, and the locking/release functionalities are perfect. More than anything, the diamond mist style is really sharp. I am beyond happy with this purchase, but also just wanted to send my appreciation for your superior customer service getting things ironed out for me last week. Best regards, Matt "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Max S. - WA

" Can't say enough good things about the LoMax Stance cover and Agricover's customer service. The quality of the materials, build and finish is top notch. The installation is straight forward. It is simple to operate one handed. My favorite part is the cab mounted stance supports enabling the folded cover to closely hug the cab and not use any bed space. I have a short box and I need every inch of bed for my motorcycles. Lastly, a corner got damaged in shipping causing a seal to tear and a small bend in a panel. I contacted Agricover and they immediately sent out a replacement cover. I love great customer service, especially when combined with a class leading product! If you are going for a tri-fold hard cover, the choice is a no brainer. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Luke H. - NH

" Great product. Truck bed stays dry, folds and operates as advertised. Easy to install, no hiccups. Highly recommend. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Craig - WI

" The LOMAX STANCE Hard Cover is perfection at its finest! It has a sleek, stunning, low profile look/feel and has a lightweight, heavy duty design...exactly what I was looking for in a hard tonneau cover...exceeded my expectations and highly recommend! "

Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy David S. - OH

" I love the way it fits om my truck and the look of it. And how easy it was to install. The only thing that I'am dissappointed in is the fact that i have to mount brackets on top of my truck. That's something i dont want to do. So if i would of know this i probably would not of bought it. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Tasveer S. - CA

" I purchased this cover for my 2022 Ford Maverick. The shipment was prompt. It was very well packaged. It took me a half hour to install by myself. Installation was very simple. The instructions were very clear. I've used other brands before, but the quality of this cover is superior to other brands. A lot of thought was put into designing this cover. It also looks cleaner than other hard covers when in the fully closed position. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy S. M. - PA

" I have been looking for a hard cover for my 2021 Tundra for a while. I have researched most of them and watched many social media reviews. I decided to go with the Stance and I am happy I did. It looks awesome and is easy to use. I went with the diamond mist and it looks sharp. Installation was pretty straightforward and you will have to make some adjustments (alignment). I went from unboxing to installed in about 90 minutes. I am very happy with the ease of operation to access the bed and make room for items that are too talll. I haven't installed the roof mounts yet due to the temps here in Pa, but do not see it being a problem. Shipping was seamless and product was in great shape. I did wipe down the panels with alcohol due to shipping/ manufacturing dust, but I would have done that regardless. I think it really enhances the look of the truck and the low profile is for real. Great product! "

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Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy Dillon D. - LA

" Overall it is a great cover. The bed liner coating that is sprayed on could be better for the price of the cover. The edges of my cover were not sprayed so you can still see bare aluminum on the edges. I have a 2023 tundra with deck rail system and the allows a little flex in the mounting rail at the edge of the tail gate so i have to pull the latch when closing to get the cover to re latch. I cannot just close the cover and let it latch on its own because it will just flex the mounting rail. I do no think this is the cover fault. I think think if i didn't have the deck rail system this problem would not exist. Water tight even when spraying a pressure washer around the edges. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Jacob E. - NY

" Great Lid!! "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Robert D. - CA

" Happy with purchase. Very easy to install, though have to be really carefull when gluing holders on roof as magnetic pull easilly jerks the piece to the roof. Cover looks great. Teh only thing that would be nice is to be able to lock in place inbetween full open and full closed. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Dan M. - CA

" Easy install and perfect fit on 2015 F-150. Replaced a cover that did not hold up. Really like the low profile and tough exterior. Also like the ability to close tailtgate without lifting the cover. We've had our first hard windy rain for the season and their were no leaks! Atttention to security is appreciated. The latch cord is positioned very close to tailgate so it is well protected from attempt to snag with wire. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Raymond D. - NJ

" Great product, it was easy to install and has a great low profile look. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy John R. - IN

" Very pleased with the Stance hard cover Installation was not difficult Does not leak Looks great. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Lawrence H. - WI

" I am happy with the cover. Instructions could be better. The written instructions are different from the video instructions. Descriotions of the pieces could be more specific. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Ricky F. - NE

" Great cover. Access to the entire bed without removing the entire assembly is awesome! "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Craig P. - TN

" I have had this top for 1-1/2 years. This is a great top. I just recently purchased a newer year model of the same truck that I traded and transferred this top to my new truck. The Stance has the rooftop anchors which I ordered to install on my new truck. I have had other Lomax tonneau covers in the past. They are very high quality and I would definitely recommend them. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Terri M. - VA

" Really like my cover. It seems to be well made and very easy to install by myself. I looked for a cover for about 3 months and decided on the Lomax Stance Hard Cover due to the high scores on reviews and my personal needs. Thanks Lomax! "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Chad D. - FL

" Product seems to be built well. Most impressed with the customer service. I installed the roof brackets in the wrong location and the company sent me new ones instantly without hesitation. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Tyler T. - UT

" Love the product and the customer service was great. Curt took care of me! I do wish the lomax stance could be removed easier, like the regular lomax. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Paul J. - ON

" I recently installed a Lomax Stance hard cover on my 2022 Honda Ridgeline. I am very impressed with cover's design, the quality materials used, it's robust construction, and thoughtful features. This is a top notch hard cover, designed to last. It was not difficult to install, and it included some additional instructions to ensure a good fit with the Ridgeline's unique bed characteristics. The low profile design and textured black urethane finish look great on my truck. I had a couple of questions, and found Agricover's support responsive and great to work with. Overall I am very pleased I bought this cover and went with this brand. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Kevin M. - RI

" After doing lots of research for a folding hard cover for my 2021 Ram Rebel, I've chosen the Lomax Stance. There's been a few times I had to take my old tri- fold hard cover all the way off to fit certain things in my old Nissan Titan's bed. The new Stance cover on my Ram Rebel opens up the whole bed if I need it to and folds to a typical 3 way fold when I don't. And when it's completely closed, it looks great with its low profile. The whole thing is made very well with quality components. Installation was super easy for a regular guy too. Customer service was excellent and fast when I had a question. Very happy with my purchase. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy David J. - AZ

" Very satisfied...... Easy to install...... "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Ross - IA

" I had a Lowmax on the truck that I just traded in. I loved the Lowmax but decided to go with the Stance as I liked the idea of being able to use the bed w/o having to pull the cover. Very happy with my decision. Solid product and great customer service! "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Ray R. - MO

" Bought the STANCE for my surveying work truck. Two things I was concerned about - Access to my equipment and water leakage. I have used it for three weeks and I am very pleased. It has went through some hard rain and had just a small spot of wetness at the tailgate. For most work, I can just flip back the two rear cover flaps. When I do need to access the front, it is no problem to fully expose the entire bed. I am totally satisfied so far with the STANCE cover. Also, the staff that I spoke to were very friendly and informative. Thanks for a great product! "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Nick F. - FL

" This is a well built tri fold bed cover that allows full access to the bed. Super easy install took about 30 minutes total. This cover is very weather without the tailgate gaskets it has very minimal leakage. I've driven through some heavy rain and it held up well. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy JOSEPH T. - NY

" this is a great cover. Light and easy to handle in case you need it out of the way yet tight and strong when closed. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Gregory B. - OH

" Perfect cover for the bed! "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy David C. - MI

" Great product. One of the rails was scratched up. Called customer service sent me a new one. Received it in 4 days. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Gregory B. - OH

" Best hard cover out on the market. Also the ability to have full bed access is key! "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Raymond H. - MI

" The Lomax Stance cover was first installed on my 2017 F-150, (very easy installation), and then removed from the 2017 F-150 and installed on my 2021 F-150. The installation again was very easy. The Lomax cover is pretty much water proof except openings around the tailgate, which is in the tailgate design and only when going thru the car wash (blowers). The Lomax cover is easy to operate, plus quiet compared to rollup models. I also install the bed mat. Same easy installation. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Mike - WI

" This is the nicest cover I've seen. Easy Install. Looks great and functions perfectly. Should have bought one a long time ago "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Timothy C. - IN

" This product far and above exceeded my expectations. I have had the roll up covers in the past because I was concerned with the limited bed space that I would have with the hard cover. After receiving this product and the ease of installation, I am extremely impressed with this cover. The way that it stands on end and attaches, gives me all the bed space necessary. Also the technical expertise of the staff was off the charts. I have the Ford factory ramps in the back of my truck and was concerned with the new cover working with these ramps. After discussions, this new cover works perfectly. Thank you for developing this product. I am a customer for life. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Daniel R. - NC

" Purchased the Lomax Stance Hard cover Jan 2021. It is a high quality cover. It keeps water out, looks great and customer support is always available to answer your questions. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Timothy C. - IN

" This product meets and exceeds all my expectations. The quality of workmanship to the high level of materials, there has been a lot of engineering that has gone into this cover. Also being able to stand the unit up frees up so much more bed room to pack things into my 5-1/2 bed. Thank you and to all your staff for designing and manufacturing this product. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy David W. - ME

" Top is great and looks great. They did not send the correct hardware but shipped it and I received it five days later. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Jeremy M. - ID

" I was looking at other tonneau covers for my 2020 Silverado. After reading reviews, I decided I wanted a cover that didn't leak. I bought the Stance so I could use the bed of my truck when needed without having to remove it. I had a problem with the primer and contacted the company and they sent out replacement parts quickly so I could finish the installation. Great product and great customer service!! "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Marc F. - MI

" I love how easy it was to install and the low profile design. My truck bed is staying dry. I would recommend this cover to anyone. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Mike F. - NH

" Love the bed cover. Looks great. Installation was very simple. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy David B. - GA

" Easy install. Looks great "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Brian C. - TX

" I love my new cover. Best looking and lowest profile cover out there. Great product "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Nick P. - WI

" Great Cover! Easy install, looks great and should have no problem handling heavy snow "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Marty C. - NY

" Exactly as advertised. Looks and functions awesome on my 2020 Denali. The Black Urethane finish looks amazing on a black truck "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Doug R. - NC

" Perfect fit and functions great! Will be the only tonneau cover for the future! "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Ryan S. - ND

" I put a new LOMAX STANCE Cover on my truck and finally got to test it out by hauling a big item. This cover can open vertically if necessary and I was about a half inch away from having to do that! Made me feel a lot more confident knowing I could pick up large stuff on short notice and not have to find a way to get it home. I drove with the cover open for about 4 hours and it was smooth sailing. I love the urethane finish and can't wait to see what else this cover will do. "

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