Our Most Versatile Folding Tonneau Covers

The LOMAX® STANCE™ Hard Cover brings increased versatility and functionality to your pickup with our behind the cab design. This folding tonneau cover enables secure storage when closed and full bed use when in the vertical position. Constructed from strong yet lightweight panels with aluminum channels and durable weatherproof seals, LOMAX® STANCE™ Hard Covers keep the elements out of your truck box. Powder coated steel pivot links with rubber bushings and rooftop anchors prevent vibration noise and the cover from resting against rear window when vertical. Offering an easy installation without the need for removal, this hard folding tonneau cover makes loading and unloading your bed simple and convenient. It's time to flip in to a new cover with LOMAX® STANCE™ Hard Cover.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning



Magnetic Anchors


Solidly secure cover at approximately 90° angle for full bed usage and prevent contact with truck's rear window.Vertical position blocks 3rd brake light.

Automatic Dual Locking System


Release both locks simultaneously by pulling cord from either side to fold each panel. Heavy duty nylon latches provide 1/2 in. surface for solid positive engagement.

Weathertight Seal


Water-shedding design and waterproof hinges combined with continuous seal along the entire length of side rails route water away from the box without gutters or drains.

Automatic Ten Point Locking


Unfolding each panel locks the cover automatically with heavy duty reinforced nylon components, no need for a key or complicated locking mechanisms.

  • Storage Bungee Unhooked
  • Storage Bungee Hooked


Retractable bungees hold tonneau cover secure while standoffs with rubber pads keep panels properly spaced in the folded position. No adjustments needed.

Tight Bite Clamps


Installs in minutes without the need to drill into your truck box. Specifically cut 'teeth' maintain superior grip and exceptional strength.

Strong Yet Lightweight


Extruded aluminum channels support panels to hold up to 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight, while weighing approximately 50-60 lbs. for a high strength-to-weight ratio.


Flip back and relax. Watch how easy LOMAX® STANCE™ Hard Cover is to operate and install. Gain full bed usage in seconds without removing the cover, simply fold into the vertical position to haul large cargo. The low profile design with durable panels gives the protection you expect from a folding tonneau cover while perfectly complementing your truck. Go vertical with a LOMAX® STANCE™ Hard Cover.

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Kendal K. - NM

" Purchases for a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 a couple of weeks ago and used extensively (opening and closing) over the past week. So far, I am very pleased. I like that I have full access to the bed when needed by standing up cover behind back window. It does leak a little bit of water at the front but not a problem for most of the cargo I normally carry. It fits bed perfectly and looks good. Installation took about 1 hour total. I would recommend. "

Lomax Stance Review Image

Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy George - RI

" So far, so good although I've only had it for a few weeks and haven't driven with it completely folded up. It's sturdy and operates as described. Installation was reasonable but getting the rails flush is critical. I didn't like that the allen bolts on the stabilizer arms were stripped and couldn't be turned. No allen wrench I owned would fit them. I had to jerry-rig loosening and tightening those with pliers. I was told the arms were set to my truck from the factory and shouldn't need adjusting. Not so. They definitely needed to be adjusted inward. It looks great on my truck and I'm generally happy with it, but I think the warranty period should be longer than 3 years. "

Lomax Stance Review Image

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Luke H. - NH

" Great product. Truck bed stays dry, folds and operates as advertised. Easy to install, no hiccups. Highly recommend. "

Lomax Stance Review Image

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Tasveer S. - CA

" I purchased this cover for my 2022 Ford Maverick. The shipment was prompt. It was very well packaged. It took me a half hour to install by myself. Installation was very simple. The instructions were very clear. I've used other brands before, but the quality of this cover is superior to other brands. A lot of thought was put into designing this cover. It also looks cleaner than other hard covers when in the fully closed position. "

Lomax Stance Review Image

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy S. M. - PA

" I have been looking for a hard cover for my 2021 Tundra for a while. I have researched most of them and watched many social media reviews. I decided to go with the Stance and I am happy I did. It looks awesome and is easy to use. I went with the diamond mist and it looks sharp. Installation was pretty straightforward and you will have to make some adjustments (alignment). I went from unboxing to installed in about 90 minutes. I am very happy with the ease of operation to access the bed and make room for items that are too talll. I haven't installed the roof mounts yet due to the temps here in Pa, but do not see it being a problem. Shipping was seamless and product was in great shape. I did wipe down the panels with alcohol due to shipping/ manufacturing dust, but I would have done that regardless. I think it really enhances the look of the truck and the low profile is for real. Great product! "

Lomax Stance Review Image

Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy Dillon D. - LA

" Overall it is a great cover. The bed liner coating that is sprayed on could be better for the price of the cover. The edges of my cover were not sprayed so you can still see bare aluminum on the edges. I have a 2023 tundra with deck rail system and the allows a little flex in the mounting rail at the edge of the tail gate so i have to pull the latch when closing to get the cover to re latch. I cannot just close the cover and let it latch on its own because it will just flex the mounting rail. I do no think this is the cover fault. I think think if i didn't have the deck rail system this problem would not exist. Water tight even when spraying a pressure washer around the edges. "

Lomax Stance Review Image

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Dan M. - CA

" Easy install and perfect fit on 2015 F-150. Replaced a cover that did not hold up. Really like the low profile and tough exterior. Also like the ability to close tailtgate without lifting the cover. We've had our first hard windy rain for the season and their were no leaks! Atttention to security is appreciated. The latch cord is positioned very close to tailgate so it is well protected from attempt to snag with wire. "

Lomax Stance Review Image

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Tyler T. - UT

" Love the product and the customer service was great. Curt took care of me! I do wish the lomax stance could be removed easier, like the regular lomax. "

Lomax Stance Review Image

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Paul J. - ON

" I recently installed a Lomax Stance hard cover on my 2022 Honda Ridgeline. I am very impressed with cover's design, the quality materials used, it's robust construction, and thoughtful features. This is a top notch hard cover, designed to last. It was not difficult to install, and it included some additional instructions to ensure a good fit with the Ridgeline's unique bed characteristics. The low profile design and textured black urethane finish look great on my truck. I had a couple of questions, and found Agricover's support responsive and great to work with. Overall I am very pleased I bought this cover and went with this brand. "

Lomax Stance Review Image

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Kevin M. - RI

" After doing lots of research for a folding hard cover for my 2021 Ram Rebel, I've chosen the Lomax Stance. There's been a few times I had to take my old tri- fold hard cover all the way off to fit certain things in my old Nissan Titan's bed. The new Stance cover on my Ram Rebel opens up the whole bed if I need it to and folds to a typical 3 way fold when I don't. And when it's completely closed, it looks great with its low profile. The whole thing is made very well with quality components. Installation was super easy for a regular guy too. Customer service was excellent and fast when I had a question. Very happy with my purchase. "

Lomax Stance Review Image
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