Hard Tonneau Cover Accessories

Maximize the use of your truck with these convenient accessories. Our accessory products are designed with you in mind to keep your truck box organized.

Adarac Aluminum Pro Series

ADARAC™ Aluminum Pro Series

Increase the cargo capacity of your pickup truck with the ADARAC™ Aluminum Pro Series. The heavy duty corrosion resistant aluminum framework supports up to 500 lbs., evenly distributed. Works with LOMAX® Hard Tri-Fold Covers and most inside the rail tonneau covers.Tonneau Cover not included

Starting MSRP: $633.00

TrailSeal Tailgate Seal

ACCESS® TRAILSEAL® Tailgate Gasket

Seal gaps around the perimeter of any truck's tailgate and prevent dust, rain and snow from entering the truck box. The gasket installs in 3 easy steps: cut, peel and stick.

MSRP: $30.00

ACI Universal Cargo Net

ACI™ Universal Cargo Net

Quickly secures lightweight, bulky items of various sizes. Uses 12 included steel carabiners to anchor elastic netting in almost any position. Travel with confidence knowing everything will be with you for the entire journey.

MSRP: $35.00

Access Truck Bed Pockets

ACCESS® Truck Bed Pockets

Keep your truck bed organized with convenient, out of the way storage. Now you can easily reach items at the rear of the truck. Available in galvanized steel or diamond plate finishes.

Starting MSRP: $87.00

Access Truck Bed Mat

ACCESS® Truck Bed Mat

Our marine-grade, model specific ACCESS® Truck Bed Mat is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Being eco-friendly and easy to install, this carpet liner is strong enough to be cleaned with a power washer and adds increased protection and durability to any truck box.

Starting MSRP $169.00

Cargo Reaching Tools

EZ-RETRIEVER® Cargo Reaching Tools

Easily reach items that have slid to the front of your truck box. These heavy duty, aluminum tools are tough enough to handle large objects, yet light enough for anyone to use. The EZ-RETRIEVER® extends to 5' 9" while EZ-RETRIEVER® II is 5' long. Both let you reach up to 8' away.

Starting MSRP: $20.00

Access Battery LED Light

ACCESS® AA Battery LED Light

A peel-and-stick solution for any dark space without the need for wiring. This waterproof 18" LED light sticks anywhere with a tough 3M adhesive and runs on three AA batteries.

MSRP: $40.00

Access Cover Care Cleaner

ACCESS® Cover Care® Cleaner

Protect your LOMAX® Folding Hard Cover brand new look by guarding against UV damage while repelling dust and water. Also works great on rubber, vinyl and leather. Available in 8 and 24 oz. spray bottles.Recommended for Black Urethane Finish.

Starting MSRP: $10.00

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