LOMAX® Professional Series

Rugged Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

The LOMAX® Professional Series is anything but ordinary. A low profile design and superior protection redefine industrial versatility. Additional extruded aluminum channels increase the durability of each coated diamond plate panel, making LOMAX® Professional Series stronger with minimum added weight. Protect your gear with an automatic latching system while weathertight seals, durable hinges and a water-shedding design ensure your truck box remains dry without the need for gutters and drains. Complement your pickup with this unique hard tonneau cover and watch heads turn. One person can easily install, operate and remove this hard tri-fold cover. All the capabilities you need and expect, LOMAX® Professional Series is redefining rugged.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Automatic Dual Locking System


Release both locks simultaneously by pulling the cord from either side. Heavy duty nylon latches provide 1/2 in. surface for solid positive engagement.

Automatic Ten Point Locking System


Unfolding each panel locks the cover automatically at ten points with heavy duty reinforced nylon components.

Tonneau Side Sealing


The water shedding design and waterproof hinges direct water away from the pickup box, no gutters or drains needed. The aluminum tri-fold tonneau overlaps the box rails with a continuous seal down the full length of the side rails, preventing elements from entering the pickup box.

Aluminum Channel


The LOMAX® Professional Series features additional aluminum channels under each panel. Extruded aluminum channels reinforce the panels to support up to 500 pounds of evenly dispersed weight, while weighing approximately 60 pounds for a high strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Storage Clip
  • Storage Clip


Retractable storage clips secure the truck bed cover and vinyl capped, rigid standoffs keep panels appropriately spaced in the folded position. No adjustments required.

Tight Bite Clamps


Installs in minutes without the need to drill into your truck box. Specifically cut 'teeth' maintain superior grip and exceptional strength.

Removing Hard Tonneau Cover


With tonneau cover open and storage clips secured, pull latches on front panel and disengage hooks by sliding cover back; lift to remove. Reinstall by sliding cover forward to engage hooks, then lower to automatically lock in retainment brackets.


Maximum strength, added security and a sleek design, this is the LOMAX® Professional Series. Watch us put this tough tonneau cover to the test with at least 400 lbs. of snow (please don’t replicate). See how this new kind of low profile hard cover opens and closes in seconds and can be easily removed or reinstalled to keep up with your active lifestyle. This secure tonneau cover sits low and protects your truck bed to the max.

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Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Mark S. - NY

" I spent a few months researching tri fold tonneau covers. I wanted my next one to be a hard cover, and one of my primary wishes is that it be made in the USA. Yours fit the bill and then some! I did have to wait on the install because it arrived with a broken plastic bracket but Ed came to the rescue and shipped the parts quickly. You have great staff, always willing to help, so thank you. "

Lomax Pro Review Image

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Chris R. - CA

" Love this cover. It works great "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Edward W. - MO

" This cover is beautiful and sturdy. Being old and somewhat puny (since the pandemic), I struggled a bit with the installation. The end result made it all very much worth it. "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Michael L. - WI

" I am impressed with everything about this cover and company. The cover arrived quickly and packaging kept it in good shape. I was a little skeptical about the claims of easy installation. It really was a breeze to install. The coming from someone who likes to overthink everything. I am impressed with the workmanship and finish. It took a lot of looking and comparing before making a decision. I am glad I went with the LOMAX. "

Lomax Pro Review Image

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Jim B. - AZ

" I love my new truck cover. It looks great and works just as well. I had a small issue early on, self induced, and the folks at AGRI were quick to respond and help with the fix. Awesome customer service. "

Lomax Pro Review Image

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Jim B. - AZ

" I just received and installed this cover the other day and am very impressed. The installation was very easy, it could use one more rail clamp per side, but is still really solid. It looks great too, very clean. "

Lomax Pro Review Image

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Josh O. - MT

" Fits well, easy to install "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy John W. - WI

" Really nice cover, super easy to install. Customer service was great....the only 2 complaints I have is #1. let customers know your company has to build these before shipping #2. invent a way to drive around with cover in open position, similar to BAK -FLIP Co. system. Otherwise , the top is great !! I also ordered the Adarack Pro Sys. Thanks to your instructions was easy to install. Note: I purchased a special router bit to auger out stake pockets. This bit made it super fast to install. You may want to consider carrying this bit yourselves. I ordered mine through BullRing in California. $10 bucks !!! Thanks Guys, love the set-up "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Michael C. - MA

" Awesome Product, Thank you "

Lomax Pro Review Image

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Ron C. - WA

" Repeat customer. Easy install, easy to use. "

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