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Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Jim - WI

" Great cover pro series worth the price, way beefier than the cheaper model, I have had both "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Hayden G. - NC

" a very nice hard fold cover that is very strong. so far no leaks even when pressure washing "

Lomax Pro 4 star ratingBy Josh P. - RI

" LOMAX Professional Series fits my 2019 Ram 1500 perfectly. The seals on the tonneau cover does a great job; only a few drips entered the bed on the corners after an all-day rainstorm. Very minor. Only issue I need to look out for is the seal under each fold. (Reviews from buyers indicated that they are prone to breakdown; can't be sure as the reviews also stated a newer version of the seal has been applied to the covers). I am hoping this doesn't happen as the cover looks to be great quality despite the fact spending a lot of money on it compared to their competitor's covers. Time will tell. Overall, as of having for 1 week, I do recommend the cover for everyday use. "

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Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Barry G. - MO

" 2023 Colorado Z71. Installation was extremely easy and required no adjustments to the rail. 3 position choices: fully covered, 1/3 covered and secured and removed. The cover is light enough to completely remove by myself. Low profile looks great and does not cover bed stake holes. Line X finish matches my bed and should provide a durable non-slip finish for loading 4x8 sheet products on top of. Installed bed mat and additional tailgate gasket. No evidence of water infiltration. Very happy with communication with customer service and the product. "

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Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Mark C. - CA

" I'm giving five stars not just for their product but for customer service as well. I had an issue with my first cover. Sent them pics and they handled everything after that. Didn't have to beg them to make things right they just did it. For that they will be my first choice next time. "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Mark D S. - NY

" I love the Pro cover. When it arrived it had broken plastic brackets but they FedEx'ed the parts to me immediately. So far after the first hard rain everything remained dry. This company really does care about the customer. Ed was very helpful with questions I had before install, and parts replacement. The cover is definitely heavy duty, and I LOVE the fact tyhat is it made right here in the USA. "

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Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Jck N. - NY

" Very pleased with the professional series tonneau cover. Install was simple, looks great, and is keeping the bed dry. Removal and reinstallation is quick and easy. Highly recommend. "

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Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Mark S. - NY

" I spent a few months researching tri fold tonneau covers. I wanted my next one to be a hard cover, and one of my primary wishes is that it be made in the USA. Yours fit the bill and then some! I did have to wait on the install because it arrived with a broken plastic bracket but Ed came to the rescue and shipped the parts quickly. You have great staff, always willing to help, so thank you. "

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Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Chris R. - CA

" Love this cover. It works great "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Edward W. - MO

" This cover is beautiful and sturdy. Being old and somewhat puny (since the pandemic), I struggled a bit with the installation. The end result made it all very much worth it. "

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