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Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Mark S. - PA

" I received my cover in 4 days, packaged very good, and in excellent condition! An hour and a half later it was installed with the help of my wife. I am impressed with the fit and the way it looks on my truck, especially the finish, different from the typical black of other tonneaus. Highly recommended! "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Curt - PA

" Purchased tri-fold with aluminum diamond plate finish. Much preferred to all the black versions out there. Well made and relatively easy to install. "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Kevin B. - WI

" Received the LOMAX Professional Series cover for my F250 in record time. Installation took a little bit, as I have a drop in bedliner which needed to be trimmed a bit to allow for proper fit of the cover. So far, it has been through the carwash a couple of times and other than a drop or two of water, has been watertight. The silver metal is keeping the bed cool in direct sunlight, while the black bedrail cover right next to it gets hot, so this should be great for carrying camper supplies and not having them roast in the summer. I have a bit of concern on the long term strength of the plastic hardware under the cover, but that is only a feeling. One good thing is that ACI at least provides access to spare parts, which is something you never see, so I am willing to see how it does over the next few years. Looks great, and the wife loves it as well. "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Rusty H. - IL

" Easy to install. Looks great. Went thru a pretty severe storm and only had very minor water get thru "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy John P. - WA

" So far so good. It was pretty easy to install, although I did have to reference the instructions a few times. It looks great and the stainless steel matches the chrome highlights that came on the truck (2014 Silverado 1500 LTZ Crewcab 6.5 bed). It seems pretty strong, but I don't know that I'd want to make a habit of walking on top of it, but it feels like it would hold my weight. Everything lines up and fits snug. I also ordered the bed rail and have yet to install it. I'm curious to see if there is any conflict between the install locations of the cover and the rack. That's next weekend's project. "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Mark T. - OH

" Interestingly, my review is much the same as all of the reviews I read prior to my purchase. The Cover I bought performs exactly as advertised! It installed in just a little more than 1 hour. It is in fact weather proof, at least based on several trips to the car wash. I have yet be on the road in a rain storm, but have no reason to believe the performance will change. The cover seems well built and I expect it will last the live of my new 2021 Honda Ridgeline. BTW I spend numerous hours researching Tonneau covers. This is the only one I found without significant numbers of poor reviews. And the Ridgeline Owners Forum had numerous successful installations. "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Dick D. - KY

" Installation was not difficult. Appearance is great. Doesn't rattle. Doesn't leak. "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Scott W. - VA

" I bought a Lomax Professional diamond plate cover for my 2021 Gmc 2500Hd. It installed it in about an hour and it is great. It looks really good and works great. I love that I vocal remove it quickly if needed. Great product. "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy David K. - CO

" Very good product. Everything about this purchase is excellent!!! "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Chris J. - CA

" Excellent. Love the look on my 2020 Silverado 1500 LT (white/chrome). Little dribble around tailgate but slight adjustment or tailgate seal will fix. Easy installation. Love can take off with a strap pull and goes back on just as easy. Auto down tailgate works as expected. Bit more than I wanted to spend but believe this topper should last as long as the vehicle, if not longer. "

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