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Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Dean F. - SK

" I decided on this truck bed cover because I didn't want anything too bulky. So many bed covers out there look as if they just threw down a sheet of plywood and stapled a cover on it. I cannot believe how many compliments I get on this cover. A low profile, sturdy, sharp looking lid that does what it's designed to do! I'll definitely be putting a new one on when I upgrade my Silverado down the road! Very Impressed! "

Lomax Pro 5 star ratingBy Kevin F. - CT

" I did alot of research before buying the Lomax Professional Grade cover for my Ram 3500 and chose it for its style, quality, and security. It was a much "needed" upgrade from the soft tonneau that was installed by the dealer. The diamond plate matches the rugged nature of the 3500 series truck and sets it apart from all other soft covered trucks out there. The quality is top-notch and what you'd expect from something called professional grade. The security it offers it what really sold me. It has multiple points of contact along the rail that make it virtually impossible to pry the cover off - and if "they" want something that bad they can have it!! It also doesn't have any exposed key locks that can take in water and freeze on you. Installation was a breeze. By myself it took me maybe 40 minutes including reading the instructions. **Advice** use vice grips or clamps to hold the rails for you if you're doing it by yourself. Too early to speak about long-term performance but I'm hopeful it will deliver years of service. "

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