LOMAX® Folding Hard Cover

Tri-Fold Truck Bed Covers

LOMAX® Folding Hard Covers enhance the look of your pickup with a low profile design while maximizing protection. This lightweight hard tonneau cover delivers strength, security and style. Easy to operate and offering a simple one person installation and removal, you can do more with less hassle. Strong panels with durable, watertight hinges are available in multiple finishes to perfectly complement your truck and OEM bed caps. Extruded aluminum channels under the panels keep the hard truck bed cover rigid while reducing weight. The flexible rubber seals, automatic ten point locking system and limited metal-on-metal contact all work together to reduce noise and vibration for a quiet ride. The LOMAX® Folding Hard Cover is ready for anything.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning



Automatic Dual Locking System


Release both locks simultaneously by pulling the cord from either side. Heavy duty nylon latches provide 1/2 in. surface for solid positive engagement.

Automatic Ten Point Locking System


Unfolding each panel locks the cover automatically at ten points with heavy duty reinforced nylon components.

Tonneau Side Sealing


The water-shedding design and waterproof hinges route water away from the bed without gutters or drains. The hard folding tonneau overlaps the bed rails with a continuous seal along the entire length of the side rails, preventing elements from entering the truck bed.

Aluminum Channel


Extruded aluminum channels support the panels to hold up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight, while weighing approximately 40-50 pounds for a high strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Storage Clip Latched
  • Storage Clip Unlatched


Sleek, retractable storage clips hold tonneau cover secure and rigid standoffs with rubber pads keep panels properly spaced in the folded position. No adjustments needed.

Tight Bite Clamps


Installs in minutes without the need to drill into your truck box. Specifically cut 'teeth' maintain superior grip and exceptional strength.

Removing Hard Tonneau Cover


With LOMAX® Cover open and storage clips secured, pull tab on front panel and slide it back to disengage hooks, then lift to remove. Reinstall by sliding tonneau cover forward to engage hooks, then lower into retainment brackets. This folding truck bed cover automatically locks in place.


Your time is valuable. Watch how easy it is to operate, remove and reinstall the LOMAX® Hard Tri-Fold Cover. The hard folding cover can be opened, closed or removed in a matter of seconds. You can also see how strong this folding tonneau cover is with our strength test (please do not try this at home). LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers maximize your truck with a low profile design and complete bed protection.

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Guy A. - NC

" I am totally satisfied with the Lomax Tri Fold cover. The build is of high quality, all of the hardware and latches are flawless. The operation of the cover is easy and the seals are excellent; no leaks through the car wash or on the highway in pouring rain. On a design note I would prefer a wider and slightly thinner compression gasket on the rails as the installation was challenging due to the square gasket. By no means a deal breaker and I shopped and talked with several friends before purchase. Great job Lomax team. PS- the shipping packaging was excellent too. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Bob F. - PA

" I purchased a new hyundai santa cruz and didn't want to pay the ridiculous cost to upgrade a pkg for a roll up cover. After seaythe internet I found the fold up cover and I am extremely happy with it. I will tell any santa cruz owners to get this cover. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Neale V. - MS

" You get what you pay for with this purchase of the Lomax Carbon Fiber Tonneau Cover from Agricover. It's increasingly difficult to do, but really true in this case. The material is top quality and the fit couldn't be better if Ford had installed this cover on the assembly line in Dearborn. The price is high, but if you're looking for the lightest and best materials available and an OEM-type fit, you've found it right here. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Peter H. - MA

" The carbon fiber folding cover is great. It took about 30 min to install. It has a low profile and is light weight. I have not tried storing it in the gear tunnel as can be done with some other brands. It has done well keeping water out of the bed. I debated over the added price for the carbon fiber but am glad I got it. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Joe Y. - WI

" Used in Wisconsin elements for a few months now. Easy to fold up, light enough to lift out when needed, holds up well to snow, and my favorite is I take it through the car wash and the bed is dry. Took me 20 minutes to install, looks great! "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Bob M. - OH

" Ordered the diamond plate black mist finish. Nice cover with the exceptions of a few items. The edges of the top on the right and left side are aluminum. It would have been nice to have the same black finish. It is very noticeable. The seal at the back of cover near bed top rail leaks water. Its design could have had a thicker seal. Kind of disappointed with some of the detail.One of the folding covers has chips in it from the manufacture. Box did not show any sign of damage. It most likely was packaged with the chipped paint. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Robert K. - NC

" I have had this product for 2 and a half years. Still works as it did when I purchased it. Good quality and has met all my expectations. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Justin B. - FL

" This cover has held up great for 3 years so far! It keeps the truck bed dry, secures our cargo, and looks great. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Billy C. - FL

" Bought in 2021 for my 19 Chevy Colorado. Still looks brand new. No leakage thru a couple tropical storms. Also have a roll up on my 07 chevy 1500 and last year purchased a roll up for my son's 13 2500 Chevy. Love all your products and your customer service is ABSOLUTELY amazing. Wont ever buy a cover from anyone else "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ayman F. - NY

" Excellent Product and perfect fit for my Rivian R1T. Very easy and quick to instal! "

Lomax Review Image
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