This tonneau cover has an average  Lomax 4.90 star average rating rating based on 422 customer reviews.

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ronda K. - NY

" Love, love, love, love, love, love it "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy James T. - NY

" I bought a cover to keep the elements out of my truck bed and this cover has done exactly that. Release system is easy to use and the cover looks great on my truck. I couldn't be happier with this product at this point. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Anthony S. - FL

" WOW!!!! I bought this cover and had it installed. When I got home I noticed a little bit of damage and called Agricover immediately. After sending them pictures they sent me a brand new cover to replace the damaged one. Now that's customer service. Very happy with the service and the product! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Christopher H. - NJ

" Great product, easy to install, fits perfect and easy to fold for larger cargo, just as easy to remove when you need the entire truck bed. I purchased this cover after helping a friend install his, we're both very happy with the Lomax cover! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jocelyn H. - ME

" Great product. Easy to install and looks good on truck. Highly recommend "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy James R. - MI

" Great quality, easy to install, looks great on my black 2022 Ram. Thanks for a good quality USA made product. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Dave H. - NM

" Absolutely love my new cover! I have owned a Gator cover in the past but very much like the way this cover installs, how low it sits and no water leakage. NM has been getting a lot of rain and for the most part mostly down pours at times...zero water in the bed.... "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Paul H. - CA

" The best folding cover ! Along with a company that has an OUTSTANDING! customer service !! Easily 5 stars!! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy David H. - OK

" It's not waterproof, but real close. I included pictures after a monsoon, and almost no water got in. And this cover was really simple and quick to install. I've installed several soft covers by myself, and this one was as fast and simple as any cover I've ever installed. Comes back off real fast and easy also. Really like this cover so far! "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Hank H. - GA

" 5 Stars! Very well made/engineered hard cover. Very easy to install and also quick to remove if necessary. So far cover is 100% water proof and it has rained on it many times. Highly recommend this trifold cover! "

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