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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mark C. - TX

" Works great and was very easy to install! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Don C. - NJ

" Love it!! Easy to install and light. Looks great "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Tim O. - NE

" wow I could be happier with my purchase. delivered promptly, quality of product out of the box was excellent. instructions where pretty good, but I would recommend watch the videos on installation on youtube anyway. my son help me it took us 45 minutes starting with opening the box!!!! one guy could install IF you had some clamps but hey everything goes easier with 2 people. fit perfectly, no leaks!!! what a great product. pulls out with a quick release yet very secure with a locking tailgate. I highly recommend the Lomax hard trifold cover. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Izac A. - TX

" Guys! 10/10 on this bed cover! Best cover on the market by far, withstands weather conditions perfectly! Thank you, couldn't be happier "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Patrick O. - OH

" Easy to install, and fits like a glove. Very well made product. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Patryk K. - NY

" Very satisfied excellent product. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Tom H. - OR

" OMG!!! I Love it. I have owned it for 2 months. It took 20 mins to install, (8 clamps) it fit perfect and I may get 1 or 2 drips down the inside of the tailgate after going through a high pressure car wash. I would say totally water proof. Did I mention that I just love it. Light to move around and after getting it I have watched all the other styles of covers go by, the plastic ones look like there screws are pulling out in places and the cloth one are just a joke. I am telling all my friends to buy a Lomax!!! (This is not a formal endorsement and I am in no way afileated with Lomax just Love it!) "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Dale L. - KS

" Great cover and Great customer services. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jim S. - WI

" Fantastic product! Installation was easy and it looks and works great. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mark S. - GA

" I like the product, easy to install. Only recommendation is for the first panel to be able to be secured when the first panel is folded onto the second panel. Advertisement states can open for 1/3 access. I interpreted it as secured in this position. Very happy with product. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mark B. - SD

" I just had a chance to install the cover and it sits higher on the box than I expected. I am going to try to drop the side rails just a bit for a tighter fit. Great looking hard top. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Joseph Z. - VA

" Easy install and great looking cover. Customer service is excellent; helped me in dealing with shipping damages. Recommended and preferred! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Rick F. - WI

" I did a lot of searching before buying this, installation took about an hour and fit and finish is excellent. I'm very happy so far with this Hard Tri-Fold Cover "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Daniel F. - CA

" Awesome super easy to install. Looks amazing. Some of my clamps came beat up but who cares! Fit like a glove on my 2018 F150 super crew. Thank you folks at ACI! American made make a Proud American! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Robert F. - CA

" Easy to install, well built overall pleased with purchase and product "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy David G. - IL

" I have had the Lomax black aluminum cover on my 2018 F-150 for about14 months. It is a good looking high quality cover. I have not had a leak. My only suggestion to LOMAX would be to black powder coat or black anodize the aluminum rail clamps which hold the unit to the rim of the truck bed. This would be for appearance and appearance is the reason many of us selected LOMAX. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Thomas W. - MN

" Well-thought out construction and very easy to install. Do not pay anybody to do this for you if you have any mechanical skills at all. When you lay eyes on it, it screams high-quality! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gerald B. - MI

" A great clean look that is easy to install and makes the truck bed dry and free of debris. Simple ideal design. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Al F. - MI

" Love my great looking cover! Easy install and works well on my 2019 Honda Ridgeline even with a small lost on truck lid opening! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy David S. - AR

" Very nice bed cover, easy to install, I like how it keeps my tools coververd and dry during rain and vehicle washing. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jeffrey S. - NM

" Great product!! Easy to install. Looks great because it has a leaner, cleaner profile. Most other hard covers have a rubber gasket that becomes unsightly after some time. This one doesn’t show its seal yet I took my truck through a car wash and immediately checked the bed liner and it was completely dry. Highly recommend. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jonathan K. - OH

" Very low profile design looks great on my F-150. It was easy to install and does a superior job off securing the bed so I can use it for storing valuable equipment without fear of having it stolen from the parking lot. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Carlos D. - FL

" This tri-fold cover is awesome; low profile you have to look twice to see it. It was a breeze to install, took me around 20 minutes by myself. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Nevil N. - TN

" Very pleased with my purchase, fit finish, price was reasonable. Installation was a snap. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Al C. - FL

" Lo profile and water tight. Looks better than any other. Packed securely for delivery. No flaws or anything to worry about. Delivery was faster than expected. Would buy again. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy James A. - TX

" Awesome customer service. I had an issue with the cover due to the shipping service but ACI took care of it without the hassle of sending pictures, returning it, etc... They just took great care of me. Best customer service I have encountered anywhere! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Billy C. - MO

" This cover is AMAZING!!!! Fairly easy to install. Videos help A LOT! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Michael C. - CA

" This product looks great on my truck, it was easy to install, keeps the rain out very well and secures the items I leave inside. I am very pleased I purchased this product. Would recommend to my friends. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Josh W. - IN

" After doing quite a bit of research I bought this top because I wanted something easy to install and easy to take completely off if necessary. Great top! Looks nice and gets the job done. I highly recommend it. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy J C. - WA

" Really enjoying this Lomax tonneau cover. It installed very easily - less than an hour. Since I installed it about two weeks ago it has been raining for most of that time and the truck bed is dry. It's easy to open and it closes very securely. Add the Black Friday price and I am very happy with the purchase. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy John L. - TX

" The cover fits great and looks great. Installation took about 45 minutes working alone. The only complaint, and it's really a suggestion, is the installation instructions are less than adequate. A few more pictures or diagrams would have helped. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Eric K. - NC

" Beautifully constructed and looks fantastic on my 2019 RAM 1500. Extremely easy to install, completed by myself in less than 45 minutes. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy John T. - NE

" Great looking addition to my truck. Allows me to secure items in the truck bed without fear if it flying out. Easy to take off and put back on when I need to. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gerald A. - AR

" Great Tri-Fold Cover. I did a ton of research before deciding which cover to buy. I believe I've made the right choice. Exact look and functionality I was looking for. The + is that this cover is easily removed if full bed access is needed. Very easy install although one of my rails was slightly bowed but I was able to straighten it out during installation. Based on other peoples experience, I believe that any future customer service request (although I do not expect any) will be a non issue. Fast shipping too. Arrived a day earlier than expected. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Keith S. - TX

" This is the 2nd Lomax cover that I have purchased. These are hands down the best tonneau cover for the money that you can find. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mark - MA

" What an awesome product! This thing is so slick. Best looking tri-fold tonneau cover on the market, hands down! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Cliff W. - OH

" Great Cover! Very easy to install. Took me 30 minutes to install on my Tundra by myself. Agricover also has excellent customer service. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Todd P. - TN

" I looked for weeks at soft, hard, tri-fold, and roll-up covers from many manufacturers at different price points. I couldn't be happier with the LOMAX cover for its good looks, ease of install and operation. I expect this cover will last me as long as I have the truck and then some. Thanks Agri-Cover for making a solid product here in the USA. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Rick A. - TX

" I love the looks of the cover. It is built with very high quality materials. And was easy to install. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a Great looking and High quality product, this is it. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Robert K. - CA

" Super sleek design. I love how low it sits on the bed rails. Keeps the rain out and my tools in. Easy to install and remove. I'd buy it again! Excuse the dirt in the photo, lightly rained yesterday. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Adrian C. - CA

" SUPERB cover. So well-designed, so simple, so easy to install, looks GREAT. And - keeps water out really well too! I had another kind and returned it to get this. Best decision I made. I wish there was a bigger marketing presence for this cover because it was pretty hard to find out about it. More people should know how great this is! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jeff R. - CT

" Great looking, good fit. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Chris M. - MS

" I have had the LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold cover for a week. It seems to be a nice product. It was very easy to install by myself on my 2018 F150. I followed the given directions and it took me about 30 to 45min. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Alan S. - IL

" With the instructions specific to my truck the install was easy and quick . The fit was perfect on the first try and it looks great ! I really like how the latching makes opening easy from either side of the bed . "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Rick L. - TX

" Order process easy, shipped quickly, received on time per shipping notice, packaged very welll with no damage, easy to install , and works great! Low profile was what I was looking for and this looks great! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Doug H. - FL

" Installed on 2019 Silverado. Looks and fits Great. Install pretty straight forward. Having temporary rail clamps makes it much easier. The only problem area is the two outside front corner areas. On the new 2019 the bed tapers in and down slightly on the outside front corners. This results is a 1/4" air gap between the cover and the bed on 2 corners. I added some soft gasket material to these areas to prevent water leaking in these areas. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gary W. - CO

" I am very plesed with my new Lomax tri-fold hard cover. It keeps my tools secure and dry in weather. It installed super easy. I would definitely suggest this to anyone. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Michael C. - TX

" Shipping was prompted and very well packaged. The directions were very straight forward. It was a breeze to install. The fit and looks are fantastic. It rained two days after I installed it and had a little moisture in the rear by the tailgate. I readjusted the rail a little lower and it fixed the issue. This is the best looking, ease of installation, and functional cover out there. I highly recommend.!! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mike W. - MD

" Really nice cover. Came well packed with no damage considering its size and delivery method. Very easy to put on. I put it on by myself and it took me about 30 to 45 min and I was in no rush.If not sure about installing there are a lot of vodeos on UTube that show you have the cover is to be installed. Like the look of the cover. Easy to open and close. It has a tight fit and looks good on my Ram 1500. Would highly recommend this cove for the ease of installation and the sleek look. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Bill R. - KS

" I Love the cover I bought for my '14 Silverado. This cover is easy to install, is fairly water tight and sits so low on the rails! Someone thought it would be a good idea to try to pry open the cover since the tailgate was locked. There wasn't anything of value in there. They did bend the corner of the cover, but all latches stayed closed. It still functions normally, just looks a little rough. I can't recommend this cover enough! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mike S. - IN

" Installing the cover wasn't complicated, but it did require quite a bit of muscle. I would have preferred to have had someone to help, but I was able to wrestle it. I'm 70 years old. I did cut myself on a very sharp piece of aluminum. Once installed, it looks good and is practical. If I need to temporarily need to remove it, I'll get help. I bought the optional weather stripping. It isn't 100% waterproof, but keeps all but a very little rain out. Overall, the Lomax tri-fold is, for me, much more useful than the Leer fiberglass hinged truck bed cover I had for the last 11 years on my old truck. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Jon S. - CA

" Very nice tonneau cover. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Dave D. - GA

" Just as advertised! Took 15 min install looks great "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Daniel F. - TX

" The LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold Cover is exactly what I was looking for. Sturdy Aluminum construction and a LOW PROFILE for a great appearance. Functionally secures the bed of my truck and folds away when I need to haul large items. The bed is dry after driving through a car wash and thunderstorms. I keep a livestock "show hook" in the bed to pull items to the tailgate for added ease. Easy install and nice design. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy J - MD

" Lomax cover shipped fast. This cover was easy to install and looks awesome! It has been raining steady since installed and inside of bed is completely dry. I am very impressed with the quality, simplicity and style. I love this cover! It is installed on a 2019 Ram. Someone I know bought one for their truck after seeing mine. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Scott G. - CA

" Easy install and great looking cover. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Tim K. - NM

" Installed easily in less than an hour. Great quality and looks awesome. Seals up nicely, so far there have been no leaks from rain or car wash. My third tonneau cover from ACI and have had no complaints on any of them. Great product and company. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Martin C. - TX

" Really nice cover. Installed easily but, there was a problem with the rails. Called customer service and they sent me new rails via FedEx. I really like the cover and it looks like my fuel mileage has improved. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy John M. - WV

" Really nice tonneau cover and easily installed. This is a really low profile cover and mine keeps water out of bed. It seals nicely. Shipment was fast, only 2 days! It was packaged pretty good also. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Darren P. - OH

" This company kept me regularly updated as to the build and delivery of this product, when it was delivered, it was packed super well, I was impressed with the quality of this upon opening it, pics on the web do not do it justice, it took 20-30 minutes to install by myself, it has seen several quite heavy thunderstorms with just a small trickle of water making it's way inside the bed. Had a Bakflip before, this item is about 10 million times better in build quality, aesthetics, and leakage. I am beyond satisfied. 3 thumbs up!!!! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Matt K. - OH

" Could not be happier "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Derrik G. - TX

" Great looking cover and VERY easy to install in only 10 minutes. Functions well and very light weight. Only thing keeping it from 5 stars is I haven't found out how to keep it from leaking water near the tailgate corners. Overall a great product. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Vernon C. - WV

" Easy install, fit perfectly the first time. Like the textured finish, gives it a real classy look. Feels strong yet not heavy or bulky. I highly recommend the Lomax tonneau cover! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Larry-Rosie L. - CA

" Great product easy to install (even a caveman could do it). Have not driven in the rain yet so I dont know about leaks. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Will A. - TN

" Outstanding product! I switched to this cover after going through two Bakflip MX4s that both leaked very badly in a 3 month period. I wish I had known about this cover before purchasing the MX4. I have had the cover through two downpours and not one drop of water has made it into the bed. The cover was super easy to install and looks great! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Brian K. - PA

" I bought the tri fold cover because the other brand cover I bought 2 years ago let so much water in, I would have been better off saving the money and not having a bed cover at all. So far the cover has been great. I was getting a little bit of water at the front end from the covers, But I bought the additional seal and that seems to have done the trick. Easy to use and install. I did have to make a few adjustments to make it fit best, but over all I really like the cover. I ordered the seal a couple of months after the cover. After about 3 weeks I followed up on the tracking. It seemed to be lost somewhere in my state. I sent an email one evening, and by 8 am the next morning I had a call telling me they were sorry it was lost and were shipping out another one immediately. Great service. I received that one 2 days later. I was very satisfied with my purchase and how the lost item was handled. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for a bed cover. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Larry R.

" I found the LOMAX bed cover to be of excellent quality and excellent fit. I installed it myself and followed the instructions which were straight forward and relatively simple to follow. The LOMAX cover amplifies the look of my F150 and because it fits so well I find it to be more water resistant that any of the pickup bed covers I have used before. It is pricey but I fully recommend it for its functionality ,quality, looks and fit. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Don G. - NM

" Great cover, all that you said it would be. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Perry H. - WI

" WOW, WOW, WOW!!! One of the things that attracted me to the LOMAX Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover was the ease of installation and no drain tubes to install. First, the cover arrived in three days, then from the time I began opening the box to having the garage cleaned-up and my ONE TOOL put away was 47 minutes. It looks awesome! Tomorrow we are expecting rain so that will be test #2!!! I am SUPER IMPRESSED with the fit and finish, this is a high quality cover. WOW!!! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Robert R. - LA

" Love this cover. Easy to install, water tight, looks good and solid aluminum panels, not a styrofoam aluminum sheet. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Dale - WY

" This design and concept of this tonneau cover is unique and very impressive . Easy to install, (definitely use a couple of large spring hand clamps to hold up the rails while installing). The low profile is like no other truck bed cover out there. It adds to the looks of the truck immensely and is also totally functional for its intended purpose. We had a minor warranty issue that was handled immediately. The customer service from original sale to the warranty was tremendous. Quality of the product is excellent but yet light weight for ease of use. Thank You ACI. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gerald J. - GA

" A lot of research was done prior to finding this product. The product is exactly what I was looking to find. No leaks, no drill holes, and easily removed when the full truck bed is needed. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Levi K. - ND

" The Lomax tri-fold cover is durable and looks great! I like how the storage straps are hidden and out of the way. The seals and hinges do a great job at keeping my truck bed dry. And this hard tonneau cover is light enough that my wife can use it. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy John S. - MN

" My Lomax cover allows for flexibility and security all in one. The tonneau cover can be easily folded up or removed to carry over-sized cargo. Also, it fits in the backseat. It is good to know that when I lock my tailgate, my truck bed is secure. But my favorite aspect of the cover is its look. It is low profile and looks great on my truck. I am very happy with the product. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Justin K. - ND

" The Lomax tri-fold cover is waterproof, folds with ease and I love that it is totally removable, if necessary. It is very lightweight and durable and folding it is so simple. I really like that the back panel locks automatically. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a hard tonneau cover. "

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