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Lomax 5 star ratingBy John H. - DE

" I'm really pleased with this cover to date. The installation was fairly simple, with some supporting details provided by YouTube videos. It's been performing well, not noticing any water inside from rain. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Maverick G. - ID

" Love the quality of the cover. Only downside is that on the Ram 2500 with RAMBoxs you cannot install the cover and keep the factory tiedown rails like you can on the 1500s. I was not aware of this when I purchased it. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Nick L. - AZ

" Love it. Easy install. Looks great. Thank you just what I neede. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy John W. - IL

" Great fit and easy to install! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Garret R. - LA

" Great cover. Fairly easy to assemble. I think it's the best looking folding hard cover. The only issue I have had is the rubber seal on the rear and middle passenger side does not stay on the cover well. Every once in a while I have to re-adjust . I'm sure the warranty covers it but I just haven't done anything about it yet. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Eric M. - ND

" Seems to be a good product "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Richard M. - WA

" great product and fit perfectly on 2023 chevy Colorado short bed "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Terry P. - WA

" This carbon fiber even tops my older Lomax aluminum tonneau. It's lighter and looks elegant on this new Rivian "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Chuck W. - FL

" Excellent cover, easy install. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy David . - WI

" Excellent fit and finish. Disappointed with how well it seals to the tailgate. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Scott S. - CA

" We purchased the LOMAX folding hard cover after reading many reviews. The selling feature was the easy ability to remove it for full-bed access. Online purchase was easy and it arrived quickly. Installation was quite easy and it looks great on the new Gladiator. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Chris U. - WI

" Quickly shipped and received after order, packaged well. Very easy to install with one person in a little under one hour. The LOMAX cover looks great and works well. Very easy to use. I really like that the entire cover can be removed if needed to utilize the entire bed length. No complaints. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Johnnie T. - TX

" I have the CarbonPro bed. The instructions addendum install instructions were lacking. Other than that, it was pretty easy to install and I love the functionality. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy John W. - KS

" Great fitting hard cover that is fully removable. The only issue that I had was the packaging of it when it was shipped to me. There were several areas that were unprotected on the metal edges which caused the paint to be rubbed off. I had to touch up all of these areas before installation to make sure it would not rust of be noticeable. GM Black matches perfectly by the way. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gregory K. - FL

" Easy to install, great fit and looks great. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Bryan P. - CA

" Outstanding product for my Rivian. Clear installation instructions with waterproof results. Easy open panels and removal from vehicle. Great quality materials and workmanship. Recieved the product in a week. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Joseph W. - IL

" Nice easy quick installation. Holds up well. Stays dry through the truck wash. Recommended. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jerry K. - OK

" Fit is great , Installation simple, If there were anything I would like not to see it's the bare edge of the metal on the sides of the metal where it is not painted. it sticks out like a dime in a dogs behind. first thing most notice. "

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Lomax 4 star ratingBy Garry Z. - OR

" Cover was shipped quickly, but shipping box was tore open and contents were exposed. All componets were still in box thankfully. Installed with very little issue. Fit was very good. Some minor adjustments to get tight fit were done easily. Black color gets very hot and inside the box gets very warm in the hot sunny weather. Not an issue for me, but a cooler of ice will be working overtime to keep your beverages cool. Have to be careful shutting tailgate. Sometimes hits the cover and stops. Have to make sure to open cover or be careful shutting tailgate. Not an issue now that using everyday. Cover closes well with tailgate up. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Manuel P. - TX

" Hands down the sleekest tonneau cover I have every owned by a long shot. Light and easy to remove to have access to the whole bed. "

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Lomax 4 star ratingBy Jerry H. - BC

" Overall a pretty good cover. Easy to install. Fit and finish is good. Edges of the aluminum panels are a bit sharp and not painted. Would be nice if the edges were finished. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy S S. - OH

" Perfect. Looks awesome. Functions as expected. Easy to install. 100% satisfied. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy FREDERICK E V. - TX

" Excellent Products, Excellent Prices, and I could not be happier with my Lomax tri-fold hardcover "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Michael M. - ME

" This is the third Lomax cover I have owned and I continue to be a fan, works as described and very easy to install. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Todd L. - OH

" Easy to install and like the look of this hard folding cover. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Tom P. - ID

" Easy installation. This is the only cover that I have seen that has all the weather stripping attached to the folding hard cover. The others have foam type weather stripping that you have to install on the vehicle. I feel the Lomax is much better at keeping the elements out. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Chad M. - KY

" I found the LoMax cover to be built very well and easy to install even though the included instructions were not specific or completely accurate for my truck model. I would recommend the LoMax. I do wish that this very well built product included a 5 year warranty like most of their competition even though I do not expect to have any problems. Thanks ACI for a great product! "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Kelly T. - MT

" The product was purchased for my son's first truck. Install was uneventful once the nuances of clamp placement were figured out for the 2023 Ford Ranger it was mounted on. It has a nice clean look and works as advertised. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy L.E. P. - TX

" The cover fits my 2023 Tacoma LB perfectly and has a nice sleek low profile. Although not specifically listed as rain-proof, a full day of heavy rains resulted in only a few drops in the bed. Very nicely designed. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Andrew R. - ND

" My truck required special measurements and engineering of new parts from scratch. The Engineering team was able to accommodate my busy schedule to obtain these measurements. I was involved with the entire Agri-Cover team, from design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, packaging and delivery, to customer service and had nothing but positive experiences from all. The LOMAX product is exceptional. Fit and finish are top notch. Functionality is BETTER than factory as it is very easy to remove and store in a small space. Once removed you don't have the weight and you have FULL access to the bed unlike roll tops where they take up space at the front of the bed. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ken D. - PA

" An awesome cover, Easily installed, looks great, rea;;y dresses up my 2023 Ridgeline, thanks ACI! Waiting to see if I corrected the leak towards the front. We had a tremendous amount of rain last week, and the bed was wet following it. I reinstalled it, making a few adjustments, calling for mucho rain Sunday, so we'll see, fingers crossed. Thanks for a great product. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Jeff O. - CO

" Fits very well. Pretty watertight after washing with pressure washer. Quality is OK. A few issues with missing hardware in package but Agri-Cover fixed that right away. I would recommend this product. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ignatius K. - LA

" This is the second cover I bought and it is of the same great ? quality. Fantastic product ? "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Thomas K. - AZ

" Good looking product. Relatively easy installation. Nice addition to my Ford Ranger. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Shane N. - TN

" Great fit and finish plus easy to install. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Andy S. - OH

" Very sleek design, works well and looks good! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Kenneth N. - CA

" Great customer service. Quick shipping. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Tom U. - GA

" The cover was delivered in great shape. I installed it in a few minutes by myself. Works as advertised keeping my bed clean and dry. All that and it looks great. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy John O. - MI

" Seems like a nice product "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jake E. - MO

" I've had many different brands and style of Tonneau covers over the years from roll and lock, to a few Backflip models, and now this Lomax that I combined with the Ada rac pro aluminum series and I couldn't be happier. Everything fits like a glove. Installation was super easy and the 2 products work flawlessly when used together. The lomax cover is light yet sturdy and seems to keep my bed completely water tight besides the occasional car wash/power wash that gets through the cracks in the tailgate. Again, couldn't be happier especially for the proce! Thanks for great products!! "

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Lomax 4 star ratingBy Amy D. - WA

" The product looks and fits great on my Ford Maverick. The initial start of the installation was challenging to figure out to put on the first bracket, however once we figured it out it went quickly and smoothly. The fit is snug and looks even better than I imagined. I feel that my items being stored in the. Bed of my truck are secure with this product. So far I am happy with my purchase. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy John Y. - SD

" Easy to install and keeps the cargo dry. Even through the Blue Tide car wash. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Dan D. - LA

" Looks good. Easy install. Took about an hour to install. Sent wrong one the first time but had no problem on swap out. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Tim C. - IL

" Works great! Simple, easy and quick to install. No leaks after numerous car wash trips and rain. Highly recommended. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Patricia W. - WI

" Ordering was easy, delivery was quick and installation was easy. Enjoy the ease of use! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Terry C. - AL

" Easy to install, great look, and only a few drips by the tailgate during a rain storm. Very happy with the cover. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy David C. - MO

" I bought the Diamond Plate Finish tri-fold hard cover for my new Ford Maverick. I purchased the diamond plate finish hoping the interior of the bed wouldn't get as hot in the summer time. I was having trouble visualizing how the rails attached to the bed. I contacted ACI and they were very prompt in returning my call and very helpful. So far the cover is working fine. I'll know more in a year or 2. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Wayne R. - GA

" Easy Install. Looks Good. Shortly after installation heavy rains were experienced for about 2 days. Minimal leakage noted on front corner (Passenger Side). Just a Drip. I also purchased a bottle of ACI Bed Cover Cleaner/Protectant. It was easy to apply and gave the cover a clean satiny finish. No glare or reflection "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Irun K. - WY

" This low-profile cover looks beautiful on my 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor, Easy to open / close. Well made. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Chris Z. - NH

" Top notch the black eurathane is excellent "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ray R. - MN

" Arrived quickly, packaged well and went on the truck in less than 45 minutes. Well documented instructions and great fit. Thank you! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mark A. - MD

" Easy to install, watertight, easy to remove, plus it looks good too. This cover is everything I was looking for. I installed it in under an hour by myself. It's been through a few storms and a carwash at this point and the bed has stayed completely dry. It is secure but also easy to open and remove completely if needed. Highly recommend. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Terry C. - AL

" 2023 F150 regular cab four wheel drive with 5.0. Arrived fast in perfect condition. Very easy to install, looks great. The hardest part of the installation was my old butt getting in the back of the truck. Hasn't rained yet, but so far I'm a satisfied customer! "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Craig S. - SD

" Happy with cover but some areas of the cover either did not get painted or paint has chipped off. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ryan H. - MA

" I'm extremely happy with both the folding cover and ladder racks for my Tundra Crew Max. It is exactly what I wanted and love the look "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Robert B. - GA

" Looks great! Easy install. I used to have a bakflip, you had to be careful about how you closed the tailgate. It doesn't matter with the Lomax. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jerry P. - NV

" Looks very nice. Installed easy one afternoon and works very well. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Steven S. - TN

" Easy to install. Looks great. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy REBECCA L. - TN

" Love my new bedcover. The installer was also impressed with the design and ease of the install. Very impressive overall look! It was also reasonably priced. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ted K. - WA

" We love out cover! installed easy and is water tight. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jeff W. - AZ

" 5 star product! Fit and finish is excellent. Only took about 30 minutes to install the hard cover on my 2023 Silverado. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jim G. - VA

" Very pleased. Easy install. Cover was built and shipped out in 4 days! Looks great! Thanks. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy John C. - NC

" Easy to install -- instructions were perfect. Only issue was existing rail protection that had to be removed. Works great. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy KURT P. - WA

" Installation was a little more difficult than portrayed on YouTube. Getting the two piece clamps just right meant laying on my back for each of them. Once on, it seems pretty nice. I wish the latches were metal instead of plastic. Handy to have the bed covered, less worry of cargo blowing out. The black diamond mist finish is really nice looking. The cover fits fine with the Adarac rack I already had on which is why I chose Lomax. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Art B. - CT

" This cover is made very well, is extremely sturdy, very secure, looks great and I am very impressed by the overall quality! It was easy to install, the instructions were detailed and helpful. Glad that I purchased this cover. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Karl F. - MD

" Install was straight forward and took my son and me about 30 minutes. Very low profile and works great so far. Been through a couple pretty strong rains and no leaks. Looks fantastic on my new Ford Maverick! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy John W. - DE

" Great product installation was easy. Very pleased with product. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Chris M. - KY

" The product is great. The installation specifically for my truck (2022 Ranger) was less than a perfect process. Shims are provided for placing between the plastic bed rail covers where necessary but I had to fabricate my own additional shims to place between the clamps & the rail in order to get the cover mounting rail to set level. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Brandon P. - TN

" The installation is very clean and low profile. Good fit and finish and took less than an hour to complete the install. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Richard S. - CT

" Easy to install, good fit and keeps my gear dry. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ted K. - WA

" I purchased and installed a cover for our new Tacoma and it arrived quickly, went on super fast and looks great. I hope to get the light kit and tailgate seal next. overall it was the perfect addition to our new truck. Thanks- "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Jim - IL

" This is the second Lomax tri-fold I have purchased. The cover shopped quickly and installed very easily. I get so many compliments on the cover- it really looks and functions terrific. My only issue is that, just like my previous cover, when you fold the cover up, the standoffs DO NOT prevent the cover from getting scratched due to the rubber not being protective enough. In fact, this time the cover arrived with scratches from the standoff rubbing. I called and the guys sent touch-up paint quickly - but it doesnt really match the matte finish. For $1000 this should have been fixed in development. Guess i will just live with the scratching- great cover otherwise. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Randy L. - NC

" Nice cover, easy installation, almost waterproof, only used about a month. I'd buy again if getting another truck. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ron M. - IA

" Excellent quality. Perfect fit. Looks great! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Danny S. - KY

" Hard cover is great. Excellent quality . Installation was slightly more extensive fire my Tacoma but instructions were very good. A couple of online videos were very helpful. Would recommend to anyone. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ron G. - WV

" Awesome product, easy to install and the fit and finish are spot on. Would recommend to friends and family. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Roger W. - SC

" Love it. Fit perfectly. Been through the car wash a couple times--bone dry inside the bed! Easy to install and use. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mark K. - FL

" Purchased the Lomax Hard Cover in diamond plate for my Ford F 250. Outstanding product in fit and finish. Keeps my truck bed secure and dry even going through an automated car wash. Very satisfied with this cover! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy William S. - TX

" This is the second cover I've purchased , the first for a F-150, the second for a Silverado. It is a well designed cover that is very low profiled and dry. I had a minor issue with my first cover and I can say customer service is absolutely unmatched. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Brian K. - IN

" everything was good "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Hank C. - OR

" Nice cover, easy to install, seals well, good looking and prompt shipping. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Julie M. - FL

" Start by saying the product was delivered quickly. The cover is rock solid. It was very easy to install. Pleased with the look. It has such better eye appeal than others on the market! My husband was dead set against me getting the tonneau cover but has come around and absolutely loves it. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Patrick S. - WV

" Easy to install. Works and looks great. Easy to remove. No complaints so far. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Buzz S. - MT

" Great fit and looks,installs easily. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy James L. - TX

" Looked at all of them. Purchased the Lomax and could not be happier. Fits perfectly. Built to Agricultural/Commercial toughness. Looks Great. Functions flawlessly. The best feature is that it is rimless and rainwater and dust wash off and you're not left with a mud puddle on top of your cover. I receive many compliments and comments about the diamond plate look with the chrome trim on my GMC. Highly Recommended. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Eric O. - WV

" Definitely can't go wrong with american made. I am very pleased with product and purchase. Thank you "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy James B. - WA

" This is a great product. Very low profile. Super easy to install. Very few moving parts. My second Lorax trifold hard cover. Highly recommend, good looks, provides decent security for your truck bed. Pretty water proof. Spend the money, get this one. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Michael G. - TN

" Great product! I have purchased the tri fold Lomax cover for the last two trucks I have owned. Sleek and 98 % water proof design makes it great storage area that is secure when vehicle doors are locked. A highly recommended product! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Scott N. - NM

" Excellent product! Fit and finish is on point. Super easy install and looks perfect. Highly recommend and worth the investment. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gary L. - PA

" Great looking and made in America. It was easy to install and gives me a feeling of security when the tailgate is locked. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jamie M. - PA

" Easy to install. Seals very well! Looks great and very heavy duty! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Cam L. - NC

" I was shocked at how easy it was to install. It does a good job of keeping water out of the truck too. It sits flush with the bed and looks great. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Thomas L. - VA

" As advertised this product was easy to install and looks great. In less that 1/2 hour I had it installed and was thinking that there must be something else to do. But that was it. I installed this on a new Ram 1500. The dealer had offered a solid one piece tonneau at three times the price. I opted for this one because it was a lower profile and significantly less expensive while still looking professionally installed. It provides security for the contents of your bed when coupled with a lockable tailgate. Certainly this is the best tonneau cover that I have ever had including solid one piece, fabric roll-up, and another brand hard folding. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jack - GA

" Great cover, seals up, solid and easy to instsll. Quick ship and good price. Thanks "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Paul T. - FL

" Shopped for several weeks and finally landed on the Lomax cover for my 2022 Tundra. Well made, fits perfect, and looks great. Like the fact that I did not lose my bed rails. Gaskets are under the edge of the top and not exposed to sunlight. No water intrusion at this point. Very happy with the purchase. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Christopher P. - CO

" I'd debated and looked at many online options to replace my five year old rolling hard cover - it had aluminum base and a heavy vinyl cover and it was getting badly cracked and looking terrible. I chose to buy the three panel hard Lomax folding hard cover, got the tailgate gasket and the cargo reach tool. The delivery was right on time, no damage and at no cost! I did the installation by myself (I'm almost 71) in one afternoon - no problems and I love the look and how well it functions. It won't keep all the wash water out but does a very good job with only a little and I guess it depends on the direction the nozzle is pointed. Seems very well built and engineered- super happy with my decision- watch the YouTube videos about the installation it's helpful. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jody P. - NE

" Very happy with my purchase. Very easy to install and looks great! "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Rolf S. - MN

" Love it! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Steve W. - IN

" I got the stainless steel diamond plate tri-fold cover for my 2022 Maverick. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition, installed easily, and looks great! "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy W W. - SC

" I Love this cover! It's been a few months since I bought and installed it but I wanted to put it through a thorough test before I submitted my review. Installation was simple with the instructions provided. It looks great on my '22 GMC HD. I also bought the front and tailgate seals and have had no leaks, even though the 4" of rain we got from hurricane Ian. The bed mat fits perfect and looks good too. Couldn't be happier! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Shane G. - KY

" Beat cover I've ever owned. Easy install. Looks great. Have gotten many compliments on the co er. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jim H. - CA

" I just received my LOMAX Folding Cover in Matte Black. The installation was as easy as the videos show. The fit is excellent, as I expected. I am very pleased with my decision to buy this cover over the myriad of others. For me, a few decision points were: no drain tubes, very low profile, full access to stake holes and bed rails, and easy removal without tools or thumb screws. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Terry W. - IN

" Easy to install and works great! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mike M. - IN

" Product arrived 3 days earlier Then promised.It was very easy to install took less than 15 minutes For 2 of us to install.My brother And his 2 sons have previously purchased same product for their trucks. They were very happy with them. And so am I. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy William B. - MA

" I have had my Lomax cover on My 2022 Honda Ridgeline for a few weeks now and love the low profile look and have had no water in the bed during rain and car wash, it was super easy to install. I recommend this cover for it's quality and looks! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Todd G. - AR

" Good fit. Easy installation. No complaints. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Paul Q. - WI

" Loving this Hardcover top. Easy to install and has been working great. Keeps things secure and dry. Look forward to see how it handles wear and tear over time. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gary J. - NY

" I love this cover !! It was easy to install , light weight but strong enough for winter ahead. I had a back flip after three years it was totally saturated inside and I I could hardly lift it, after numerous winters it disintegrated . With my new Santa Cruz the cover fit to a tee and looks awesome as well as good security for my bed. I would recommend this !! , especially for areas with long winters. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ronda K. - NY

" Love, love, love, love, love, love it "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy James T. - NY

" I bought a cover to keep the elements out of my truck bed and this cover has done exactly that. Release system is easy to use and the cover looks great on my truck. I couldn't be happier with this product at this point. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Anthony S. - FL

" WOW!!!! I bought this cover and had it installed. When I got home I noticed a little bit of damage and called Agricover immediately. After sending them pictures they sent me a brand new cover to replace the damaged one. Now that's customer service. Very happy with the service and the product! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Christopher H. - NJ

" Great product, easy to install, fits perfect and easy to fold for larger cargo, just as easy to remove when you need the entire truck bed. I purchased this cover after helping a friend install his, we're both very happy with the Lomax cover! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jocelyn H. - ME

" Great product. Easy to install and looks good on truck. Highly recommend "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy James R. - MI

" Great quality, easy to install, looks great on my black 2022 Ram. Thanks for a good quality USA made product. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Dave H. - NM

" Absolutely love my new cover! I have owned a Gator cover in the past but very much like the way this cover installs, how low it sits and no water leakage. NM has been getting a lot of rain and for the most part mostly down pours at times...zero water in the bed.... "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Paul H. - CA

" The best folding cover ! Along with a company that has an OUTSTANDING! customer service !! Easily 5 stars!! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy David H. - OK

" It's not waterproof, but real close. I included pictures after a monsoon, and almost no water got in. And this cover was really simple and quick to install. I've installed several soft covers by myself, and this one was as fast and simple as any cover I've ever installed. Comes back off real fast and easy also. Really like this cover so far! "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Hank H. - GA

" 5 Stars! Very well made/engineered hard cover. Very easy to install and also quick to remove if necessary. So far cover is 100% water proof and it has rained on it many times. Highly recommend this trifold cover! "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Laci R. - TX

" The cover looks and works great. It was easy to install & I love it more than I imagined I would. It is nice to travel and not have to worry about our stuff blowing out of the back of the truck. We drove through heavy rains and all our stuff stayed completely dry. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy B V. - ND

" It's been a little over a month since I installed the LOMAX Folding Hard Cover on my F-150. Installation was quick and easy (took less than 20 minutes working by myself). The cover is secure, looks great and keeps water out. The ability to easily remove the cover to accommodate larger items was one of the main reasons I chose this cover and it hasn't disappointed. Off / on in less than a minute. I also appreciate the ability to haul items on top of the cover. I would definitely buy this cover again. "

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Lomax 4 star ratingBy Eric M. - KY

" Love the looks! Cleanest looking cover on the market! Hands down!! No goody seals and flaps etc. Only thing I would complain about is it does feel a little flimsy. And this is due to the typical cover is two sheets of Al sandwich between a foam core and this is why you need the goofy rubber seals. Other than that I'd still purchase over the other ones! Looks spectacular and gets compliments on my 2022 Silverado RST. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy George - IL

" Awesome product! Delivered fast and the quality is top notch. I installed it in about an hour on my 2019 Ford Ranger. No leaks at the carwash or in heavy rain. I highly recommend!! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jeremy M. - OR

" Huge improvement over the Ford OEM cover that came with my 2016 F150. More waterproof, easier to open, more secure, and better looking. The old one was heavy steel instead of aluminum and it was rusted in some areas. Very nice product with a perfect perimeter gasket seal and doesn't rely on the 4 fussy plastic drain tubes. "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Linda J. - NM

" I purchased this cover as a Father's Day gift. My husband could not be more pleased. It was easy to install and looks great! "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Mark S. - PA

" Excellent cover, great look, tacoma 6 foot bed. Cover could be 1/2 inch wider near cab and 1/2 inch longer on back end. Idealy tapered front to back as bed is a bit wider nearest to cab. Also hardware to mount side rails coul be beefed up by using standard deck rail hardware. I have my doubts about the 1/4 inch bolts and the plastic square nuts over time? "

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy Lee N. - ME

" Love the quality of the cover, and the ease of installation, it was missing a safety loop upon arrival but a quick call to customer service and it was shipped, excellent customer service. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gorges V. - NE

" Fits the 2018 f150 great! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy DAMON C. - NV

" I bought the hard Tri-Fold cover for my 2018 Tundra. It fits perfect, looks great, and was pretty easy to install. Best of all, it is made in the USA. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Neil H. - TX

" Very solid product. We'll made and we'll see how well it stands over time. Installation was quick and easy. I would recommend it to friends. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy John W. - MO

" Great cover. Installation went very well. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy ARLIN S. - WI

" Great job of packing, received in perfect condition. Shipping time was fast even with the covid. Instructions were straight forward and easy. The cover is the best one I've seen anywhere. A five-star product from a five-star company. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Catherine M. - MT

" I truly love my Lomax hard cover, the installation was super easy and it is as functional and it looks awesome on my white F150 Lariet pick-up. I'm also very proud to tell people that it's made in my hometown, Jamestown, ND. Thank-You! "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Keith C. - NC

" looks great on my 2022 nissan frontier. went through car wash no water inside. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Michael F. - WI

" I like the actual LOMAX folding hard cover a great deal. It fits snug, no water or other leakage and is very secure. I did feel the install videos and the install instructions that came with the unit left a lot to be desired. They weren't specific to my vehicle and so of little use. Since the installl is pretty simple I discarded the instructions and just used common sense. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Greg K. - CT

" This is my first truck and bed cover. The installation instructions and clip were very confusing and took my son and me MUCH longer than I've seen on the videos and in the instructions. Otherwise it has met my expectations so far. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mark S. - PA

" I received my cover in 4 days, packaged very good, and in excellent condition! An hour and a half later it was installed with the help of my wife. I am impressed with the fit and the way it looks on my truck, especially the finish, different from the typical black of other tonneaus. Highly recommended! "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Tom M. - OK

" It went on as easy as it gets and works well. I have driven through some intense thunderstorms and once through a car wash. My cargo is staying dry. I am very happy with the purchase so far. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gene S. - MN

" Top of the line products Oem or better quality "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Troy D. - FL

" Like the easy install of the cover and the great look it adds to my truck. I'm pleased with this cover so far and how easy it is to open and close. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mike S. - TX

" Awesome product, got the diamond plate coated in black, purchased for my Jeep Gladiator. Cover arrived quickly and easy install. It took my daughter and I about an hour and a half to install it, and I only have one leg. I have had the cover for a few months now and not a drop of water in the bed through moderately heavy rain and the occasional car wash. Looks great with the truck and secures all of the various Jeep sundries in the bed and out of sight. Highly recommend. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Kim G. - TN

" Best looking cover I've ever had! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Hugh O. - GA

" I have a 2019 Ram 1500 (DT) . I Love this low profile look that really keep my bed dry and safe. The easy of it all is awesome and i recommend this cover to anyone. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Keith S. - TX

" my customer loves it thanks "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Martin H. - AZ

" Great product. Quality manufacturing. Easy installation. Easy to operate. Low profile. Virtually zero water enters bed during car washes. Got the bed rug too. Snaps did not adhere to bed liner. Even used adhesive promoter beforehand. Not a deal breaker for me. Very happy customer. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Eric - MI

" 2021 F150. Easy to install. Low profile. Durable materials and seems well made. Easy to remove for full access. Surface finish looks great. Seals the bed well. Very happy with purchase. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Tom H. - MN

" Quality, appearance, fit & finish are top notch. Installation was very easy. Functionality is great! Love the product! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Matt B. - MD

" The installation was super simple and the cover is very durable. It has a great look, slim profile, easy operation, and stellar seal against water intrusion. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Jessie - KS

" The Lomax looks to be a well-built cover. Installation was straight forward. So far so good! Only 4 stars due to the short rail wasn't cut exactly straight. However it doesn't appear to affect function. I'm good with it. Using a jig would have made the cuts straight. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Carl B. - TX

" Really like this bed cover. I like being able to remove the entire cover when needed. Have not noticed any water getting in the bed. The cover can be closed with the tailgate up or down. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Marcos M. - IL

" I like the way it looks and installs but water does go in. This I was not happy wiith. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Matt F. - IN

" Looks great with the Rambox. One side is a little tight and hard to open the Rambox. Haven't tried to adjust it yet. Instructions need a little improvement as it was difficult to figure out which rail was driver/passenger and front rear. Simple stickers or detailed pictures would have saved me a half hour to an hour. Also labeling the cover with cab and tailgate would have saved some time and frustrations. Seals pretty good except for the tailgate area that lets some water in. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy C - MD

" Easy to install, looks great, overall great product! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jon D. - MN

" Purchased my cover in January for my 2022 Tundra. This cover has exceeded my expectations. Pretty much water tight, easy installation, 400 pound load capacity, low profile and the black diamond plate looks super nice! "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy David K. - TX

" Easy process from ordering to quick delivery to ease of installation. Very good experience. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Christopher M. - MO

" Cover looks great. Easy to install with provided instructions. Video instructions are an added bonus. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Stevan G. - FL

" Great cover! It installed easily, took about an hour, and looks great on my truck. I have had no leakage issues so far. Love it! "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Karl M. - NC

" Product showed up sooner then expected, installation was easy was able to do it by myself in about 20 minutes. Only iss was the edges of the cover were not painted, I was sent a paint pen and did the touch up myself. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gerry R. - FL

" Easy to install, works great, highly recommend "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ricardo P. - FL

" Looks amazing, took two geriatric's my wife and I to install. You need better instructions "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gene T. - AZ

" Perfect fit, all parts where in the package with no damage, install was fairly simple took awhile to figure out orientation of side rail supports. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Patrick R. - CO

" The LOMAX Trifold cover arrived five days after I ordered it. Installation was quick and easy, taking just over an hour working by myself. The cover looks great and has kept the truck bed dry and protected through several snow storms. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ricardo P. - FL

" easy to install , done by two geriatrics my wife and I, It looks beautiful "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy David G. - TX

" Great covers. Quality and great company to deal with. Love the low profile and hidden seals look better than my older Backflip brand. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Ronald C. - WA

" This cover is perfect....second one I have had. Easy install and works great. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Steve M. - TX

" Received well packaged in just a few days from order date. Install was simple with the help of a few clamps, completed in 45 minutes. One caution comment; lifting the cover out of the carton, i didn't have quite the height to clear the carton and a staple in the carton put a scratch on the black finish but I touched up with a sharpie pen . Quality is excellent, only comment is that the edges are unfinished aluminum and edges are pretty sharp and could slice a finger. After driving in first heavy rain storm only had a few drips at tailgate. Overall, Very satisfied with proct and service. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Charles P. - AL

" Awesome looking, low profile tonneau cover. I think it is the best looking hard folding cover on the market. Looks great and works great. The only issue is the seal at the front of bed on my 2022 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali. Due to the design of the bed (not square), I had to do some significant extra sealing to prevent large amounts of water from entering bed. This is not the cover's fault - it has square ends - the late model GM beds are NOT SQARE at the front of bed by cab - they have a indent right at the 90 degree turn in the corner. If you have a late model GM truck, be prepared to do take some extra sealing steps to prevent significant water intrusion. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Henry K. - TX

" I have had 5 of these covers and love them best on the market. Just wish they made them for a long bed. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy LOREN H. - TX

" Just installed today, February 1, 2022 The rear clamps for the stake pockets would not work, as my truck does nor have an opening large enough to accommodate. The front driver side is bent - either from shipping or the factory. 281-744-3686 "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Neal Y. - TX

" Great fit - Solid product - Would have been a fairly easy install if it weren't for the limited installation instructions (took me about 45min to install once I gave up looking stem) "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Danny W. - OR

" This is an amazing product. The design is solid, every part you can tell is well thought out. Rain stays out due to the rail design, no drain tubes required. Customer service was great and very responsive to answer one question i had regarding install. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Norm S. - AZ

" So far so good. Easy to install. Secure and looks great! "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Brian H. - MI

" I do not often do product reviews, but I have been so impressed with the Lomax Hard Tri-Fold truck bed cover that I felt I should pass this on. I have had my cover about 3 years now. It is installed on a Chevy Colorado truck. I do not drive the truck a lot and it spends a lot of time in a garage in Michigan, so I cannot speak to the wear and tear of the cover for higher mileage vehicle or under heavy snow conditions. However, I can say the cover has been a great product and continues to be since installation. It is an attractive addition to the vehicle, and it is a real blessing to have it when transporting items in any weather conditions. It does not leak past any of the seals, even in a carwash, and the hardware has held up well. I looked long and hard before I went with this cover, and I am very happy I selected the Lomax Hard Tri-Fold cover. Thank you very much for providing a great product! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Larry H. - TX

" Easy installation. Very satisfied with cover. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Salvador R. - WA

" Thoughtfully designed, easy to install, very well packaged. It looks great in my truck! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Robert H. - GA

" Installation was quite easy, and the final product looks and functions great. One safety bracket was missing, but customer service sent it out right away. Lomax hard covers are great. This is my third one. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Vasiliy P. - OR

" Very satisfied and secured "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Nick A. - BC

" Love the cover! It came very quickly after ordering. I installed it in less than 2 hours. Very satisfied! "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Owen M. - ND

" I purchased this product after talking to a friend of mine. The shipping was quick and the product arrived undamaged. I found the quality of the cover to be good and the finished look was great. I would recommend this cover to anyone looking for a tight, great looking bed cover. My lack of a five star rating is based on the installation instructions which at first seemed straightforward after I watched the installation video. However, the video did not cover the supplemental instructions that added new parts without really integrating everything together. After I figured out what the new instructions were replacing from the video, I got it together and it works and looks great. Unfortunately, if the video would have been updated, along with the printed ones, it would have been worth a five star rating. Great product though! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Marty S. - WA

" Looks great, the black diamond finish matches the the factory equip running boards on my new GMC AT4 giving the truck a factory option look. Low profile and ease of access is great "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Roland V. - TX

" Purchased the Lomax Tri-Fold and was extremely satisfied with the quality and appearance on my Dodge Ram 1500. Recommend these covers to all truck owners. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Mark W. - MT

" Excellent product. Easy to install. Perfect fit. However, the instructions could use a little work. If the bulkhead could be referred to as the front of the bed and the tail gate for the back, I feel it would help in installation. Also, clearer drawings and photos would add to the ease of installation. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Tom S. - MO

" Just what I expected. So far, I'm very happy with it. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Erline R. - AR

" it wajs Very easy and quick to install. It looks very nice on our GMC Sierra. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Samantha L. - MD

" The cover fits great, and looks awesome! This was a Christmas present for my Husband, and he loves it! Very easy to put on(only took him about an hour to do it on his own) . "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Curtis R. - IN

" Great product. Fit and finish are good. I am very satisfied with the bed cover. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Neil K. - TX

" great product. bought one for my son and liked it so much I bought one for myself. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy K - NC

" Excellent cover by far the highest quality Tonneau cover on the market "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Joshua H. - MO

" I've had the Black Diamond cover on my Silverado for about 3 months now. The functionality is great so far, easy off and on, with almost no water getting into my bed. The only reason I'm dropping a star is the finish is only partly sprayed, which is difficult to see in the very small pictures, and is not mentioned anywhere in the product description. If I would have known this I would have went with something else. In the sun the cover looks covered in glitter, in lower light it looks poorly sprayed. I have to explain that's the intention, with everyone looking perplexed, as was I. Still, I think it's a good cover that is functionally superior to most! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Homayoun E. - NC

" Excellent product and great service! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Curtis R. - IN

" Very impressed! I ordered the bed cover on Monday and it arrived Friday. The fit and finish are good. It's a little tight at the front lock but I think it needs broken in. I have a 2022 Colorado. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Terry C. - AZ

" Love the look -- rugged but classy. Excellent customer service. My box arrived busted open. There was no damage to the top just several scratches/dings in the right side rail. Your rep quickly got me a replacement on the way with no argument. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Victor F. - OH

" Awesome cover and easy install. Would definitely recommend! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Glen M. - GA

" Fit is outstanding. Easy installation. Combined wih sealing kits and it works really well. Looks are top notch. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Kyle S. - MI

" Great product and easy to install. Only concern is paint missing on some areas, hopefully this isn't the normal. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Chris L. - TX

" 8 months after installation my LOMAX is working fine. No water leaks. Very easy to remove if you want to put something like a couch in the back of your truck. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Amy W. - MD

" Best cover we've owned! We miss it so much! Our truck was totaled last Christmas Eve & we lost our cover too. The New truck came with a pricey trifold hard cover & it pales in comparison. My favorite thing was how it handled weather... almost leak proof!!! They only place rain came in was the corners at the tailgate. It endured a 7000 mile cross county summer trip in which we encountered everything from freezing temps, rain, hail, to blazing heat within 3 weeks. All our gear was well protected. It was perfect for the whole family to lay on to observe the night sky in the The Badlands On the 4th of July. We will be ordering a LOMAX folding hard cover as soon as we can afford it! Hands down best truck cover! "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Dennis C. - MI

" Love it, easy to fold and secure in-place, or even remove it. I can open and close my tailgate without lifting the cover. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Isaac C. - FL

" Researched many hard covers. Narrowed it to two. Lomax won the flip of the coin and I could not be happier. Took me 30 minutes to in stall. Low profile and very water tight. No complaints here. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy James L. - GA

" Great product. Simple, fast install and removeable in a few minutes. "

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Christopher S. - CT

" I purchased the Lomax folding hard cover for a 2020 F150 with a 5.5 foot bed. The cover came within 7 days of ordering. It is well packaged to avoid any damage. Instructions were precise, it was easy to install, under 1 hour for 1 person. The cover is fairly heavy, even for a shortbed, so you may want to have a helper. It has been on for over 1 year now, and I have no complaints. It folds easily and offers good security for the bed. The outside color and texture matches up well with the blacked-out items on my truck. It removes in less than 1 minute with no tools. The rails take up minimal space. It does not cover the stake pockets, so you can add a ladder rack. If you have a lifted truck 4 to 6 inches, there might be some difficulty reaching it to fold. If you want a trully water tight bed, you will need to buy a full tailgate weather stripping. But the seals on the cover have not leaked on me. The cover sits about 7/16 inch above the bed rails, a very sleek look. Well built. If the rubber seals, especially the hinge seals, last the life of the truck, this is well worth the money. Will be getting the matching rack soon. Overall, a solid, we'll built cover. "

Lomax 4 star ratingBy Russell W. - TX

" Love how the cover fits. Durable and looks great on my truck. Only one minor flaw, the double stick trade at the tailgate latch has partially let go. Still seals, but I'm afraid it will eventually let go completely. "

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