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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy David M. - MN

" The cover installed very easily. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The only suggestion that I would make is to make note in the cover installation instructions, if an element seal is going to be installed on the box bulkhead, to install it after the rails are installed and before the cover is fitted in place. I am very happy with is cover. It is far superior to other covers that I have had on previous trucks. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy John H. - PA

" Very well built cover, I'm glad I chose the Lomax model. Easy to install, no complaints. "

Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy Justin B. - CO

" Easy to install, solid constructions, low profile. There is a small gap in the front two corners of the bed resulting in rain leaking into the bed. It sems to be because there is no mounting rail at the front of the bed, therefore allowing a gap due to the elevation differences? My intent is to apply additional weatherstripping at the corners to see if this resolves the small leaks. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Nick M. - WI

" Really great product. Easy install and great fit. I would like to see an option to snug the seal down a touch tighter after install. Maybe there is one, and I haven't figured it out yet. All in all the product is as advertised. I will buy again and recommend this to others. "

Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy Michael S. - AR

" I just installed it today. Ilove the look of it and the security it provides. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Charles C. - TX

" Easy to install. Solid strength. High quality materials. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Roberto Z. - CA

" So far, I can say that the installation was quick and I feel very satisfied with the purchase. I fully fill my expectations "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Don H. - IA

" The installation was easy and the cover looks great. I really like how it opens to allow full access to the bed. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Eric L. - TN

" The Lomax Stance is standing tall with my friends who have been asking where I got this cool looking cover for my Honda Ridgeline. The install went great by just following the instructions. The Lomax Stance was installed with no added assistance and functions perfectly. In short; the best bed cover (no leaks), quite going down the road, easy to flip, the latch is very secure, and really enhances the look on my Honda Ridgeline. I will buy the Lomax Stance for my next truck regardless of the brand of vehicle I decide to go with. I wish I knew about this product for my Ford F-250 which I used to pull our RV. Lomax is just a great well thought out product. Eric "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Mark B. - ND

" Stance cover traveled great upright 250 miles to pick up a new used hog. Looks great when it is closed and opening is faster than rolling with added security! "

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