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Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy David S. - OH

" I love the way it fits om my truck and the look of it. And how easy it was to install. The only thing that I'am dissappointed in is the fact that i have to mount brackets on top of my truck. That's something i dont want to do. So if i would of know this i probably would not of bought it. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Tasveer S. - CA

" I purchased this cover for my 2022 Ford Maverick. The shipment was prompt. It was very well packaged. It took me a half hour to install by myself. Installation was very simple. The instructions were very clear. I've used other brands before, but the quality of this cover is superior to other brands. A lot of thought was put into designing this cover. It also looks cleaner than other hard covers when in the fully closed position. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy S. M. - PA

" I have been looking for a hard cover for my 2021 Tundra for a while. I have researched most of them and watched many social media reviews. I decided to go with the Stance and I am happy I did. It looks awesome and is easy to use. I went with the diamond mist and it looks sharp. Installation was pretty straightforward and you will have to make some adjustments (alignment). I went from unboxing to installed in about 90 minutes. I am very happy with the ease of operation to access the bed and make room for items that are too talll. I haven't installed the roof mounts yet due to the temps here in Pa, but do not see it being a problem. Shipping was seamless and product was in great shape. I did wipe down the panels with alcohol due to shipping/ manufacturing dust, but I would have done that regardless. I think it really enhances the look of the truck and the low profile is for real. Great product! "

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Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy Dillon D. - LA

" Overall it is a great cover. The bed liner coating that is sprayed on could be better for the price of the cover. The edges of my cover were not sprayed so you can still see bare aluminum on the edges. I have a 2023 tundra with deck rail system and the allows a little flex in the mounting rail at the edge of the tail gate so i have to pull the latch when closing to get the cover to re latch. I cannot just close the cover and let it latch on its own because it will just flex the mounting rail. I do no think this is the cover fault. I think think if i didn't have the deck rail system this problem would not exist. Water tight even when spraying a pressure washer around the edges. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Jacob E. - NY

" Great Lid!! "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Robert D. - CA

" Happy with purchase. Very easy to install, though have to be really carefull when gluing holders on roof as magnetic pull easilly jerks the piece to the roof. Cover looks great. Teh only thing that would be nice is to be able to lock in place inbetween full open and full closed. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Dan M. - CA

" Easy install and perfect fit on 2015 F-150. Replaced a cover that did not hold up. Really like the low profile and tough exterior. Also like the ability to close tailtgate without lifting the cover. We've had our first hard windy rain for the season and their were no leaks! Atttention to security is appreciated. The latch cord is positioned very close to tailgate so it is well protected from attempt to snag with wire. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Raymond D. - NJ

" Great product, it was easy to install and has a great low profile look. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy John R. - IN

" Very pleased with the Stance hard cover Installation was not difficult Does not leak Looks great. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Lawrence H. - WI

" I am happy with the cover. Instructions could be better. The written instructions are different from the video instructions. Descriotions of the pieces could be more specific. "

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