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SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy William H. - PA

" Very well built, quality product! "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Uldis M. - NJ

" Finally got a couple inches of snow to test Snowsport LT plow. Works exactly as advertised. Light enough to set up quickly by myself. Assembly was straightforward. This fits my need to clear a few inches of snow on my unpaved long driveway easily. I highly recommend this plow. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Robert M. - PA

" It went together pretty easily. The directions were little bit fuzzy, and could've been better written. Had a little trouble during the holes through the aluminum part. Getting them at the right angle was moderately problematic. But all in all I'm well satisfied. Respectfully, Bob "

SnowSport LT 4 star ratingBy Kevin P. - MI

" Plow works OK with my Dodge Dakota, but do not try to clear away from a wall or garage door. For the money it is OK. The plow is saving the grass. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Roger S. - ME

" I will have to say I love this plow. It only has a couple of drawbacks for me. First of all, the instructions are quite clear on how to assemble but I wished that the holes needed to mount the rubber cutting edge came already drilled. I also found with our early November snowstorm here in northern Maine (it was a very heavy wet snow) that you will have to make a few extra passes to get that wet snow back. I did not use the hold down strap during that storm so I can't say if using the strap would have helped in a situation like that or not. Since these are what I call minor issues, the plow will get 5 stars from me because it will do what it is designed to do and at a decent price as well. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Brendan - ND

" After using the Snowsport LT for almost a full snow season, I am simply amazed at how good it works. I have used it on a range of snow falls from 1-8" and even used the plow to clean out 3 of windblown drifts on the full width of my driveway. I learned quickly that taking 2-3 short swipes at hard packed snow at a crawl will get the hard packed snow from wind blowing started on the edge and then just push at a crawl to continue to break the hard pack loose from the bottom. My favorite part of this purchase is that it is small enough that I can back into my garage with the plow on so I never have to get out of the SUV from start to finish. Drinking hot coffee while you are moving snow in a warm cab sure beats having to dress for the elements using a snowblower. This snow plow has simply exceeded my expectations! "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Benjamin - SD

" The Snowsport LT Snow Plow was a great purchase! It's really nice that I can plow snow in the comfort of my warm truck instead of being outside in the freezing elements. Surprisingly this snow plow moves the same amount of snow as my skid steer but does a quicker and much cleaner job without tearing up my yard! "

SnowSport LT 4 star ratingBy Sherry W. - VA

" Good quality and arrived in a timely manner. It took all day to put together and we used a lot of tools. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Dennis F. - WI

" I am well satisfied with the plow. was really surprised by how much snow it can push. Would recommend it to others. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Terry W.

" I am very happy with this snowplow. I ordered it on a Saturday and got it on Wednesday, the day before we got a foot of snow. I put it on my 1992 F150 truck and easily cleared my 300 plus foot gravel drive way. Good product. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Bruce V. - ME

" Plowed on 3-7-2018 in Maine major snowstorm heavy wet snow worked great "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Gary J. - CT

" I put the 180 on the back of my 1998 Mercedes ML320, what a beast! I moved all my snow than drove 19 miles to mom's and did her driveway. The plow worked great. I was nervous about the simple fold over system, but it works awesome. It does not drag snow back when you change direction. The only thing was when I ran down the road the blade brought up road grime onto the rear of my truck. On my way back home I turned it over and traveled with it hung the wrong way and no grime on truck. I am sure that that mode of travel voids any warranty but it works for me. Other trucks would be different so might not be trouble for them. All things considered five out of five "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Scott H. - PA

" So easy to install and works very well. I am so pleased with my purchase. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Mark - MT

" Sometimes the best answer is the simple one, the Snowsport LT is well designed and keeps operation simple. It takes what used to be an hour to push snow and turns it into 10 minutes from the warmth of your vehicle. My favorite feature is the rubber edge that will push snow over grass without tearing it up. I can push piles into the yard so I have room for the next snow fall. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy William S.

" I love it. I installed it on my GMC Envoy myself and it works great. We had one bad winter last year and it worked great. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Ron R. - CT

" So far, so good. The plow requires some assembly, but nothing complex. I've had a lot of use for the plow this winter and it works well. I'll typically plow at 4 inches - any greater snow depth starts to result in a wall of snow, more then my SUV can handle. I totally recommend the plow. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Belinda P. - IA

" This plow is the "Bomb", it does what it's supposed to problems, no issues. I ordered another hitch for my 99 Jeep Wrangler and the plow works great on that too. Next I will order the mount & blade for my Polaris 4 wheeler. This plow did not tear up my lawn and leave piles of gravel from scalping my driveway like the standard plow had been doing. Thanks for a great product! "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Jim C. - PA

" I just used my SnowSport LT for the first time on my 600+ foot driveway and it worked GREAT on the 4+ inches of ice covered snow. I used the Hold Down Strap and it worked as described. Excellent product. I am happy that I bought it. I rate it FIVE ( 5 ) STARS. Thank you very much. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Dan P. - MT

" Worth every penny...being a cheap ba***rd i figured we would give this a try...cant break it...hit buried retaining wall...twice..stumps i busted a 65 foot drift 4 feet deep 30 mph...would have made it in one shot too but so much snow coming over hood couldnt see so had to stop...can see from pic almost made it...can see drift cracked and was what if you have to make a couple passes....great plow "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Robert G. - NC

" The SnowSport LT is an excellent plow. Over the Christmas holiday we receive 12 1/2" of snow, and the LT handled it with ease and kept our driveway clear. All 1,500' of it. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Clyde H. - MO

" I purchased the Snowsport LT kit. I have no experience plowing snow prior to using the Snowsport. This product is amazing! It is lightweight which means it goes on quickly and easily. Plowing is easy. I just drive the Jeep. It is so easy to handle and navigate while plowing. I can highly recommend this product. This snow plow has made life much better. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Mark J. - OH

" This is EXACTLY what I was looking for - the SnowSport LT snow plow. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy John M.

" I'm very happy with the quality and performance of the Snowsport LT, it has met my expectation for snow removal. "

SnowSport LT 4 star ratingBy Andrew C. - RI

" I am pretty impressed so far. The first snow storm of the year dumped 14 inches here in Providence and the SnowSport LT was able to move all of it in one sweep. I installed the front hitch on my Dakota and it is really easy to put on and take off. The guys at work call it a "baby plow", but it does a great job in my tight parking lot for 8 vehicles. I do not miss the time with my snow blower either! "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Daniel M. - IA

" I have plowed so much snow, sleet, ice this 2010 winter I have neighbors asking me to help them out. I have one paying customer and she loves my blade because it does not tear up her grass. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Frank L. - NH

" The plow woks better than I expected and is fine for my purpose. I use it for a rather wide and long driveway. It saves me considerable time compared to the snow thrower. "

SnowSport LT 4 star ratingBy Dean D.

" For our usage, its works great. We have saved a good bit of money this season. We are a non-profit agency and need to use our donated dollars wisely. This purchase was a wise choice to help us with that. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Brook P. - MN

" Awesome, the SnowSport LT works better than I expected! "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Jimmy H.

" I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the SnowSport LT. I have a long 150ft uphill driveway and having a snow plow will definitely be helpful. I placed my order on December 14 and I was surprised to see the snow plow arrived about 1 week early. Even better, it arrived the afternoon before our first snow storm started. Since then, we have had 3 snow storms. Again, thank you very much for a great product. "

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