This personal snow plow has an average  SnowSport LT 4.83 star average rating rating based on 54 customer reviews.

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SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Dan G. - MN

" First year using this plow. It works fantastic and just right size for my driveway. Super maneuverability with the Jeep Cherokee. Does a nice job and does not tear up the grass. --- Dan G. "

SnowSport LT 3 star ratingBy Marco J. - BC

" Useful but too light for large driveways. Snow will be released under the plow as the car moves, leading to the progressive thickening of snow over the driveway in the winter. "

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SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy John D. - ID

" Love it -- Have a 60 yard uphill gravel driveway. After a 6" fall it took 10 minutes of plowing to clear the driveway. Watched others with blades on an ATV spend over an hour doing the same job. Easy on, easy off, easy to use. "

SnowSport LT 4 star ratingBy Kevin C. - OH

" Pretty simple to assemble. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Rob H. - MN

" I am completely satisfied with the quality and design of the build. I have over 1000ft of driveway and parking that needs to be cleared. The LT Utility Plow works great on my 4x4, using both front and rear hitch mounts. The fixed blade position has been a problem. Snow run-off At the blade sides is not significant, keeping most of the snow to the front. I've done hours of research with many brands and style and fully believe I made the right decision. I would also like comment on the excellent customer service and follow-up at AGRI-Cover. They've been nothing but helpful and thoughtful. Thank you. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Frank L. - NH

" The plow woks better than I expected and is fine for my purpose. I use it for a rather wide and long driveway. It saves me considerable time compared to the snow thrower. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Belinda P. - IA

" This plow is the "Bomb", it does what it's supposed to problems, no issues. I ordered another hitch for my 99 Jeep Wrangler and the plow works great on that too. Next I will order the mount & blade for my Polaris 4 wheeler.This plow did not tear up my lawn and leave piles of gravel from scalping my driveway like the standard plow had been doing.Thanks for a great product! "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Daniel M. - IA

" I have plowed so much snow, sleet, ice this 2010 winter I have neighbors asking me to help them out. I have one paying customer and she loves my blade because it does not tear up her grass. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Uldis M. - NJ

" Finally got a couple inches of snow to test Snowsport LT plow. Works exactly as advertised. Light enough to set up quickly by myself. Assembly was straightforward. This fits my need to clear a few inches of snow on my unpaved long driveway easily. I highly recommend this plow. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Dan P. - MT

" Worth every penny...being a cheap ba***rd i figured we would give this a try...cant break it...hit buried retaining wall...twice..stumps i busted a 65 foot drift 4 feet deep 30 mph...would have made it in one shot too but so much snow coming over hood couldnt see so had to stop...can see from pic almost made it...can see drift cracked and was what if you have to make a couple passes....great plow "

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