This personal snow plow has an average  SnowSport LT 4.83 star average rating rating based on 54 customer reviews.

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SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Mark S. - CO

" Great plow! I have used it now for several years. Have a narrow drive to my parking area and it works great! Love it! "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Vince C. - VA

" Thanks again for your help! Very happy with the snow plow. "

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SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Aldo A. - MD

" I had the opportunity to test it for the first time last Friday and it was awesome; it worked even better than expented! "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Marcia L. - CT

" I am a 68 yr. old woman who has been using this plow for 4 years now. I put it together myself and can lift it onto the frame by myself. I usually set the angle to push to the right and just go. I plow my own very long steep driveway plus two other long driveways - never have a problem. I have also received many compliments on what a good job it does. It can push the snow way out onto my lawn with little to no damage making room for more snow piles. Excellent plow. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Michael C. - ON

" Love it, have it on 2 smart cars , never had a problem in 2 years kn ,!!!! South simcoe smart plow , 705 391 6453 "

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SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Dennis A. - WA

" Plow works pretty well. Gave it to my parents for there truck. They have hitch on the back makes it more difficult but still works. Would be amazing mounted on the front. Pressure strap works needed it yesterday for a piled up area that was deep and sticky a few passes got it cleared up. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy John D. - ID

" Great Product. Used in winter of 2020 and was great. While my neighbours were freezing on thier ATVs for hours, I was finished in 20 min in my nice heated truck. Easy on and easy off. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Candy L. - WA

" Agri-Cover is a win win all the way around! I ordered for my husband the mount for the SnowSport Blade and what do you know, it was the wrong one. To add to the issue, he hadn't opened the box for a few months. I called and Curt was the nicest helpful guy and we returned the blade at our expense and reordered the correct mount. The SnowSport Blade is on and my husband loves it! "

SnowSport LT 4 star ratingBy Chris W. - PA

" I have had the Snowsport snowplow for at least 10 years. I didn't want to spend $4000 for a fancy schmancy plow, so took a chance on this simple, lightweight plow. It has served me well! No need for plow lights, hydraulic lines breaking, etc. Sure, it doesn't work quite as well as the Big Boys, but it is a big two "thumbs up" as far as I'm concerned. "

SnowSport LT 5 star ratingBy Delbert G. - PA

" I purchased a 7 foot plow about 6 years ago. It was the best money I have ever spent as I have had no problems with it over the years. So simple to hook up and remove and not too heavy to handle.I would reccomned one for anyone. "

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