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SnowSport 180 4 star ratingBy Justin H. - PA

" Was very easy to assemble by myself although having a second set of hands could have sped things up a little. Assembled product can easily be installed and removed from vehicle by one person. Four stars only because i can't yet vouch for how it works because it's only September but I've heard good things. "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Steve S. - CO

" A great little plow. I have been using it on my 2017 Tesla Model X on the back in the trailer hitch! My big screen backup camera makes it SO EASY to drive backward with accuracy as I plow! Neighbors are amazed at how fast I get it done - driveway and sidewalks on both sides of my corner lot. I put the plow on while the Model X is in the garage and back out plowing a path to the street. Then I turn and do the sidewalks! Thanks for a great product. It seems to be so well engineered to last a very long time! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Robert D. - WA

" Easy to assemble, very good instructions and markings where holes need to be drilled. Haven't plowed yet as no snow to plow as of now. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Dennis R. - IL

" This little snowblade is awesome and I wouldnt be without it. So simple to mount and dismount takes less than2 minutes each way. GREAT PRODUCT! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Chris C. - RI

" I really love this plow. It took a little bit but was very easy to setup. Use it in one of our light storms we had in the East and it worked great!! Looking forward to more snow. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Holly H. - MI

" I have had his toy for years and live in Michigan where we get some big snows. I am a woman who just turned 70 and I use this plow on the back of my Jeep. Like another reviewer said, just back out of the garage plowing! My son has also used it on the back of his full sized pick up. My driveway is 500 feet and gravel/dirt. It takes about 15 minutes and my neighbor's about 15 minutes. The frame weighs about 50 pounds and the plow about 50 pounds but heck it's the weight of a bag of critter feed so what's the difference? I definitely would recommend this plow to anyone and would buy it again in a heartbeat. It has held up under some abuse too. GREAT product! "

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SnowSport 180 4 star ratingBy Scott L. - NY

" Took a few hours to set up. Blade was a bit tough to install, but the soapy water suggestion worked. Holes were a bit difficult to drill, pre-drilled holes would be better. The plow itself was a real back saver and works!! A bit of a learning curve on my 2017 Ford Escape, but I was able to plow my very wide driveway after a 12 inch snowfall all from the comfort of my SUV! All in all very satisfied. I love it! "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Dennis R. - IL

" Assembly was easy. I found that talcum powder worked well in inserting the rubber flap. It hasn't snowed yet so I haven't needed to use it. Hope it stays that way! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Lena D. - MI

" I love it! This is my second season, but first with my 2018 Lincoln MKC AWD. I have 150 ft driveway. No way am I using a snow blower. I'd be frozen. I like to be warm & cozy! "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Joe B. - WI

" I already owned the 180 plow and have used it in the trailer hitch of my 2005 Toyota Highlander. I've used it for a couple of seasons and have been pretty pleased with it. I saw the electric winch and hold down strap as new accessories so I wanted to try them with my plow. I spoke with Ed in customer service and he was very helpful . I received the electric winch and upon review realized it was better suited for the larger four bolt frame that the other plows use. I spoke with Ed again and he walked me through what I would need to do to make it work, I ordered the larger frame for the plow and Ed was able to get it shipped the same day so that I would have it before our first significant snow. I installed everything and have used it a couple of times now. The ability to raise and lower the plow from inside the vehicle is fantastic. The hold down strap improves the plows ability to really clean the driveway well and scrape off the snow where it previously left a layer of snow. It cost a few more $ to get it set up but well worth it for me. Thank You! "

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