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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Adam S. - MT

" Purchased this as the cheapest and most convenient option to plow ~80 yards of gravel driveway, and 100 yards of road. The plow works perfectly. It was easy to assemble and simple to install and remove. I drive a Jeep Wrangler and use it on the rear hitch, the lowest setting is a little too high for the blade. If mounted on on a front hitch it would probably be a perfect height. This product is defiantly a great value, I've already recommended it to multiple people who are looking for quicker snow removal solutions for their lengthy driveways. "

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SnowSport 180 3 star ratingBy Jeff T. - ME

" I'm torn on this plow blade. The quality, fit, and durability is obviously very good. The rubber blade insert is crazy thick and strong. The one issue I have, and it's a big one, is that this blade does NOT pivot or turn, and there is no way to make it do so. I knew that prior to purchasing, but didn't think it would be that important, but it really is. What does this mean? My 450ft driveway has 3 gentle turns in it. When I pull forward to do my next pass after the initial pass, snow keeps falling out both ends of the blade, covering my freshly cleared portion. I end up having to do many, many small passes around the cornered areas. I've done it 4 times now, and I *think* I'm starting to learn the best paths to take, but man, why can't we have something that angles this blade like all the others? Even just a few degrees would be ridiculously helpful. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Tim C. - ON

" The plow works well. It doesn't tear up the driveway, and isn't too hard on the truck. It obviously doesn't have as much utility as a fully adjustable proper front mounted plow. But the price point and the fact it doesn't require major changes to the truck make it a great buy. I had to buy a lowering hitch adapter to get the height right for the plow to work effectively, but that was expected as the 4Runner is quite tall. I would recommend the plow. "

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SnowSport 180 4 star ratingBy Paron L. - SD

" I've only used once. So far it does what I need it to do. I use it on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, it tends to buckle here and there which puts pressure on the hitch. Also, I hope they come up with an angle base like they have for the HD version. A SnowSport Swivel 30604 for the 180 plow!!!! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Chris M. - UT

" This plow Works Great! We have a very large area of black top for tenant parking on private property which has been impossible to clear in the Winter. What used to take a full day of laborious shoveling I can now accomplish in 20 minutes from the comfort of my Explorer. My two cents: Order before you need it. I waited a week before buying and ended up having to put it together under a car port, in the dark, in a snow storm. Had I bought it when I first thought about it I would not have had the inconvenience. My wife and I couldn't be happier with this purchase. If you have any significant area to clear you will never go back to a snowblower or shoveling after you've used this plow. "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Rick B. - NY

" This plow is a dream. I got it 2 days before our second snowfall of 4 ft of snow this year. Living in upstate ny (Watertown area ). Snow belt off Lake Ontario .. I went out couple times a day plowed my 200 ft drive and pretty much parking lot .. plus neighbors farm. It handled close to 18 inches of snow no problem ..just pushed half back in the yard then pushed the rest back. It will move some snow love it. I have it on back of ram 1500. No stopping this. Seems very sturdy. And I can take it off and put in the shed in under a minute. If you get one get the hold down strap works great "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Andy K. - WA

" Easy to set up. Used it once and no more snow. I guess it scared the snow storms away. Easy to use, very happy with the plow. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Mark M. - OH

" I haven't really been able to use this yet. I demo'd it on maybe 1" of snow and it worked efficiently and as I expected, but the real test and the reason I got it is for bigger snowfalls obviously, of which I am anxiously awaiting - because this thing is gonna be fun. Shipping was fast and free, assembly was easy and took about 30 minutes, and it seems quality made. I'm actually excited to use this and based on the research I did prior to buying it I think it'll be a lifetime product. I have this on a 2019 4Runner with a 1.5" rear lift (2.5" front lift) and the bracket had to be mounted upside down and even then I am on the bottom most holes to run the plow, so it definitely is designed for "smaller" vehicles that sit lower than my 4Runner. One thing that isn't obvious in the videos and images I saw - I thought the plow could be angled left and right using a hitch pin on the receiver assembly but as it turns out it cannot. The plow is only able to be mounted parallel to the rear bumper, not angled slightly left or right. No big deal but this is information a buyer should have. Otherwise it is as advertised and I am pleased. Images attached. "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Richard B. - NY

" I ordered this after looking at it numerous times since I am retiring next week ? I had it delivered the day a blizzard hit in northern new York . 60 mph winds lake effect snow man this thing is a game changer . I was nice and toasty clearing my probably 200 ft long almost as wide driveway . Plus my neighbors farm drive. I am sold. I wil say get the hold down strap it is a savior with wind drifts . Otherwise it rides up over the bank . Great product ... "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Michael H. - WA

" Very happy!! Already had the chance to use it and it worked great!! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Broc H. - ID

" Great plow, super easy to use and install. Currently running it on a 1997 ram 1500 4x4 and it has worked great! Considered buying the LT or HD models but for the price difference I honestly think this one works great, I have 2 acres with drive way and pasture the needs cleared and this does great weather it's grass, gravel or cement. Bet part is no buttons , controls , or getting out of the vehicle. Just drop the plow and drive . Great product "

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SnowSport 180 4 star ratingBy Justin H. - PA

" Was very easy to assemble by myself although having a second set of hands could have sped things up a little. Assembled product can easily be installed and removed from vehicle by one person. Four stars only because i can't yet vouch for how it works because it's only September but I've heard good things. "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Steve S. - CO

" A great little plow. I have been using it on my 2017 Tesla Model X on the back in the trailer hitch! My big screen backup camera makes it SO EASY to drive backward with accuracy as I plow! Neighbors are amazed at how fast I get it done - driveway and sidewalks on both sides of my corner lot. I put the plow on while the Model X is in the garage and back out plowing a path to the street. Then I turn and do the sidewalks! Thanks for a great product. It seems to be so well engineered to last a very long time! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Robert D. - WA

" Easy to assemble, very good instructions and markings where holes need to be drilled. Haven't plowed yet as no snow to plow as of now. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Dennis R. - IL

" This little snowblade is awesome and I wouldnt be without it. So simple to mount and dismount takes less than2 minutes each way. GREAT PRODUCT! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Chris C. - RI

" I really love this plow. It took a little bit but was very easy to setup. Use it in one of our light storms we had in the East and it worked great!! Looking forward to more snow. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Holly H. - MI

" I have had his toy for years and live in Michigan where we get some big snows. I am a woman who just turned 70 and I use this plow on the back of my Jeep. Like another reviewer said, just back out of the garage plowing! My son has also used it on the back of his full sized pick up. My driveway is 500 feet and gravel/dirt. It takes about 15 minutes and my neighbor's about 15 minutes. The frame weighs about 50 pounds and the plow about 50 pounds but heck it's the weight of a bag of critter feed so what's the difference? I definitely would recommend this plow to anyone and would buy it again in a heartbeat. It has held up under some abuse too. GREAT product! "

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SnowSport 180 4 star ratingBy Scott L. - NY

" Took a few hours to set up. Blade was a bit tough to install, but the soapy water suggestion worked. Holes were a bit difficult to drill, pre-drilled holes would be better. The plow itself was a real back saver and works!! A bit of a learning curve on my 2017 Ford Escape, but I was able to plow my very wide driveway after a 12 inch snowfall all from the comfort of my SUV! All in all very satisfied. I love it! "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Dennis R. - IL

" Assembly was easy. I found that talcum powder worked well in inserting the rubber flap. It hasn't snowed yet so I haven't needed to use it. Hope it stays that way! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Lena D. - MI

" I love it! This is my second season, but first with my 2018 Lincoln MKC AWD. I have 150 ft driveway. No way am I using a snow blower. I'd be frozen. I like to be warm & cozy! "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Joe B. - WI

" I already owned the 180 plow and have used it in the trailer hitch of my 2005 Toyota Highlander. I've used it for a couple of seasons and have been pretty pleased with it. I saw the electric winch and hold down strap as new accessories so I wanted to try them with my plow. I spoke with Ed in customer service and he was very helpful . I received the electric winch and upon review realized it was better suited for the larger four bolt frame that the other plows use. I spoke with Ed again and he walked me through what I would need to do to make it work, I ordered the larger frame for the plow and Ed was able to get it shipped the same day so that I would have it before our first significant snow. I installed everything and have used it a couple of times now. The ability to raise and lower the plow from inside the vehicle is fantastic. The hold down strap improves the plows ability to really clean the driveway well and scrape off the snow where it previously left a layer of snow. It cost a few more $ to get it set up but well worth it for me. Thank You! "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Scott P. - PA

" Purchased SnowSport 180 plow attached to rear trailer hitch removed 8" of slushy heavy snow no problem pushing snow in reverse and easy on / off hook up only used once so far but very impressed ! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy GARY A. - NY

" Purchased this unit over 6 years ago and very glad i did. I do my driveway,my kids homes, and a small parkinglot for a small problem,good results everytime. With the ease of installation an removal, and quality of materials, this will last me a very long time. I tell anyone who asks me how good it is. Great product. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy David C. - ON

" I was only able to use the plow twice (the snow gods let me down), but from what I have seen, I am actively going to recommend this product to my family and friends. My plow is hooked into the 2 inch receiver on the rear of my 2008 Toyota Rav4, with V6 and AWD with Blizzaks. I was able to create a snow pile 100 feet away from my driveway. Now that the snow has gone, I can see that there is no damage to my lawn. Snow is forecast for tomorrow, though, so watch this space! The plow is easy to install, and to remove, and it takes less than one minute. I love it. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Holly H. - MI

" I wish this product was in existence 28 years ago when I moved here! I cleared the cement parking area up by my house large enough for 6 or so cars in four minutes, and the 500 foot long dirt driveway in 10-15 minutes! No more paying someone to do this for me! I am a young 62 year old female and I put this in my Jeep trailer hitch, put on the plow for driving, and lowered the plow for plowing by myself. Great product and well worth the money! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Charlie P. - WI

" If I were to have known about this plow sooner, I would have bought it! I have plowed three times now and think it is fantastic and the warm cab of my Silverado sure beats the cold open seat of my Allis Chalmers B. "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Barry R B. - PA

" My first use of the Snow Sport 180 came after a 14" snow fall. It worked Great! It took about 20 minutes to get the hang of driving backwards and pushing snow but after that I have recommended to friends and co-workers to check them out. Took an hour to plow what would have taken me 4-5 hours to blow with a 10 hp snow blower. Great product! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Michael L. - IN

" The snowsport works really well no problems the first winter and the s10 handles it well "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Phil M. - IA

" Not sure why I waited so long to buy one of these...If you follow the assembly instructions, you'll be fine... Without interruptions, 1 hour max for assembly... A second pair of hand could be useful with the rubber strip along with someone to talk too. NOW, just waiting for the first snow they say we will get tomorrow, 11/20/2015, 5-7". "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Donna G. - IL

" I am so glad I got this plow! It is so easy to put together and I'm 56 with fibromyalgia and not in the best shape, lol! This is something I can put onto my Jeep and take off ALL BY MYSELF which makes life as a widow a whole lot easier!! The most difficult part putting together was drilling the holes (it was just 4) but I just think my drill was a bit too wimpy so it took took a lot of pressure on the drill to get through but I had my son help me on drilling the holes because I didn't have enough strength, probably because I had carpal tunnel surgery but lifting it onto my Jeep, like I said, is a piece of cake for me! I wish I had known about this blade a long time ago as it would've made life a whole lot easier for sure. The hard rubber piece across the bottom keeps your driveway from getting torn up too and the plow self adjusts to conditions of the driveway as I had ice underneath parts of the snow (I bought it later in the winter season) and it just adjusted and glided right over those parts (I never expected it to be able to get the 2 inch-thick ice off) and I was worried it might hurt the plow but it didn't; it just went over it! Didn't tear up the rubber at the bottom at all! We had a winter like we haven't had in years and it was able to push fairly high piles of snow. My son told me that he thought I was having too much fun out there and he was correct! Temps were so cold here that day, -20F but inside the Jeep it was nice and toasty! I would recommend this plow to anyone, especially women! I love it! And,obviously, I just can't say enough wonderful things about it!! One of the best investments I've made!! Ordered it online, directly from Agri-Cover and it got here in three days, during lousy winter conditions across the Midwest! Couldn't be happier with this plow blade!! "

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SnowSport 180 4 star ratingBy Monica K. - OH

" So far used once and does the job. I do have partial gravel drive and it pushed some gravel. I am ok with that as I do not have to shovel! It would nice if it came without having to drill holes. Happy with product! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy LE H. - CT

" Very nice quality plow. Some assembly with drilling required, not too bad. I'll have to report back once it snows. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Carl R. - MA

" Thanks! I did get your companies rear snow plow I have a backup camera on my Honda Ridgeline. Tried it for the first time the same night that Yankee Customs installed it in Brockton, MA. I pushed two day old snow 22 inches high at my driveway thats 20' by 40' so easy that no words can express my satisfaction. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Andy A. - MB

" Just a note to tell you that I think the SnowSport 180 plow is fantastic. I bought one in December and it has worked very well clearing snow from my 150 foot gravel driveway. It works so well that I sold my snow blower! It takes me about 10-15 minutes to clear the entire driveway, and the snow blower sometimes took a couple of hours. Now I can clear the driveway from the comfort and warmth of my truck cab! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Ron - VA

" I bought the Snowsport last year and wouldn't you guess.... no snow! But this year has made up for it with several snowstorms. No more winterizing a snowblower, hoping the gas is still fresh, and standing in the cold for hours with a snowblower and/or shovel. Open the garage, pin the plow to the rear hitch, and back up. If I am lazy, I do one plow of my 100ft driveway (in my warm truck) and hop back in the garage. When I feel really adventurous, I spend 10 minutes on the driveway and do two or three runs. The plow does sit a hair too high on my Dodge Ram rear hitch, so the strap down helps. Great product- straightforward, no motorized parts/gas to deal with, quick clip on, and a huge time and back saver!!! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Jack P. - MO

" Great investment. No residential snow removal here so bought the 180 Snow sport. I modified by mounting a small winch and back-up camera. Driveway is on a hill and over 100 ft long. Had a 6" snow yesterday and plowed after 3" and when the snow quit. Would not have worked if I tried pushing 6" at one time. Plow is very well made and easy to assemble. "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Herb C. - BC

" The blade has been assembled & "dry mounted" but the Vancouver winter has not provided snow, this year, but we are "ready". Everything went together smoothly and according to instructions. We have tow-bar mounts on the front of the Suzuki, and designed a transition bracket, to provide for a front mount. It looks great, and ready to go to work. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Anthony M.

" I purchased the Snowsport 180 for my toyota truck and suzuki samurai. I can interchange the plow between vehicles It performs very good on steep snowy roads in the winter and can level gravel in the summertime. I highly recommend it for lighter 4x4's. "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Sid T. - UT

" Excellent product, easy to assemble, removed snow twice now from driveway in Southern Utah area "

SnowSport 180 4 star ratingBy Joe - NY

" Well made product. Not difficult to assemble. The instructions were good. I've used this plow twice on the rear and twice on the front of my truck. Largest snowfall was about 5". Still waiting for the big storm. Overall it has worked out well. Its not a 100% clean scrape on blacktop especially if initial ground cover is sleet or is already packed down but that is the hard rubber blade & slight back drag design. The trade off is well worth this product compared to using my snow blower in the cold & wind. Takes me 10-15 min with the SnowSport in a warm truck versus an hour snow blowing. The backup camera I have helps plowing when rear mounted. Easy on, easy off. Open the garage door & backout plowing. That is nice. Assuming the blade & hardware hold up a few years, which it looks like it should, I will give it an advanced grade of 4 stars! "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Nick P. - MI

" I read Donna's review and it inspired me . I am almost 60 and have been disabled with severe back problems , fibromylgia , and IBS . Pretty much bedridden . I have to have help just shopping and with household chores weekly and they have to be able to get off the road and park . I have a country drive and services just can't time things close enough to always have me cleared out . I bought the 180 because it is the lightest plow . It fits on the back of my handicap van and is a little wider then the vehicle . The most difficult part was putting on the rubber strip for me . I was able to get about 4 foot on then it was stuck . I greased it all up with butter and took a two by four and put it on the edge and pounded against it with a 3 pound brass hammer and 1/4 inch at a time got it on . I was lucky and had a nice set of dewalt power tools and new drill bits so the rest was a piece of cake . I bet it took about 30 minutes but I rested and turned it into a evening . The next day I mounted it on the truck . It looks great . I am going to get a strip of reflective tape to put across the top of the plow and some on the rear edges that stick out past the side of the van but I am all set . No snow as of yet but I have seen the films on youtube . I know it will work fine . I am on a 15 pound weight restriction but once it is hung I can lift one end at a time . Very well made and I am happy . The only downside is not being able to backdrag but the ability to go over grass is worth the trade off . That rubber strip is 1 inch thick and the whole plow well made . I am sure if I keep it under 5 mph as suggested it will hold up well . I too received my plow quick only 2 days to Michigan during a Holiday week . Thank you all so much for a quality product . Never again will a heavy wet snow threaten my health nor will I fear being stranded or letting visitors down . God Bless . "

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