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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Adam S. - MT

" Purchased this as the cheapest and most convenient option to plow ~80 yards of gravel driveway, and 100 yards of road. The plow works perfectly. It was easy to assemble and simple to install and remove. I drive a Jeep Wrangler and use it on the rear hitch, the lowest setting is a little too high for the blade. If mounted on on a front hitch it would probably be a perfect height. This product is defiantly a great value, I've already recommended it to multiple people who are looking for quicker snow removal solutions for their lengthy driveways. "

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SnowSport 180 3 star ratingBy Jeff T. - ME

" I'm torn on this plow blade. The quality, fit, and durability is obviously very good. The rubber blade insert is crazy thick and strong. The one issue I have, and it's a big one, is that this blade does NOT pivot or turn, and there is no way to make it do so. I knew that prior to purchasing, but didn't think it would be that important, but it really is. What does this mean? My 450ft driveway has 3 gentle turns in it. When I pull forward to do my next pass after the initial pass, snow keeps falling out both ends of the blade, covering my freshly cleared portion. I end up having to do many, many small passes around the cornered areas. I've done it 4 times now, and I *think* I'm starting to learn the best paths to take, but man, why can't we have something that angles this blade like all the others? Even just a few degrees would be ridiculously helpful. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Tim C. - ON

" The plow works well. It doesn't tear up the driveway, and isn't too hard on the truck. It obviously doesn't have as much utility as a fully adjustable proper front mounted plow. But the price point and the fact it doesn't require major changes to the truck make it a great buy. I had to buy a lowering hitch adapter to get the height right for the plow to work effectively, but that was expected as the 4Runner is quite tall. I would recommend the plow. "

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SnowSport 180 4 star ratingBy Paron L. - SD

" I've only used once. So far it does what I need it to do. I use it on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, it tends to buckle here and there which puts pressure on the hitch. Also, I hope they come up with an angle base like they have for the HD version. A SnowSport Swivel 30604 for the 180 plow!!!! "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Chris M. - UT

" This plow Works Great! We have a very large area of black top for tenant parking on private property which has been impossible to clear in the Winter. What used to take a full day of laborious shoveling I can now accomplish in 20 minutes from the comfort of my Explorer. My two cents: Order before you need it. I waited a week before buying and ended up having to put it together under a car port, in the dark, in a snow storm. Had I bought it when I first thought about it I would not have had the inconvenience. My wife and I couldn't be happier with this purchase. If you have any significant area to clear you will never go back to a snowblower or shoveling after you've used this plow. "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Rick B. - NY

" This plow is a dream. I got it 2 days before our second snowfall of 4 ft of snow this year. Living in upstate ny (Watertown area ). Snow belt off Lake Ontario .. I went out couple times a day plowed my 200 ft drive and pretty much parking lot .. plus neighbors farm. It handled close to 18 inches of snow no problem ..just pushed half back in the yard then pushed the rest back. It will move some snow love it. I have it on back of ram 1500. No stopping this. Seems very sturdy. And I can take it off and put in the shed in under a minute. If you get one get the hold down strap works great "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Andy K. - WA

" Easy to set up. Used it once and no more snow. I guess it scared the snow storms away. Easy to use, very happy with the plow. "

SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Mark M. - OH

" I haven't really been able to use this yet. I demo'd it on maybe 1" of snow and it worked efficiently and as I expected, but the real test and the reason I got it is for bigger snowfalls obviously, of which I am anxiously awaiting - because this thing is gonna be fun. Shipping was fast and free, assembly was easy and took about 30 minutes, and it seems quality made. I'm actually excited to use this and based on the research I did prior to buying it I think it'll be a lifetime product. I have this on a 2019 4Runner with a 1.5" rear lift (2.5" front lift) and the bracket had to be mounted upside down and even then I am on the bottom most holes to run the plow, so it definitely is designed for "smaller" vehicles that sit lower than my 4Runner. One thing that isn't obvious in the videos and images I saw - I thought the plow could be angled left and right using a hitch pin on the receiver assembly but as it turns out it cannot. The plow is only able to be mounted parallel to the rear bumper, not angled slightly left or right. No big deal but this is information a buyer should have. Otherwise it is as advertised and I am pleased. Images attached. "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Richard B. - NY

" I ordered this after looking at it numerous times since I am retiring next week ? I had it delivered the day a blizzard hit in northern new York . 60 mph winds lake effect snow man this thing is a game changer . I was nice and toasty clearing my probably 200 ft long almost as wide driveway . Plus my neighbors farm drive. I am sold. I wil say get the hold down strap it is a savior with wind drifts . Otherwise it rides up over the bank . Great product ... "

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SnowSport 180 5 star ratingBy Michael H. - WA

" Very happy!! Already had the chance to use it and it worked great!! "

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