Frequently Asked Questions

Which positions can I use my tonneau cover?

LOMAX® Folding Hard Cover and LOMAX® Professional Series can be stored and operated in the fully open horizontal position or fully closed position, easily remove for full bed usage. LOMAX® STANCE™ Hard Cover can be stored and operated in the fully open horizontal, vertical or fully closed position.

Can the cover be secured in a vertical position?

Only LOMAX® STANCE™ Hard Cover can be opened into an upright position.

Can I install a tonneau cover by myself?

LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers can be installed in minutes by one person, times vary depending on ability level. Check out our easy-to-follow Instructions and helpful Installation Videos.

Do LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers work with 5th wheels?

LOMAX®Folding Hard Cover and LOMAX® Professional Series can be quickly removed from truck to attach 5th wheel trailers. LOMAX® STANCE™ Hard Cover can be quickly opened into the vertical position to attach 5th wheel trailers.

Do LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers transfer from one model of truck to another?

No, our hard tonneau covers are model specific to ensure the best possible fit. Consequently, non-transferable to different truck models.

Will LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers work with other bed accessories?

Yes, our tonneau covers are compatible with stake pocket truck bed racks, bed mats, bed rails, bed caps, tailgate protectors, most drop in, under the rail and spray in bed liners. LOMAX® STANCE™ Folding Hard Cover is functional, however, truck bed racks may restrict the tri-fold cover from completely opening in vertical position.

Are LOMAX® Hard Folding Cover panels constructed of foam core?

No, all LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers utilize panels constructed of aluminum or carbon fiber.

Will LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers bend under heavy snow?

No, our tonneau covers can endure heavy snowfall and are tested under all weather conditions.

Do LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers hold water when it rains?

If pickup truck bed cover is closed securely, the water-shedding design and waterproof hinges route water away from the bed without gutters or drains.

Do LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers use drains or gutters?

No, all LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers employ a water-shedding design without drain or gutters.

Will these tonneau covers weather and fade in the hot sun?

LOMAX® Hard Tri-Fold Covers are made of sturdy aluminum to minimize weather damage. To extend the life of your pickup truck box cover, periodically use COVER CARE® Cleaner and UV Protectant.

How do I keep my LOMAX® Hard Folding Cover looking good?

Clean with mild liquid soap and water. Periodically treat your truck bed cover with COVER CARE® Cleaner and UV Protectant for additional protection. Do not use citrus or petroleum-based products.

Will LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers work with electric tailgates?

Yes, our truck bed covers work with electronic tailgates. Although, side rails are typically installed slightly higher to eliminate interference.

Will my tailgate open when my cover is closed?

Yes, LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers allow for normal tailgate operation when the tonneau cover is open or closed.

Should I close my tailgate or cover first?

Close the truck bed cover first to confirm latches fully engage side rails.

Can a LOMAX® Hard Folding Cover be locked?

When closed, the tonneau cover automatically latches. With a locking tailgate, your truck bed becomes secure.

Is there a LOMAX® Hard Folding Cover available for my older truck?

Yes, we have applications starting at 1999. Check Shop by Truck to see if we have a truck bed cover for your truck.

Can I still install a LOMAX® Hard Tri-Fold Cover on a truck with a utility track system?

Yes, utility track system compatible truck bed covers are available. Check our Shop by Truck listings.

With a LOMAX® Hard Folding Cover, will I be able to use the trunk on my Honda Ridgeline?

The Honda Ridgeline trunk is functional, however, restricted from completely opening.

Can I get a LOMAX® Folding Hard Cover if I have a toolbox on my truck?

No, an over- the-rail toolbox will interfere with how the LOMAX®Folding Hard Cover mounts to your pickup truck.

Are LOMAX®Hard Folding Covers available direct from the factory?

Yes, go to our Online Store or visit our Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you.

Where can I find the serial number for my folding tonneau cover?

Serial number can be found under the rear panel over the tailgate end on the driver's side.

What if I need replacement parts?

You can purchase Replacement Parts Online or call our Customer Service Department at 877-708-4787 to place an order.

What should I do if I have warranty issue or missing/damaged parts?

Fill out our Warranty Claims Formr. A Customer Service Representative will contact you within 48 hours.

What is the warranty for LOMAX® Folding Hard Covers?

A 3 Year Limited Warranty applies to all LOMAX® Hard Tonneau Covers.

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