ROLTEC® Electric Tarp Conversion

Powerful Motor Kit for Roll Tarps

Make hauling fast, easy and safe by modifying your manual roll tarp to electric with the ROLTEC® Electric Tarp Conversion. This system is engineered to control your tarp from the comfort of your cab. ROLTEC® Electric Tarp Conversion's unique motor mount allows the roll tube to flex over heaped loads while reducing stress on drive components and pivot arm. A chain driven motor regulates tension of the tarp with a powerful 194:1 gear ratio. Once contents settle, simply press the switch to tighten tarp. ROLTEC® Electric Tarp Conversions are quality products for every load.

Electric tarp conversion kits available for pull behind trailers, chassis mounted boxes, rear conveyor trailers, refuse trailers, transfer trailers, chip trailers and end dumps.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Powerful Motor


Controls tension of the tarp. When heaped loads settle, touch switch to tighten. Worm gear creates an instant, positive lock with no backing off for a tighter fitting, longer lasting tarp. No brakes to fail. A substantial 194:1 gear ratio with durable, corrosion resistant metal housing.Choose cab operated, AGRI-COVER™ Control Box and Remote or AGRI-COVER™ Switch Control

Mounting Bracket


Reduces stress on drive components and pivot arm, roll tube rises over heaped loads. Four springs create positive return tension when closing tarp.

Mounting Bracket


Sturdy and lightweight, easily installs on most trailers. Female dual-pole connector mounts without additional drilling.

Manual Override


Simply remove pin, motor stays secured to roll tube.


Roltec Electric Rear Spring Arm


Front and rear spring arms convert 3 in. aluminum or 2 in. aluminum or steel roll tarp system. Commonly used on solid end wall applications like semi grain trailers and pup trailers.

Roltec Electric Cable Return


Front spring arm and rear cable return converts 2 in. aluminum or steel roll tarp system. Commonly used on applications where rear return cannot be mounted like grain trailers with a rear auger and tenders.

Roltec Electric Side Mounted Spring Box


Front spring arm and rear side mounted spring box mounts horizontally or vertically to convert 3 in. aluminum roll tarp systems. Commonly used on side hinge door applications where rear return cannot be mounted like rear conveyor semi-trailers, fertilizer tenders, chip trailers, refuse trailers and end dump trucks.

Roltec Electric In-Roll Tube Cable Return


Front spring arm and rear in-roll tube cable return converts 3 in. aluminum or 2 in. aluminum or steel roll tarp system. Commonly used on side hinge door applications where return cannot be mounted on the rear like semi-trailers with rear conveyor.

Roltec Electric Flexible Spring Arm with Chain


Front spring arm and rear spring arm with chain converts 3 in. aluminum or 2 in. aluminum or steel roll tarp system. Commonly used on top hinge, side hinge or double rear door applications like refuse trailers, transfer trailers, wood chip trailers and end dump trailers.


Review this selection of videos to see the features and benefits, as well as how to install a ROLTEC® Electric Tarp Conversion. Efficiently upgrade your manual tarp system to electric in an afternoon and get back on the road or in the field with minimal downtime. Agri-Cover, Inc. ensures you are covered with the best products for your business.

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5star reviewBy Dennis P. - ND

" The electric tarps have been really nice to have on my semi trailers. They are easy to install and simple to operate. If something doesn't work just right or we have a question we call into Agri-Cover and they get us the part or answer we need. It sure is nice not to have to crank that tarp open and closed anymore. "

5star reviewBy Brian P. - ND

" Over a year ago I added ROLTEC Electric Tarp and Hopper Conversions to three of my semi trailers. Being a custom harvester I know the importance of efficient work and my drivers really like how easy they are to use. I did the installation myself and after I got the first one done the rest went on really fast. Using the wireless remote saves a lot of time, when pulling into the elevator I can open my tarp as I drive and it keeps the flow of traffic going. The guys working at the elevator really like being able to flip the switch on the receiver box to open the hoppers too. "

5star reviewBy Dave W. - OH

" I own 2 of the Roltec electric conversions and I am very happy with them. I like the new Roltec because of the rear spring arm which works much better than a bungee or a cable return. Plus it is nice not having to get out of the truck to open and close the tarp. "

5star reviewBy Brad W. - ON

" I like the website and the ease of ordering. Good customer service if we have questions. "

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