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Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Brian O. - MT

" Quick and easy install. Super fast shipping. Works great. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 4 star ratingBy Glenn S. - OR

" Great coverage prevents damage! Did rub on bumper and one black pad came off in hard rain storm. Else these worked great! "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Jeremiah S. - ND

" Simple to install, if you don't mind drilling. A right-angle adapter for your cordless drill is quite useful for the install. The only issue I have with them is they are a little more difficult to get clean. My pressure washer does the trick, but it takes a few moments to get them clean, due to the texture of the material. They're tougher than the molded plastic stuff sold online, and designed for brutal winters. They do what they are supposed to do, and support North Dakota jobs. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Gary B. - NY

" On the positive side, they are awesome! Did a great job protecting the front of my 5th wheel trailer on our 1300 mile journey. Rubber is very thick and should last for quite a while. Being thick rubber, they are a bit heavy. One person can do the installation with slight difficulty, two would be able to do it easily. Glad that I got these! "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Patrick H. - WI

" Looks great and keep the rocks off my boat! "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Geoff D. - CA

" Great product. Looks great as well. Easy to install. The anti-sway tabs and mounting hardware keep it from moving at all. The big rubber sheets knock everything down and keep it off my 5th wheel. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Randall F. - CA

" Easy to assemble looks really nice on my Ford. Gets a lot of looks and comments about how good it looks on my truck. Well worth the price solid materials used built strong. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Matthew M. - MN

" These are effective and attractive rocktamers (flaps). They are somewhat heavy, but easily removed and put back on. Don't go through a car wash with them, they will not hold up. If your looking for good mudflaps get these. Also the support staff is top dollar. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Dylan M. - MN

" The rockstar is the best system I have found yet for keeping rocks off of my Lund 202 Pro V. Installation is super easy and the product is well engineered. The best part is how they offer an exhaust guard so my diesel doesn't burn a hole in the rubber! "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Clay K.

" The ROCKSTAR XL mud flaps look nice on my Dodge Ram. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Tim J. - ND

" Great product and very easy to install. Would recommend this for everyone. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Jeremy

" I was excited to put the Rockstar on my truck so I wouldn’t have to worry about rocks damaging the boats I deliver. I had one of those broom style protectors in the past. It didn’t really do anything. I still had to worry what I would find when I got out of the truck. Now I know I won’t find any damage and to my surprise it only takes me a few minutes to clean the boat for delivery instead of over an hour to get the road grim off. Thanks Rockstar! "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Mark D. - IA

" Very happy with the Rockstar Mud Flaps. Easy to install, look great, and it works with a 2 1/2 inch receiver. Thanks for a great product! "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Kyle M. - SD

" I absolutely love my ROCKSTAR hitch mounted mudflaps. They not only protect what I am pulling, they are an eye catching accessory that has gotten many nice comments. They are built to last! Nothing chincey about these at all. Well worth the $$$$$ spent! I was able to transfer from my 2013 1500 Laramie to my newer 2500 Laramie. However I did need to order the replacement rubber flaps due to the 2500 does not have dual exhaust out the rear like the 1500 did. I called in to ask if it was possible, it was, I ordered them and all is well. Thank you for the great customer service as well. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Rob C. - IA

" I tow my boat down a gravel road to get to where I need to launch. For years, I have been trying to find a solution, to keep it from being damaged, that wasn't a permanent mounted mudflap. These ROCKSTAR mud flaps appear to be the answer to my quest. Honestly, wish I had found them 15 years ago — would have saved a lot of damage to my trailers. My initial impression upon opening the box was WOW. The quality of materials truly impressed me before I even started. Living in the Midwest rust belt, I really appreciate the use of heavy aluminum for the frame, and how many companies go to the expense of using actual stainless steel hardware anymore? The instructions are easy to read and follow and actual assembly is simple and straightforward. The actual mudflaps are thicker than the ones on my semi. Everything about these says quality. The savings in reduced damage to trailers and boats makes them worth every cent. "

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