ROCKSTAR™ Full Width Tow Flap

Model Specific Custom Design

ROCKSTAR™ Full Width Tow Flaps are seriously stylish and tremendously tough. Manufactured with durable materials, the rustproof aluminum and five-sixteenths inch rubber protect your vehicle in all conditions. Our unique rubber attaches to a black urethane coated aluminum, diamond plate frame. Lightweight and easy to store when not using to save on fuel. A simple to use design ensures you can adapt to changing conditions without the need for tools or extra hardware. Stop gravel along with other road debris from ruining a fun weekend. ROCKSTAR™ Full Width Tow Flaps offer exceptional protection.

Recommended mud flap ground clearance is 6 to 8 in. Suggested clearance with a load is 3 in. minimum to prevent mud flaps from dragging. Designed to fit OEM receivers and bumpers, may not fit aftermarket products. Not compatible with deployable bed step.

Starting MSRP $297.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Model Specific Design


Contoured specifically to your truck for the best possible protection and without contacting OEM exhaust. Stainless steel mounting brackets utilize existing holes and hardware with an anti-sailing design.Perforated frame for OEM Dual Exhaust. For dually, Tow Flap Extension is needed for full coverage.

Composite Rubber


Extruded for durability and stays flexible to -40° F. Smooth surface helps minimize ice and debris accumulation.Adjustable rubber available and allows up to 4 in. higher than OEM ride height.

Easy On and Off


Simply hangs from mounting brackets and fastens with yellow zinc linch pins.

Corrostion Resistant Frame


Constructed of black urethane coated diamond plate aluminum and black extruded aluminum stabilizing bar.


Guard against grit. ROCKSTAR™ Full Width Tow Flap installs in minutes. Simply join preassembled flaps together with no drilling or hitch required. Delivering an ultimate shield for your truck, the unique model specific design provides a close contour fit. The ROCKSTAR™ Full Width Tow Flaps offer protection so good you will forget it's there.


  • ROCKSTAR Full Width Tow Flap

    5star reviewBy Chris L. - MN

    " I purchased this product, after looking at other brands, mainly for the design and craftmanship. I have to say I could not be happier. I use it to protect my camper while towing and it has performed flawlessly. I like it so much I'm buying another one for my new truck. Stop thinking about it, just buy one! you will not regret it. "

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  • ROCKSTAR Full Width Tow Flap

    5star reviewBy Brandon B. - WI

    " These mudflaps made towing more enjoyable. You can mount them in no time and can install your hitch whenever. I like the look of them so much that I haven’t removed them. This is a great product that I would recommend. "

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  • ROCKSTAR Full Width Tow Flap

    5star reviewBy Ben S. - ID

    " VERY HAPPY! I just got the new ultra-sleek fitting RockStar tow flap. Wow, what a home run on the design. It blends into and around everything on the rear of my HD truck to make it classy and functional. "

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  • ROCKSTAR Full Width Tow Flap

    5star reviewBy Mark K. - MT

    " 10/10, highly recommend these are the bees knees. "

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  • ROCKSTAR Full Width Tow Flap

    5star reviewBy Mark J. - NM

    " Just wanted to say how much we love this flap! 15 minutes to install and it's the lightest, easiest mudflap around!!! Thanks so much! "

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