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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Chuck Z. - TX

" Bought the fold up cover and matching rack for my Jeep Gladiator. The two are perfectly paired for the gladiator bed. Installation was easily done with one person. It was also the best deal I found for these two products. "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Michael S. - CO

" Easy to install. Provides access to entire bed when the cover if in the stance position. Instructions are user friendly. There was no adjustment or offsetting as the cover fitted perfectly to the bed of my truck. Bought this cover as it was recommended as more hail resistant than other brands "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy David D. - ID

" The Stance definitely gives you the most room in the bed when fully opened which is why I love this cover and have bought 3 for different trucks. Good quality and great customer service from Agri-cover. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Jeromy N. - TX

" Best bed cover I've ever purchased. Functional and smart design. "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Sal C. - PA

" Very easy to install . Looks great . "

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Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Jack M. - IL

" Excellent bed cover. Best of 6 that i have had. Only issue was during installation of the rack. Hard to find someone with hands small enough to access the hold down nut through the opening behind the taillight during installation on a 2024 Chevy Colorado "

Lomax Stance 5 star ratingBy Bernie R. - IL

" I'm 69 and had my son give me a hand with the installation My Stance was delivered on time and no issues with the delivery. Had to wait a few weeks until the temperature was 65+. Installation was straightforward, paying attention to the side rail levelness with the top of the bedside. Had to adjust a few of the clamps to get a perfect fit with the tailgate when closed. Installation time about 45 easy minutes. "

Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy Bill K. - GA

" Nice cover, works as described. Disappointed with the finish, not sure why anyone would have a spray finish that left little holes in the finish making the metal beneath visible. "

Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy John O. - NC

" I just finished installing my new Lomax Stance Hard Cover. It took me about 30 minutes by myself to install. Overall I like the quality and look of my new cover. The only issue I have is the same as most other people's issues. The paint on the edges of the panels is rubbed off in alot of places. If you have a paint pen or stick I would love to have one to touch up the edges. "

Lomax Stance 4 star ratingBy Joshua B. - KY

" I love the look, this was the only cover I could find that didn't have rubber running down the top sides overlapping the bed rails. When I received the cover, some of the thin edge did not have the black finish. Very obvious when you walk up to the truck. Customer service states this is not a blemish, they don't directly coat the edges. Obviously other people don't like this also because they offer a paint pen to touch it up (and the rep also said some customers will not like the unpainted edges). This part is my fault. I didn't pay attention to pictures that demonstrate the folded up position. I don't like how the cover stands up. They offer magnets to go on top of your roof to support the cover in the upward position. I don't like anything on my paint. I've had magnet antennas on work truck and they will definitely damage your paint over time. Using these magnets a short time, they would probably be okay but I'm not taking the chance. I'm skeptical they would support the cover going 70 mph down an interstate. It's really easy to take the whole cover off by loosening 2 nuts so I'll do that. Also I won't need it in this position very often. Overall I am happy with it and do not regret the purchase. Very easy install and folds up easily. Clean low profile look. "

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