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Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Tom F. - WI

" Overall quality was very good, but a couple of items kept me from rating it 5 star. 1) clearance over truck cab seems excessive about 5 inches makes loading items unnecessarily high. 2) plastic end caps with loop. Loops are just asking for someone to think that they can secure their load with these. Emergency stop at freeway speed. Highly doubtful that would be enough to stop load from launching off rack. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Rex A. - VA

" Received the rack and it was damaged, i contacted customer service and the replacement parts were shipped the same day. Parts arrived and rack was installed. I previously had a Lomax hard cover and the rack fits perfect with the cover. Very pleased with the products. I dont have any photos yet will send them later "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Bob P. - CA

" Totally impressed! Love the black finish! Much stronger than I expected! "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Keith G. - MI

" Worked great as promised. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Emily V. - CO

" We couldn't be happier with our new cover! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Kyle - MI

" Spent a lot of time looking for a perfect truck bed rack and cover combo for our needs. The ADARAC Pro Rack is great system, and built very well! Super impressed in the rigidity of the system and the attention to detail even down to the packing making sure your new rack wasn't getting scratched. The ACCESS limited roll up cover fit like a glove and works perfectly. Very happy with my purchase, and have already recommended them to others. "

Adarac Pro 3 star ratingBy Travis B. - VA

" The hard cover catches the racks while folding up the first panel. It opens with some maneuvering and light scraping. Overall it is only a minor inconvenience, however, at the price point for this combo option it would be nice to function without incident. The products are well built and look great. Installation instructions have a few minor details missing. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy James J. - TX

" Well built, easy to install. Get the load stop brackets. I like it is quick and easy to remove when you dont need it, and it does not interfere with trip fold tonneau. "

Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Davd B. - KS

" Well made, works great with my Lomax folding bed cover . The rail mounting system is far superior to racks I have owned in the past. Came safely packaged , the black finish was scuffed on the side rails a bit, uprights were perfect. A very good price! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Christopher C. - CA

" Awesome product! Well designed, great looking addition to my truck's functionality. Works perfectly with my BAKflip MX4 tonneau cover. "

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