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Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Kevin S. - PA

" The rack comes with all the necessary hardware and templates for drilling into your truck bed rails and mounting the rack. The rack mounts on two aluminum bars that run the length of the bed along the top of the side rails. The bars are bolted into place using self-threading bolts through the top of the bed rails. One of these bolts stripped out without ever getting tight, so that's why I'm giving 4 stars. There is no way to compensate for this without removing the bar and drilling a new hole. I didn't want to remove the bolts that were already secure because I have no confidence that they would return to their original torque spec. That also means that you can't easily remove the rack and use your hard tonneau cover, so, if that was your plan, forget it. Otherwise, the rack is sturdy and fits perfectly above the roof of my Jeep Gladiator allowing me to haul the kayaks up high while still using the truck bed. The kayaks can move forward far enough to provide ample clearance for the RV, too, so I can bring the boats along while camping, which was my goal. I hate having to give up the tonneau and the dry, lockable storage it provided, but everything is a compromise. This is a good product. If I had known how it bolted through the bed rails, I probably wouldn't have bought it because it can't be removed and replaced without compromising the strength of the installation. Live and learn. Anybody need a hard tonneau to fit on a 5 1/2 foot bed? "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Randy T. - GA

" Product was great. Met all my expectations. Use it to haul a 16 foot canoe. Very easy installation "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Charlie P. - TN

" Love it. Installation instructions were clear and it is solid. Works with the Gator Tracs tonneau cover that was already on the truck when I bought it. Solid rack! Would recommend to anyone!! "

Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Rick A. - MT

" Mostly happy with the pro series on my RAM 2500. The racks are easy to remove if needed, and work well with my Adarac tri fold cover. Only issue has been I have lost 2 of the end caps and had to order replacements, even though I tightened them per the instructions. Both of them came off just driving on normal roads, not going through brush or anything that hit them. Since they are plastic I am afraid of tightening them too much, I now put bungie cords on them to make sure they don't fall off. Would be better if they were aluminum and attached more securely "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Terry M. - CA

" I have a folding hard tonneau cover on a 2023 Ford F-150. The rack system was easily installed on top of it and the tonneau still works perfectly. I use the racks to transport two 14' prone paddle boards to and from the beach. Could not be happier with the product. It's solid and looks cool. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Chuck Z. - TX

" Bought the fold up cover and matching rack for my Jeep Gladiator. The two are perfectly paired for the gladiator bed. Installation was easily done with one person. It was also the best deal I found for these two products. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Robert M. - TX

" This is a very nice rack system, my purpose for purchasing this is to transport 2 kayak's. Install is pretty straight forward, cutting out the stake holes on the bed rail cover was a breeze in this Texas heat. I wish that there was some type of safety hardware to attach everything to make it theft proof, maybe I can locate some special hardware for this. This thing is a very solid design, I should have no problems with my cargo. My BAK MX4 works great with this design. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Daryl R. - PA

" Very easy to install very sturdy and works great "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Tyler B. - UT

" I've had my ladder rack for about a month now and I couldn't be happier! I run a small HVAC business and am able to use this with my bed cover with no issues. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Rick A. - MT

" Easy installation, fast shipping. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Brian D. - OR

" Great product, fit perfectly, price was great. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jack M. - IL

" Excellent bed cover. Best of 6 that i have had. Only issue was during installation of the rack. Hard to find someone with hands small enough to access the hold down nut through the opening behind the taillight during installation on a 2024 Chevy Colorado "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Dan F. - WA

" This is my second purchase from Adarac. Both online transactions (and my calls to your location) were met with pleasant, well informed staff. The order was processed and shipped very swiftly. Even when an order mistake occurred (most likely my error), the staff assisted me to obtain corrections. Your products are the best I have found and well engineered for attachments to the vehicle. I recommend to everyone that approaches me when the see them on my vehicle "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Sharon S. - NY

" I am very happy with my cover. The installation was so easy I couldn't believe it. I followed the directions and rolled out the cover and it fit perfectly first try! It looks very sharp to. I got the cover in a combo package with Adarack bed racks. Happy customer! "

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Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Brad H. - MN

" Like the product a lot. Put it in to bring my kayaks to Florida from Mn. It was nice and solid all the way down but now I notice some play in the back rack. It isnt as tight as it should be and there is no more tightening the bolts. Its minor but the Ram rear pockets might need a thinner spacer. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Shawn E. - MI

" The entire process of ordering and installing the rack was great! I initially ordered the wrong rack. Customer service was quick to respond when I contacted them and got the order cancelled so I could order the right rack. Installation took about about an hour. The rack is very sturdy and looks great on my truck. The pro series is great because it is compatible with a larger variety of tonneau covers, which I plan to add soon. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Gordon M. - VT

" Sturdy rack. The cover seems rugged. We got 8 inches of heavy wet snow and it was good with that. Installation was not bad. Included instructions were sketchy. YouTube videos made it clear "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Michael F. - VT

" I've had the rack for approximately a year and a half two years have had no problems with it very versatile and also have a tunnel cover on the back of my truck as well on the bed. It fits perfectly with it. It's it's a matching pair very well. Made excellent product. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Mike F. - CA

" Great rack! worked perfectly with my existing folding tonneau cover so I can use both simultaneously. carries multiple ladders and/or lumber very well. Only negative was the assembly instructions could be a bit better, but was easy enough to figure it out. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Clay D. - LA

" Pro series rac is great. Easy to install. Holds my 2 kayaks perfectly. It also allows me to keep cover on and lock my tailgate keeping paddles and other equipment secure. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Greg L. - OH

" everything went well "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Adam D. - FL

" Rack looks very well made and durable. Im using this for my overland build im setting up with a gator efx cover. There are very slim choices utilizing the stake holes on an older silverado that will work with an inside the rails tonneau cover. You can take this as my opinion but I from what i found this rack is the nicest looking and isnt as over pronounced as other options. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Andres V. - MD

" A long overdue review for exceptional durability and functionality - 6 years later and counting. I installed the LOMAX Folding Hard Tonneau Cover and the ADARAC Aluminum Pro Series Rack in my truck back in September 2018, and after nearly six years of use, I felt it's high time to share my experience. Simply put, this setup has exceeded my expectations in every way, and it has proven to be a wise and durable investment. The most impressive aspect of this setup is its durability. After six years, it still looks and functions like it did on day one. The Cover has held up exceptionally well, with no signs of wear and tear. The aluminum construction of the Rack is also remarkably resilient, showing no signs of rust or corrosion despite exposure to the elements (my truck has never been garaged). The functionality of this combination is outstanding. The Hard Tonneau Cover provides a secure and waterproof seal for my truck bed, keeping my cargo dry and protected from the elements. It's incredibly easy to use, and the folding design allows me to access the bed quickly when needed. The rack has been a game-changer. It provides a convenient and sturdy platform for carrying items like ladders and other equipment. The ease of installation and versatility of this rack are highly commendable. This investment has paid dividends over the years. Not only has it preserved the integrity of my tools in the truck bed, but it has also made my life easier by allowing me to transport cargo securely. I've had the pleasure of knowing that my gear is protected from the weather and easily accessible when I need it. This setup has proven its worth many times over. If you're considering outfitting your truck with this setup, don't hesitate. I can confidently say that this combination is worth every penny. , and my next truck will undoubtedly receive a similar treatment. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Mark O. - WA

" Amazing rack. Great quality for the price. Super easy to install and very strong. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Steven P. - PA

" I bought the Aluminum Pro Series uprights and the M-Series uprights. Used together to haul kayaks and bikes. This setup worked great. I finally found a setup that will let us take bikes and kayaks on our camping adventures. Would recommend to anyone. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Arthur S. - MO

" Everything fit perfectly, was easy to install, and looks good. I have no complaints at all - 5 stars! "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jeffery M. - MI

" Purchased parts for my ADARACAluminum Pro series..they were Awesome! Got all the parts as ordered and they came quickly... Thank You Jeff "

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Adarac Pro 3 star ratingBy Sebastian K. - PA

" Looks good and does exactly what I need it to do. However I lost two of my load dividers and one of my end caps due to them coming loose while driving. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Tom L. - TN

" Perfect compliment to my 2023 F-250 SuperDuty TREMOR! "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Paul V. - CO

" Your support team was great about answering my questions and took the time to review pictures of my truck. The rack has been awesome. Super easy to install, fits over my bacflip bed cover. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Tim P. - PA

" I utilized this rack system to haul a Yakima cargo carrier, Yakima bike rack, and Yakima kayak racks. The kayak racks would not fit on the crossbars, so a modification was made to the crossbars using anchors. The extra load made the truck alittle too heavy but worked. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy John H. - IN

" Awesome Truck Rack, I use these to Haul my Yaks.. I can Remove the Uprites Easy Peazy when not Needed with only the Bed Rails staying on, Such A Great Set-up.. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Ross C. - MD

" I have purchased a few products from Agri Cover and they have all been perfect for my needs. This one is no different. The rack is strong, durable and the matte black finish makes it look amazing. The fit is perfect for my truck and the installation is very simple. Highly recommend. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Michael D. - TX

" Great product that's easy to install. Fit & finish are very good. The only thing I didn't like was the plastic end caps, with tie down loops, that cap the rail ends. I think these should be metal and more secure as a tie point. It's a minor detail and I just don't use them. The slotted rails make it easy to add tie points to, which I did easily with stainless steel u-clamps slid into the channel. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Kyle P. - WI

" Absolutely as advertised. Works great. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Aric F. - WI

" Great product, great customer service. Exactly what I was looking for. Doesn't interfere with my Bakflip and great for my kayaks. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Rodger B. - PA

" Easy to install , works great. Keeps water out very well. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Brent B. - WA

" Easy install on 2016 F150 6.5' bed. Good value for the money. Installed over Bakflip fold up bed cover with no issues whatsoever. Using as a kayak rack. The optioal "tabs" that are used to locate the hull sides work, but aren't the greatest for support. I'm likely to move to a roller system to make loading easier. "

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Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Gerald E. - WI

" Installation was smooth. And the quality is good. The only thing I am thinking of changing is the bolts for the uprights to have a knob on them so a wrench is not needed to remove. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jake E. - MO

" I've had many different brands and style of Tonneau covers over the years from roll and lock, to a few Backflip models, and now this Lomax that I combined with the Ada rac pro aluminum series and I couldn't be happier. Everything fits like a glove. Installation was super easy and the 2 products work flawlessly when used together. The lomax cover is light yet sturdy and seems to keep my bed completely water tight besides the occasional car wash/power wash that gets through the cracks in the tailgate. Again, couldn't be happier especially for the proce! Thanks for great products!! "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Phil S. - FL

" The ADARAC Aluminum Pro Rack is a good sturdy product. I like that is it easily removed. It was delivered on time with updates. The written & video instructions are very thorough. What more can you ask for! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Mark L. - WA

" I have had the Pro series for a couple years now, recently adding to it to expand its capabilities. This is an excellent system. I have both the short and tall racks, which are easy to switch between depending on my needs, and fully adjustable forward and back. I also have the Access Roll Up cover, and this overall system has proven to be very durable and easy to use. We spent a year on the road with our travel trailer, with a storage box on the low racks, and the truck bed full of our "stuff". Nothing in the truck bed got wet, ever, because the aces cover seals so well. It all worked perfectly! "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Curtis C. - WI

" I love it. Went together easily, is perfect for my canoe. Glad I found this and didn't spend twice as much on something else. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Chris W. - NC

" Great. Light weight, easy to install, looks good, is very functional to carry my kayak. Delivery was as promised, expedient and complete. Instructions were excellent. "

Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Chris F. - MO

" Love the product looks great seems sturdy install is fairly easy. The product itself is a five stars. Very sturdy can't wait to use it with the kayaks I just bought. Works well with my Under Cover UltraFlex hard tonneau cover. My frustration though is the hardware. Half the nuts in the hardware kit were a size too small. Kind of frustrating to spend the time to run to Home Depot and spend extra money for hardware. For that I gave 4 stars. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Christos K. - BC

" I bought some replacement parts for my rack. I found the descriptions a little difficult to read on the website, particularly regarding the quantity of items. I ended up ordering more than I needed, which is OK because it was a low cost item. Suggest being more direct about what is included within a specific item, or making it more easily visible. "

Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Frank V. - MD

" Very nice pickup rack that will fit 2022 Tacoma Short bed with a Bak Flip MX4 already installed. Can use both the cover and racks at the same time. Care should be noted on installation that the bolts are tightened to 85 INCH POUNDS not FOOT POUNDS. Black bolts would be good instead of shiny metal. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Ryan C. - MD

" Very robust rack. No problems with using to haul our kayaks. Also purchased the side mount rails for accessories and it is also very heavy duty. We'll worth the price. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Gary S. - CO

" I am really liking this set up. I would like to comment about one issue (it is an easy work around, if you are mechanically inclined). The directions need to be reprinted for the Pro Series for the 1500 GM 1500's. Not clear or concise. Other than that, fantastic product. The silver finish matches my truck nicely. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Richard D. - IL

" Easy install, good looking, and just what I wanted. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Mike R. - PA

" Purchased racks for hauling of kayaks. They Work great. Easy installation, just follow the instructions. Can easily adjust postion of racks on bed. Also easliy remove racks for winter, little too cold for kayaking. Highly recommend this style goe great with tri-fold tonnaue covers. Quick delivery. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Bruce - CA

" Easy to install, and looks better than any other rack I've seen "

Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Travis W. - PA

" Ordering process was quick and easy. The pictures were misleading as everyone showed the rack with a truck bed cover but that was not included. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Oscar Q. - GA

" Great product "

Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Tim T. - WA

" 5 stars for the product. 4 stars for the responsive customer service to correct the wrong parts being shipped 2X. 2 stars for not getting the correct parts shipped the first time. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Kason H. - NC

" Great product, great price, and easy to install. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jay L. - FL

" The produce is fantastic and the service was excellent from the beginning, the ordering process to delivery. I actually, I had a question prior to placing order, called the support line, and received prompt and courteous support. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Mike L. - CA

" I'm very pleased with this rack. My son has a different Adarack on his pickup and I bought mine because I was impressed with the build quality of his. I have used mine a couple times already and it has performed flawlessly and I have little doubt it would hold much more weight than I've put on it to date. If needed, I can easily move one of the bars in about 10 minutes with only a ratchet and 9/16 socket (or I can easily remove them completely in about the same time). Because these don't follow the cab contour like my son's model, they do make a bit of wind noise at highway speed but that's to be expected and I like my rock-n-roll so I just turn the radio up. AGI'S customer service has been top-shelf. If you email or call you will get an English speaking human on the other end to answer your questions or concern. I haven't had any problems but I did have questions pre-purchase that were professionally answered. I've also added a few extra weldnuts to the tracks of my rack so I can put eye bolts in them for light duty tie-down points. The rep answered my email with the proper part number and sent me a link to a full parts list which gives me the piece of mind that I can get replacement components should I ever need any down the road (unlike the company that made my truck steps who wants me to buy a 170 dollar install kit to get one bracket I damaged). A+ all the way around guys! Keep up the good work! "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Ryan S. - OH

" Loving it so far. Easy install. Wish it came with one more spacer plate to accommodate plastic bed side caps but over all great product!! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Richard K. - IA

" The product was shipped And received promptly.. The customer service was second to none. The rack was easy to install. Also, the rack Is easy to remove and reinstall when I need to. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Charles H. - SC

" Product arrived on schedule. Instructions were clear. Components are well designed. Installation was straightforward. I intend to transport two 17' canoes. So far my only use has been to transport a queen size mattress and box springs, traveling as fast as 60 mph without issue. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Marty B. - MS

" I love the rack it is great. This is the 2nd one I've purchased. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Daniel M. - ME

" Love it. Easy install. We'll machined parts. Well packaged. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy John R. - FL

" Great product, well made, easy to install. Don't need to say anything else!! Love it. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Joseph A. - TX

" Fantastic product! Installation was a breeze. Thought I would have had to make some minor modifications due to my Soft-Topper cover but once everything was up and lined up! No modifications needed! "

Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Tom F. - WI

" Overall quality was very good, but a couple of items kept me from rating it 5 star. 1) clearance over truck cab seems excessive about 5 inches makes loading items unnecessarily high. 2) plastic end caps with loop. Loops are just asking for someone to think that they can secure their load with these. Emergency stop at freeway speed. Highly doubtful that would be enough to stop load from launching off rack. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Rex A. - VA

" Received the rack and it was damaged, i contacted customer service and the replacement parts were shipped the same day. Parts arrived and rack was installed. I previously had a Lomax hard cover and the rack fits perfect with the cover. Very pleased with the products. I dont have any photos yet will send them later "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Bob P. - CA

" Totally impressed! Love the black finish! Much stronger than I expected! "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Keith G. - MI

" Worked great as promised. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Emily V. - CO

" We couldn't be happier with our new cover! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Kyle - MI

" Spent a lot of time looking for a perfect truck bed rack and cover combo for our needs. The ADARAC Pro Rack is great system, and built very well! Super impressed in the rigidity of the system and the attention to detail even down to the packing making sure your new rack wasn't getting scratched. The ACCESS limited roll up cover fit like a glove and works perfectly. Very happy with my purchase, and have already recommended them to others. "

Adarac Pro 3 star ratingBy Travis B. - VA

" The hard cover catches the racks while folding up the first panel. It opens with some maneuvering and light scraping. Overall it is only a minor inconvenience, however, at the price point for this combo option it would be nice to function without incident. The products are well built and look great. Installation instructions have a few minor details missing. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy James J. - TX

" Well built, easy to install. Get the load stop brackets. I like it is quick and easy to remove when you dont need it, and it does not interfere with trip fold tonneau. "

Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Davd B. - KS

" Well made, works great with my Lomax folding bed cover . The rail mounting system is far superior to racks I have owned in the past. Came safely packaged , the black finish was scuffed on the side rails a bit, uprights were perfect. A very good price! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Christopher C. - CA

" Awesome product! Well designed, great looking addition to my truck's functionality. Works perfectly with my BAKflip MX4 tonneau cover. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Chad D. - FL

" Product seems to be of good quality. Customer service was awesome when I called because I installed the roof top brackets in the wrong place. Highly recommend this product and company! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Merv C. - CA

" I installed the truck racks myself and it was very straightforward. Rack works great with my fold back cover on the bed. Can't wait to use it this summer with my kayaks Thank you Merv "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jeff E. - OH

" Bought the Aluminum Pro Series rack about a year ago and loved it. Looks great on the truck. About a month ago while driving down a narrow street one of the crossbars got hooked on a very low tree limb. The front upright tore out of the bed rail and bent it as well. The rest of the rack survived without damage. Curt helped me order the replacement parts I needed. Excellent customer service and my truck looking awesome again. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Andrew B. - MI

" I am very impressed with my new ADARAC Pro Rack and LOMAX cover. Installation was a breeze and it functions just as advertised. I am pleased with the function and appearance of both products. I highly recommend this cover and rack combination. Thank you Agri-Cover, Inc. for your great procucts. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Brad F. - OK

" The rack is sturdy, and installation was relatively simple. I got this rack to haul my kayak and fishing rods and so far it performs as expected. I bought this with the hope that I could remove one bolt when it was not in use and fold it down or remove it entirely. While it is easily removed, that process requires the use of a 9/16 socket, and realigning it when it's reinstalled can be a bit frustrating. I've solved that issue by installing 2 steel plates with welded bolts and wingnuts to the rail along the side of the truck. I can easily install or remove the uprights by removing the wingnuts. This has cut my setup time in half. All in all it is a great product for those that don't want to put holes in their bed and use a tonneau cover. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Gary T. - WI

" They were easy to install once watching videos. Emailed question on 2022 rear stake box. Received phone call right away and they sent a link to a video showing that I needed to remove rear tail lights to do rear stake box install with long bolts. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Cameron D. - CA

" Easy to install. Fits great. "

Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Charles M. - WA

" Instructions were the worst. Youtube vs given installation instructions were no where close. Once installed super happy "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Josh A. - OR

" I've had them for about a half a year, using them weekly and they still look great. The black coating is high quality and I am a happy customer! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Richard T. - KY

" I am very happy with this product. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Pawel P. - WI

" Couldn't be happier with this product. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Tom C. - OR

" What a great cover and rack! Fits my needs exactly! If you are thinking about a cover/rack combo, you will not be disappointed. Eddie in customer service is awesome to work with. He responded via phone and email quickly. Overall a definite 5 star product and customer service. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Michael H. - VA

" Absolutely love this thing. Nice and sturdy so I can feel reassured my fishing rod rack isn't going anywhere. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Raymond M. - MI

" Simple and solid build. Easy to adjust. Love that it enables me to open my trifold bed cover on my 2018 Tacoma. I would highly recommend. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jordan B. - ON

" Really happy with my Aluminum Pro Series rack. Was easy to install and looks great. Fits my canoe and SUP side by side no problem. Customer Service was really fact when I had a question during install. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Bill F. - ID

" Easy to install. It's great to use the bed top rail holes finally. It's also easy to remove and reinstall when I don't need it, or for long trips. I have the trifold hard cover also, it was also easy to install. I haven't noticed any water leaking from around the cover after power wash my truck. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Tom B. - BC

" Great product use it all the time to carry kayaks and still able to use the back flip tonneau cover. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Dan D. - PA

" Got this a few weeks ago. Absolutely awesome! Works with my hard folding tonneau perfectly. Had 5 whitewater kayaks on top with dry camp gear in the bed. All while maintaining my visibility in the rear view mirror. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jeffrey S. - CA

" Love this rack. Purchased it to carry kayaks and keep the folding tonneau cover on. Works exceptionally well and is quite sturdy. Would definitely purchase again. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Richard S. - MT

" Since putting the Lomax bed cover and Adarac pro rack on I have been very impressed with both it's great to have a rack and still be able to open the cover "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Joel B. - MS

" The installation was easy and works very well. The price is great as well. Looking to do the same setup on my new truck!! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Sherman S. - OR

" Well built, easy to install, works with my tonneau cover. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Brian N. - ON

" This product is incredibly sleek, installation could not have been easier.Not only is the rack system the perfect solution for carrying kayaks but the rails allow me to utilize the top of my hard cover.Amazing product and customer service is 5 star. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Michael T. - OH

" Great product. Strong, durable and looks good! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Walter L. - NV

" PERFECT!!! However, I ordered one of your products thru Summit Racing, they totally messed it up and ACI was able to help me get it straighten it out. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Michael P. - TX

" Outstanding! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Christopher R. - MA

" Easy to install and works very well. I like the roll up cover much more than the tri fold. Racks are very sturdy and lightweight. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Johnny B. - LA

" Great rack and really easy installation! "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Fred M. - FL

" Excellent product, easy install! I have loaded 2 35 inch wide kayaks side by side and driven over 400 miles. No issues at all , just compliments. I would highly recommend this rack for any pick-up truck with a Tournau bed cover. "

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Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Dennis H. - AZ

" I bought the Adarac Pro for my 2019 chevy 2500. It was ez to install and works great for hauling my two kayaks. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Ernest F. - ME

" Amazing customer service! Ordered racks to go with our tri - fold tonneau cover. We also liked these racks because they require no drilling or clamping to the truck bed. It a new truck and I didn't want to put holes in it. Shipping said allow three weeks and it arrives in 1! Some damage happened during shipping so we emailed them and they got back to us within the hour. They shipped new parts quickly and with no additional cost to us. We have had a great experience with them. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Kevin W. - NE

" Works great! When we travel or shop our things are securely in the back. Kayak racks fit perfect on top the rack & so do project supplies. Easy to take the cover off when you need to haul something larger. All around handy for work or play. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Bill W. - VA

" Great rack and clearly well made and ease of installation was a breeze. Bought it to haul my kayaks and works great. Love the heavy rubber strip on top of rails that really hold the kayaks in place. Had to buy the cargo loops since I had to remove the ones I had previously installed. Wish the rack had come with those to begin with. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Gary Y. - OR

" Excellent products and customer service. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Al Z. - NJ

" Excellent truck rack! I needed a rack to transport ladders, canoes and aluminum tubes/rods. I did have another rack but when I installed a MX4 BakFlip tonneau cover, the old rack (which fit inside the bed rails) would no longer work. I kept the front rack which is mounted on the roof of the truck and installed the Adarac aluminum pro series uprights on the back. The Adarac system works perfectly with the MX4BakFlip tonneau cover. The Adarac aluminum pro series rack looks great, and I was surprised how sturdy it is. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Don G. - FL

" Very easy to install. I put most of it together on my kitchen counter, where I kept cool. Installation on the truck took 35 minutes. Only thing missing in the instructions was the orientation of the upright brackets. Two left, and two right. Flat side inward or outward? I had to go on the website to look at a picture of an installed rack to verify the orientation. LOVE it. My Kayaks now fit in my truck with all our camping gear! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Mike W. - NY

" Like it so far. One recommendation would be to include a black oxide (?) bolts. I think it would match better. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Andrew J. - CO

" Was looking for a rack that I could use with my existing soft tonneau cover on 2018 F150. The aluminum pro series met my requirements perfectly. It was easy to install (90 minutes), is sturdy, and looks great (I have the matt black with a black truck). "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Roger H. - IA

" Great product! Easy installation... followed instructions. Super solid... nice finish. Very pleased. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Richard D. - CT

" Easy to install, good fit and keeps my gear dry. "

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Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy David C. - MI

" We just got rack installed, with a a tonneau cover. Haven't tried it out yet. We got it for our kayaks. In the installation instructions said/ showed the cross bars should not be bowed down in the middle. They won't go on any other way. It didn't come with lock washers, so we used blue loc-tight on every bolt/ nut. It looks really nice, my Wife is happy with it, it's her truck. We'll see how they work when we camping. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Bruce K. - AZ

" Great product with easy install. "

Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Robert S. - WI

" I needed help with installing the Access cover, and the techs at ACI were excellent. The product is well made, and easy to assemble. The only changes I recommend would be to use stainless hardware for the rack, and cover material could be a little thicker. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Benjamin B. - FL

" Awesome Rack! The fit and finish is impeccable. I love that you can open the tri fold style cover while the rack is installed. My only complaint is that I wish there was a quick release for the uprights, instead of having to remove 8 bolts every time you want take the upper part of the rack off. 100% would buy again! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Rick G. - TX

" Great product, installed quickly on 2020 GMC 2500HD. I would like to see hardware in Stainless or offer a Stainless option. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Mike L. - ID

" Love the rack. Everything I expected, But they keep Emailing me about my bed cover purchase, which I didn't make. No complaints Though. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Don H. - OH

" Very well thought out design for a rack that was easily assembled. This rack should meet my needs for some time to come! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jesse P. - NV

" I love this cover as well as the rack. I keep the cover on full time, and add or remove the rack as needed, mostly for transporting kayaks. The installation was fairly easy as well. Great products for my F250. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Michael H. - PA

" Installation was easy for LOMAX and ADARAC. love te cover. The ADARAC rack was taller then I was told. Rack on will not fit in the garage. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Paul C. - NB

" I just installed rack on a 2020 Chev Siverado RST. It was easy to install (tailight removal required to anchor support rail at back). I have an Undercover Armorflex tonneau, the rubber seal for tonneau rests on rack rails but seems to seal well. Racks must be installed close to front and back of box to allow for opening and closing of tonneau. For carrying kayaks and SUP this will work out fine. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Timothy T. - WI

" Great product. Easy to install. They sent me the wrong parts. However they sent me the correct parts no questions asked the next day. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy David G. - WA

" This is the second rack that I bought. It works great with my roll up tonneau cover. Very easy to adjust or remove rack based on hauling/tie down needs. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Warren R. - PA

" Great product! Stronger than estimated by pictures. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Tony P. - NC

" It was great that I could get a combination of what seems to bet the best options that fit my truck. The truck bed cover was easy to install once I understood the directions. I was overly cautious because I did not want to redo everything but once I got through the process I understood everything and to totally redo everything would not take very long. I have not put on the rack yet because of weather and time but it also seems pretty simple to do and the components are very solid. Both systems have a great finish an the fit of the cover is perfect and my bed has remained dry through a few heavy rain storms. I do not know if that would be true going down the highway in a storm but I have to believe that the bed would stay dry. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Casey S. - LA

" The best bed cover that I've seen out there. Keeps all my tools dry and secure. And it looks good on the work truck. The only think is I wish it was made for 8' beds so I can buy one for my other truck. Can't go wrong with this bed cover. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Sam - CT

" Excellent rack. Very happy with purchase. Only thing it needs is adjustable load stops. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Charles G. - TX

" Finished product look awesome on my 2020 Ram. Cover install was easy and strait forward. Very minor leakage between tailgate and cover that I can probably adjust out. Rack install a little more involved on the RAM. The stake pockets on RAM are not centered in the front, the plate had to be modified (cut +/- 1/2 off one long side) to get it to grab and be secured. I have the rails installed, but only use rack occasionally so not installed until needed. Great kit! "

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Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Jim W. - MS

" Great product. Easy to install. Only issue- 1 of the bed railings is bent a little. There is a small .25 inch gap between the railing and truck. "

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Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Mark D. - NY

" I transitioned from a Ford to a RAM and wanted to use the same rack system. I was able to purchase the proper stake-pocket mount rail system. Minor issue, anchors for the front stake pocket required a modification to fit the RAM. (I Had to knock off 3/8" on one long side to each front anchor to fit properly.) Product support was caught unaware. Otherwise, It works perfectly and couldn't be happier. "

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Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Adam A. - MI

" Purchased the black aluminum pro with cleats and tiedown accessories for a 2016 Silverado 1500 with a Bakflip MX4 cover already in place. Rack is fully compatible with the quad fold hard cover and everything fits together nicely. The square T-track crossbars are compatible with Thule Kayak cradles (DockGrip 895) which I didn't see mentioned anywhere online. Shipping was very quick. The uprights were individually wrapped to prevent scratches, however the bed rails were not wrapped and had a disappointing number of scratches and blemishes in the powder coat. Definitely not a deal breaker and maybe unnoticeable unless you were inspecting it up close, but certainly not expected after paying a premium for the black powder coat finish. Just an FYI, not mentioned online but mentioned in the installation manual, the rear uprights are unable to be slid all the way forward to sit next to the front uprights by the cab without tedious adjustment of the crossbar due to the Silverado 1500 having a bed width that tapers outward by a couple inches from front to rear. Installation was quick and easy, just be careful popping the rear taillights out (can be YouTubed) a task specific to installation on Silverado 1500s I believe. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jay I. - WI

" Love the fit and finish. Works great and love how easy it is to reposition or remove the uprights. Just what I was looking for. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Chris H. - MN

" Works great with my tonneau cover! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Al A. - OH

" Bought the professional series Adarac and Lomax cover and would love to give it a review for you. Wife and I installed them on our 2016 Ram and are extremely pleased with our choice. This is our play truck to to take camping and hauling our kayaks. We've gotten 5 kayaks up on it and could maybe squeeze on a 6th. The Lomax is watertight, nothing has penetrated. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Ward P. - VA

" I have literally been looking for this rack for 10 years. I highly recommend it. The price was right, quality construction, looks great. This is to only rack that I could find the would work with my BakFlip tonneau cover and it fits my truck perfectly. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Greg B. - NY

" Breeze to install. Cover has low, neat profile - looks good. Racks hold our kayaks just fine. Makes a nice looking rig. Overall, very satisfied. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Dave R. - CA

" Qualty construction and easy to assemble. Maybe it was just me, but I thought the assembly instructions made it seem more difficult than it actually was. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy James S. - BC

" By far the best cover. It is not cheap but it works great and it keeps everything dry. It is super easy to install. I would purchase this combo again. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy M - TN

" Great rack, well made very simple install. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Mike B. - ON

" This rack is awesome, and works perfectly fine with my Armor Flex hard cover! Easy to put together, and take down when not needed! I use it to hold the kayaks high above the bed so I can still use the bed for all our camping gear. My only negative is to get black, you pay extra - but all the hardware is still not black "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Larry S. - VA

" Rack looks great! Works well with my gator roll-up cover! Handled 2 large kayaks on the rack and 2 smaller ones on the cover, while pulling camper. I did purchase some extra tie down hooks for this purpose. Easy install. However if you are installing on newer Silverado then you will need to remove tail lights in order to attach the bolts. Not a big deal, but wasn't noted prior to purchase. "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Laverne P. - BC

" I installed two more racks this week with two more waiting to be done. Great design,only question to ask is what took so long before they came on the market. Thanks again, Laverne. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Darren Y. - AB

" I just got this rack for my 2014 Tundra. I have a back flip tri fold tonneau cover. This rack fits and works perfectly. The instructions were super easy. Took me a buddy less than an hour to install. (could have been quicker if it wasn't for the beer breaks). The aluminum hound hold up great in our Alberta winters. Thanks for such a well made product! Can't wait to get the canoe on it. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Laverne P. - BC

" Simply put - excellent. I have sold and installed several now. Including one today on a Nissan Frontier 6 ft. with a Bak Revolver X2 tonneau cover. A great product that i will be selling a lot more of. Thank you, Laverne. "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Richard M. - NV

" Easy installation, light but is strong enough for kayaks etc. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Sam T. - CO

" It is fantastic. Very versatile and customizable thanks to tracks. Fits on my access bed over perfectly. Great set up! I've even got my 200lb 4 person rooftop tent attached (with an extra cross bar put into the tracks for 3 total) "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Alex C. - AZ

" This bed cover and rack combo is an easy install and really looks great on the truck. I love the bed cover being a reflective metal. In Arizona it gets very hot and this helps to keep the bed contents cooler. Nothing but praise for this combo!! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Gene A. - VA

" Very happy with the rack. Initially arrived with some of the hardware missing ( Channel nuts) but customer service shipped them out immediately and sent some additional accessories "no charge" to make up for the inconvenience. Very happy with the product and the great support! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jerry F. - WA

" I love the rack. This is a well mad rack which looks very nice on my 2017 silver F-150. The assembly instructions are very good, and everything went together smoothly. I'm very pleased with this rack. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy John B. - OH

" Very impressed with the quality, ease of installation and strength of rack. Use for kayaks and ladders for my work. Will definitely get for future trucks. I highly recommend this product. Extremely happy with my purchase. Looks great also. "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Joe L. - PA

" This is an awesome rack. Very well made and very easy to install. Put mine on in about 45 minutes. Everything fit perfectly. Very strong and stable. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Dave E. - FL

" This is an excellent high quality rack. Fit was perfect for my F-150. I had order some additional parts and customer service was great. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Gary O. - MN

" I bought this for hauling my kayaks On my truck when pulling my camper. This is a high quality build kit. Not like the China junk. Fit of parts is tight. The finish of the black rack looks great next to my white and black truck. Every bolt and part was included and easy to install with a few tools. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy John

" Just installed the Pro Adarac. Simple install, it took about half hour with reading instructions and all. I know guys don't read instructions. I use a rack in my construction work. The pickup rack has a rubber surface on the top of the cross bars that should prevent slipping and scratching of my cargo. The cool thing is, you can move the load supports anywhere along the side rails. This will be handy for shorter objects. I use my truck for personal as well, so I can see a lot of possibilities. It looks good too. If you don't hear from me again, consider me satisfied. "

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Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Ken D. - MI

" The Aluminum Pro Series Ladder rack is exactly what I was looking for. I needed a rack that was compatible with my folding tonneau and it works perfectly. Very pleased with the price and the quality. This is a well engineered product at a great price. "

Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Kenneth E. - NM

" Great looking when installed. Blends well with pain scheme. When you look at the truck that is not the first thing you notice. Very easy to install. A couple of adjustments and my tonneau cover opens with plenty of clearance. I bought it to carry Kayaks and have not used it for that yet. So, having said that I am going to give you a 4 star rating until i use it. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Mary J. - MI

" We needed a few end caps for our Adarac after an off road trip through heavy brush. We also found a great deal on a front light mount. The ordering was easy and the shipping was fast. We love our ADARAC and dealing with AGRI-COVER is easy. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jeff M. - CO

" We use it to haul our two kayaks. Fits great on our 2019 Ram 1500 short bed crew cab with our existing Undercover Armor Flex folding bed cover. Assembly & installation was very easy. The only slightly complicated part was cutting out the stake pocket openings to use the rack. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Sam - NC

" I purchased this rack to move kayaks and have been extremely happy with it. Installation was easy and the racks are well made and durable "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Brian W. - NH

" Awesome product, shipped quickly, arrived on time and complete and simple to install. Just love this product it's perfect for my use. Many people comment on how nice it looks and it's design features. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jack H. - TX

" I have a 2018 Nissan Titan. You don't make a rack for this truck. I purchased the one for a Toyota Tundra 5' 6" bed. Had to make a modification on the stake bed hold down spacers. Works great and allows me to use my existing tri fold Bakflip bed cover. Great product. "

Adarac Pro Review Image

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