ADARAC™ Aluminum M-Series

Great things do come in small packages! The ADARAC™ Aluminum M-Series is designed to make everything you do easier. From heavy duty, corrosion resistant aluminum to low profile, adjustable uprights, the ADARAC™ Aluminum M-Series was designed to support heavy loads. This model specific truck bed rack secures to your truck with aluminum stake pocket inserts for an easy, no drill installation. Quickly add accessories to secure cargo and prevent shifting with built-in mounting channels on cross bars and utility rails. ADARAC™ Aluminum M-Series increases the storage space and versatility of your pickup.

Height above the box rail: 12 in. for all trucks. Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs. static, 500 lbs. dynamic and 400 lbs. off-road dynamic, evenly distributed. Some vehicle manufacturers require reinforcement kits prior to installation. See vehicle owner's manual and dealership for specifications and load ratings.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Matte Black Finish


Silver Finish



Trouble Free Installation


Aluminum stake pocket inserts, no drilling required. Trucks without stake pockets require drilling.

Mid-Height Uprights


Compact design, easily remove or reposition for larger load capacity.



Can use with or without uprights, convenient mounting channels to simply attach accessories and secure cargo.

Cross Bar


Effortlessly secure gear or attach accessories to mounting channels across top and bottom. Anti-slip, anti-vibration rubber channel insert prevents cargo from shifting. Cross bars are 72 in. L x 1-1/2 in. W x 1-1/2 in. H. and 66 in. L for mid-size trucks.

Cross Bar


Works with ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers and most inside the rail roll up tonneau covers. Tonneau cover not included.


Low profile and ready for anything, the ADARAC™ Aluminum M-Series can be installed on most pickups. This truck bed rack is extremely accessible, sitting only 12 in. above the truck bed and capable of hauling hefty loads. A simple, no drill installation uses strong aluminum stake pocket inserts to secure the truck bed rack. Do more with less rack, ADARAC™ Aluminum M-Series is built with industrial strength to overcome any challenge.

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Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Garret K. - ME

" This is our second truck with this setup. rock solid, never have a problem with it. We run the Maine North Wood and other logging roads. Exceptional quality and 1st class customer service. American Made ! #1 "

Adarac M-Series Review Image

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Karl W. - OR

" The fact the rack mounting allows the use of the bed cover is great. Very nice workmanship. "

Adarac M-Series Review Image

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Doyle P. - AZ

" Product was excellently packaged. The bed rails fit pocket cut outs but I had to use shims to level the rails as my roll up cover had stake pocket cut outs but caused the rail to sit at a slight angle.When Installed it worked great haul a small boat home.i would recommend this product. "

Adarac M-Series Review Image

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Mark P. - UT

" Product fairly easy to install. Better instructions that identify which size bolts to use where would have been helpful. Love the flexibility this product provides. "

Adarac M-Series Review Image

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Joe N. - OH

" This is a follow up to my 'first impression' review of 3 stars, for a missing part and unclear instructions. Got a rapid response with detailed help and...not only the missing part but a complimentary Anchor Cleat package. Very helpful, vey quick, very thoughtful. "

Adarac M-Series Review Image

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Paul L. - MA

" When I decided to keep my 2003 F-250 vs. selling it, I thought it was time to add some fun to the old truck. I got the M-series and along with the regular higher racks. That way I can carry whatever I need and take off the rear high rack when not needed. I installed it when it was 25 degrees out because I couldn't wait. The rack system looks awesome, and breathes new life to an old truck. Now I just need to save up more money to buy the Adagrid overland side tracks and top bars to complete the look. Thank you for a Wonderful product. Installation was easy, and the build quality is solid! "

Adarac M-Series Review Image

Adarac M-Series 4 star ratingBy S B. - NM

" I ordered the bed rack both the 12" and larger one. I have the cab guard, cleats and load dividers. Installation was quite easy. Very sturdy and has exceeded my expectations. It looks nice on my truck too! "

Adarac M-Series Review Image

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Christine R. - VA

" Very happy with my purchase so far and the customer service from Agricover. "

Adarac M-Series Review Image

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Paul O. - WI

" I LOVE my Adarac contour ladder rack. The black color matches my truck. The angle of the contour series matches the cab profile. People ask me at stop lights 'what brand is that?' They are flexible and very functional. I added lower uprights and bars for my bike and tent and they all still work at the same time with my roll up tonneau cover. Function AND form. "

Adarac M-Series Review Image

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Shane C. - AB

" Excellent rack for my 2021 Ford Ranger. A little nervous drilling into bed caps but it went very well. I still can use my roll up tonneau cover which is what sold me on the Adarac. I installed a rack basket (Hyperax) and it fits well and the combo is very solid. Very easy to remove uprights and croos bars if not needed. "

Adarac M-Series Review Image
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