This truck bed rack has an average  Adarac M-Series 4.93 star average rating rating based on 15 customer reviews.

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Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Charles B. - CO

" Every time I have made a purchase from you outfit your follow through on the order, communications on shipping and follow through has been topnotch. Keep up the good work and you will have as a customer for a long time. Thanks. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Mark W. - UT

" Installed easily, just as advertised and fit around my roll up tonneau. So far, great rack! "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Shane C. - AB

" Excellent rack for my 2021 Ford Ranger. A little nervous drilling into bed caps but it went very well. I still can use my roll up tonneau cover which is what sold me on the Adarac. I installed a rack basket (Hyperax) and it fits well and the combo is very solid. Very easy to remove uprights and croos bars if not needed. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Karl W. - OR

" Beautiful product which allows use of the Access cover. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Fred S. - FL

" Love my adarac bed rack. It looks good and supports my CVT RTT perfect. Check out my Instagram or YouTube for pics and videos... tractor_to_trail or YouTube Tractor to Trail "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Garrett H. - MA

" Wicked awesome rack! I am able to haul 2 kayaks and 2-3 Stand up paddle boards at the same time. I am also able to use the original cargo cover that the truck came with. Rack handles great at highway and back road speeds. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Mauricio G. - GA

" So good, I am so happy. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Chris C. - NY

" Excellent product. Very well made and packed extremely well too. Very happy with the purchase! "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy James V. - FL

" So far so good. Doesn't fit very tight in the stake pockets. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Christopher D. - CO

" I recently installed ACI's ADARAC M-series on my 2016 Toyota Tundra. I wasn't willing to drill into my truck or mess around with trying to mount a rack in between the rails in addition to the Access Roll-up cover that I installed so the ADARAC was the perfect option. The ADARAC is built well and adjusts easily to accommodate a variety of accessories. I have four mountain bike racks attached to mine so I can haul our bikes while pulling our camper and keep the contents in the bed clean and dry under the Roll-Up cover. "

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