This truck bed rack has an average  Adarac M-Series 4.94 star average rating rating based on 16 customer reviews.

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Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Paul O. - WI

" I LOVE my Adarac contour ladder rack. The black color matches my truck. The angle of the contour series matches the cab profile. People ask me at stop lights 'what brand is that?' They are flexible and very functional. I added lower uprights and bars for my bike and tent and they all still work at the same time with my roll up tonneau cover. Function AND form. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Shane C. - AB

" Excellent rack for my 2021 Ford Ranger. A little nervous drilling into bed caps but it went very well. I still can use my roll up tonneau cover which is what sold me on the Adarac. I installed a rack basket (Hyperax) and it fits well and the combo is very solid. Very easy to remove uprights and croos bars if not needed. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Karl W. - OR

" Beautiful product which allows use of the Access cover. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Garrett H. - MA

" Wicked awesome rack! I am able to haul 2 kayaks and 2-3 Stand up paddle boards at the same time. I am also able to use the original cargo cover that the truck came with. Rack handles great at highway and back road speeds. "

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