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Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Paul O. - WI

" I LOVE my Adarac contour ladder rack. The black color matches my truck. The angle of the contour series matches the cab profile. People ask me at stop lights 'what brand is that?' They are flexible and very functional. I added lower uprights and bars for my bike and tent and they all still work at the same time with my roll up tonneau cover. Function AND form. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Charles B. - CO

" Every time I have made a purchase from you outfit your follow through on the order, communications on shipping and follow through has been topnotch. Keep up the good work and you will have as a customer for a long time. Thanks. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Mark W. - UT

" Installed easily, just as advertised and fit around my roll up tonneau. So far, great rack! "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Shane C. - AB

" Excellent rack for my 2021 Ford Ranger. A little nervous drilling into bed caps but it went very well. I still can use my roll up tonneau cover which is what sold me on the Adarac. I installed a rack basket (Hyperax) and it fits well and the combo is very solid. Very easy to remove uprights and croos bars if not needed. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Karl W. - OR

" Beautiful product which allows use of the Access cover. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Fred S. - FL

" Love my adarac bed rack. It looks good and supports my CVT RTT perfect. Check out my Instagram or YouTube for pics and videos... tractor_to_trail or YouTube Tractor to Trail "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Garrett H. - MA

" Wicked awesome rack! I am able to haul 2 kayaks and 2-3 Stand up paddle boards at the same time. I am also able to use the original cargo cover that the truck came with. Rack handles great at highway and back road speeds. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Mauricio G. - GA

" So good, I am so happy. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Chris C. - NY

" Excellent product. Very well made and packed extremely well too. Very happy with the purchase! "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy James V. - FL

" So far so good. Doesn't fit very tight in the stake pockets. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Christopher D. - CO

" I recently installed ACI's ADARAC M-series on my 2016 Toyota Tundra. I wasn't willing to drill into my truck or mess around with trying to mount a rack in between the rails in addition to the Access Roll-up cover that I installed so the ADARAC was the perfect option. The ADARAC is built well and adjusts easily to accommodate a variety of accessories. I have four mountain bike racks attached to mine so I can haul our bikes while pulling our camper and keep the contents in the bed clean and dry under the Roll-Up cover. "

Adarac M-Series 4 star ratingBy Jesse H. - ND

" Customer service is great at this company. One issue tho. We purchased a Vanish cover and couldn't get the side rails to level properly. After contacting Agricover I learned that due to our pickup box rail protector being "after market", the Vanish cover likely won't fit - and they were correct. Would have been good to know that before ordering. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Dave M. - WI

" I bought a second Adarac M Series for my Ford F-150. I had one on a Colorado prior to that. I use it for my RTT. When I called to order the customer service rep found what I needed to transfer to my new vehicle. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Install looks and works great. Thanks ACI. Great product! "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy C - FL

" Great racks. Lightweight and strong. Look great with low profile M-Series. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Jeremy S. - TX

" Purchased the M-rack and ACCESS cover combo for my F150. Install was easy, cover adjustment took some time to understand but rather straightforward. I love having the ability to install the uprights and crossbars to carry a cargo basket for road trips! All components were well protected in their packaging and look to be very high quality. "

Adarac M-Series 5 star ratingBy Rob Z. - PA

" M-Series racks are well-made, and easy to install. I haven't used these for their intended purpose yet (rooftop tent), but I am very confident in their ability to handle this. The directions for install were awesome!!!! "

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