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Adarac Pro 4 star ratingBy Robert S. - WI

" I needed help with installing the Access cover, and the techs at ACI were excellent. The product is well made, and easy to assemble. The only changes I recommend would be to use stainless hardware for the rack, and cover material could be a little thicker. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Benjamin B. - FL

" Awesome Rack! The fit and finish is impeccable. I love that you can open the tri fold style cover while the rack is installed. My only complaint is that I wish there was a quick release for the uprights, instead of having to remove 8 bolts every time you want take the upper part of the rack off. 100% would buy again! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Rick G. - TX

" Great product, installed quickly on 2020 GMC 2500HD. I would like to see hardware in Stainless or offer a Stainless option. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Mike L. - ID

" Love the rack. Everything I expected, But they keep Emailing me about my bed cover purchase, which I didn't make. No complaints Though. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Don H. - OH

" Very well thought out design for a rack that was easily assembled. This rack should meet my needs for some time to come! "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jesse P. - NV

" I love this cover as well as the rack. I keep the cover on full time, and add or remove the rack as needed, mostly for transporting kayaks. The installation was fairly easy as well. Great products for my F250. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Michael H. - PA

" Installation was easy for LOMAX and ADARAC. love te cover. The ADARAC rack was taller then I was told. Rack on will not fit in the garage. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Paul C. - NB

" I just installed rack on a 2020 Chev Siverado RST. It was easy to install (tailight removal required to anchor support rail at back). I have an Undercover Armorflex tonneau, the rubber seal for tonneau rests on rack rails but seems to seal well. Racks must be installed close to front and back of box to allow for opening and closing of tonneau. For carrying kayaks and SUP this will work out fine. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Timothy T. - WI

" Great product. Easy to install. They sent me the wrong parts. However they sent me the correct parts no questions asked the next day. "

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy David G. - WA

" This is the second rack that I bought. It works great with my roll up tonneau cover. Very easy to adjust or remove rack based on hauling/tie down needs. "

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