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Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Ben W. - ME

" Easy to install, real intuitive. Supports what I need it to and has not increased my gas mileage. I am very happy with the design as it does not look like another straight bar truck rack. It is easy tying down multiple kayaks and my 19' canoe. I do worry about weight capacity but so far a very excellent product. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy John C. - MD

" Very nicely engineered and high quality materials. I got the black finish. Sturdy, easy to install. Bars have a rubber insert across the top. Weathertech Hard Cover opens and closes perfectly with the racks in place. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Jake N. - MN

" Exactly what I was looking for. Drops right into the stake pockets so there's no drilling. This not only helps with resale value but is also a stronger attachment point. Its a bit taller than I expected, but still fits through the garage door. Fits just fine through automated car washes too. I bought this specifically to haul kayaks so we can store camping and fishing gear under the roll cover and there's interference between the two. Super simple install and super simple usage. 10/10 would recommend. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Jeremy B. - AL

" The aluminum series rack was quick and easy to install. I use the rack for hauling kayaks and bikes so the angled uprights are close to the body lines so it doesn't make my truck look out of place. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Mark R. - MT

" Looks great on truck. Itís a nice addition to my lomax cover from your company. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Dub W. - CO

" What a wonderful Rack. And it works with my standard roll-up cover! Easy to install and very sturdy. "

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