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Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Sam E. - NV

" We purchased the ADARAC TRUCK BED RACK and the original bed cover for our 2021 ford F 150 Raptor (5' 6" bed). The Rack clears the cab and is excellent for long items e.g. kayaks. The back rack is removable for a large item. The bed cover fits like a glove. I highly recommend those products. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy John C. - MD

" Great truck rack. The most amazing part is I still have full functionality of my Bakflip MX4 tonneau cover. I thought the rack would prevent me from opening the cover - but this wasn't the case. Super happy about that. The instructions could use some refining, but once I got rolling it was easy to figure out and easy to install. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy John C. - MD

" The instructions left a lot to be desired. However, once I got it figured out, the rack was super easy to install. I have a 2019 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 with 5.8 bed. I have a BakFlip cover installed and I can flip the cover open with the rack installed. AWESOME! I'm super happy with the product. "

Adarac Aluminum 4 star ratingBy Matthew P. - OH

" Looks fine. Functions perfectly. Fits around my Peragon tonneau cover. Instructions were somewhat ambiguous which absorbed considerable time. Looks a bit industrial, not a dressy pickup look. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Garry G. - TN

" I'm very pleased with the product and the service. The rack is much stronger than I anticipated and looks great on my new truck. Good Stuff!! "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Harold T. - TN

" I want to preface this review by saying I rarely review items and I spend a lot of time researching which kayak rack to buy. There are a lot of options out there but this rack is by far the best option. Everything about this rack has been great. Before ordering I called in and ask a couple of questions got great response from really nice people. Placing the order was easy, it shipped about a week later, and it arrived with no damage. The installation was really easy and you could definitely tell this was not made in China. I am very pleased with this rack. One of the reasons I chose this one is my Gator roll up bed cover works perfectly with it on my Silverado. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Michael S. - NC

" Very pleased with the racks. Well made, instructions where well written and installations was straight forward. I have a roll up bed cover and the rack does not interfere with its operation. Easily handled kayaks which is why i got the rack. Would highly recommend this product. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Trent M. - WI

" Purchased this pick-up rack to haul my kayaks and paddle boards. Planned on only installing the rack during the warmer months but, I actually like the look of this rack on my truck so it will stay on year round. Very high quality, durable, and easy to install. Rack works perfectly with my Truxedo Pro X15 Cover. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Dave K W. - HI

" I purchased this truck rack because I was looking for a rack that could accommodate a tonneau cover together. Agricover had the answer. Love the look but things you would expect to be included like the "Tie down kit" and "Load divider" are sold at premium prices. The tracks allow for adjustment but bolted down with lock washers and lock bolts so in reality it's fixed and difficult to move or take off. They should make it so that the support bars, tie down kit, and load dividers are easily adjustable and included in the package. They need to have more video instructions for installation. I received my rack first and installed it, then when the tonneau cover arrived, I found out that I had to remove the rack to place the rear clamp for the tonneau cover in the pocket. Should have had a warning. Happy with the product but it could easily be made to be even better by making it easily adjustable. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Buren S. - NC

" Excellent product. easy to install. quick shipping. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy John H. - MI

" Beautiful Rails and Rack. I had difficulty finding something that fit my truck with the Carbon Fiber Bed. I wanted a setup with no drilling into the truck. They said this would not fit my truck but I was able to mount it using the stake holes. Very Pleased. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Tate L. - PA

" Easy install, very sturdy "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Aaron R. - MI

" Installation was easy. Product is very stout with 3 stake pocket attachments per rail with 8' bed. The contoured uprights are also very nice. If attaching to a GMC or Chevrolet, be sure to check into the 23" height uprights instead of 25". 25" is really tall and will jeopardize 7' garage door opening clearance. 23" doesn't block rear brake light nor cargo illumination lamps yet still clears the roof. Made in USA! Will recommend to everybody. "

Adarac Aluminum 4 star ratingBy George L. - OH

" Rack looks great on my truck and is very solid!!! The rack gets 5-stars, but tech support loses a star. I'd like to give some advice to anyone using this rack with a RAM 1500 DT body style. Adarac's tech support won't admit that the hardware shipped with the rack will not work with the new body style. You will need to cut the mounting plates. First: Recommendation for cutting the plastic that is part of the bed rail cap. (Adarac recommends using a utility knife, that's ridiculous). Purchase the Bull Ring router bits, you'll be happy you did. See the following video for details (4:37 discusses how the DT body style changed). I've attached a photo showing the front stake pocket and how the bed wall comes right up to the stake pocket. Second: Since shipped mounting plates won't work for the front pockets, you need to trim the lower plate for it to fit. I've attached a photo showing that by bolting the (3) plates together you can use two of the plates as a guide to cut the lower plate with a hacksaw. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Philip B. - ME

" Super easy install on my 2018 Colorado. Looks great and most importantly functions perfect. Sliding racks that fit with my truxedo pro 15 tonneau cover. Price, look & function, A+. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Mark - MT

" This pickup rack is perfectly suited for all my needs. It was easy to install and very user friendly. I love that it provides fully adjustable tie down locations making any load easy to secure. Not too many extras, it just works and looks good! "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Fred W. - CO

" Very nice rack. Easy to install and very sturdy. I have looked for a rack that works with a standard tonneau cover, this rack does not interfere. So still water tight and have a rack for the big stuff. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Jake N. - MN

" Exactly what I was looking for. Drops right into the stake pockets so there's no drilling. This not only helps with resale value but is also a stronger attachment point. Its a bit taller than I expected, but still fits through the garage door. Fits just fine through automated car washes too. I bought this specifically to haul kayaks so we can store camping and fishing gear under the roll cover and there's interference between the two. Super simple install and super simple usage. 10/10 would recommend. "

Adarac Aluminum 5 star ratingBy Dub W. - CO

" What a wonderful Rack. And it works with my standard roll-up cover! Easy to install and very sturdy. "

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