ADARAC™ Aluminum Pro Series

Elevate your everyday, the ADARAC™ Aluminum Pro Series will easily carry your next adventure. Manufactured with heavy duty yet lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum, this pickup bed rack system has the strength to easily handle a hefty load. Increased hauling capacity with limited framework interference, the ADARAC™ Aluminum Pro Series features completely adjustable and removable vertical uprights. This model specific pickup box rack has an easy, no drill installation with stake pocket inserts. Accessories can be quickly attached to safely secure cargo with built-in mounting channels in the cross bars and rails. The ADARAC™ Aluminum Truck Rack is built tougher, performs better and lasts longer.

Height above the box rail: 24 in. for mid-size 26 in. for full size and 20-ON Jeep Gladiator 5' box and 27 in. for Super Duty and 20-ON GM HD 6' 8" trucks. Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs. static, 500 lbs. dynamic and 400 lbs. off-road dynamic, evenly distributed. Some vehicle manufacturers require reinforcement kits prior to installation. See vehicle owner's manual and dealership for specifications and load ratings.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Matte Black Finish


Silver Finish



Trouble-Free Installation


Aluminum stake pocket inserts, no drilling required. Trucks without stake pockets require drilling.

Adjustable, Vertical Uprights


Maximize load capacity with limited framework interference. Easy to reposition or remove.

Extruded Anodized Aluminum Rails


Quickly attach accessories and secure cargo utilizing built-in mounting channels, use with or without uprights.

1-1/2 Inch Extruded Aluminum Cross Bars


Easily attach accessories and secure cargo using integrated mounting channels across the top and bottom. Anti-slip, anti-vibration rubber helps stabilize cargo. Cross bars are 72 in. L x 1-1/2 in. W x 1-1/2 in. H. and 66 in. L for mid-size trucks.

Cover Compatibility


Works with LOMAX® Folding Hard Covers, ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers and most inside the rail tonneau covers. Tonneau cover not included.


Capture the undeniable style and ride of the ADARACâ„¢ Aluminum Pro Series with our stunning drone video. This pickup rack is built to handle hefty cargo with little or no interference. View what others will see when you drive by with the completely adjustable and removable truck bed rack. The ADARACâ„¢ Aluminum Pro Series is built for industrial versatility with advanced engineering and high-quality construction.


Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Chuck Z. - TX

" Bought the fold up cover and matching rack for my Jeep Gladiator. The two are perfectly paired for the gladiator bed. Installation was easily done with one person. It was also the best deal I found for these two products. "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Robert M. - TX

" This is a very nice rack system, my purpose for purchasing this is to transport 2 kayak's. Install is pretty straight forward, cutting out the stake holes on the bed rail cover was a breeze in this Texas heat. I wish that there was some type of safety hardware to attach everything to make it theft proof, maybe I can locate some special hardware for this. This thing is a very solid design, I should have no problems with my cargo. My BAK MX4 works great with this design. "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Sharon S. - NY

" I am very happy with my cover. The installation was so easy I couldn't believe it. I followed the directions and rolled out the cover and it fit perfectly first try! It looks very sharp to. I got the cover in a combo package with Adarack bed racks. Happy customer! "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Shawn E. - MI

" The entire process of ordering and installing the rack was great! I initially ordered the wrong rack. Customer service was quick to respond when I contacted them and got the order cancelled so I could order the right rack. Installation took about about an hour. The rack is very sturdy and looks great on my truck. The pro series is great because it is compatible with a larger variety of tonneau covers, which I plan to add soon. "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Michael F. - VT

" I've had the rack for approximately a year and a half two years have had no problems with it very versatile and also have a tunnel cover on the back of my truck as well on the bed. It fits perfectly with it. It's it's a matching pair very well. Made excellent product. "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Clay D. - LA

" Pro series rac is great. Easy to install. Holds my 2 kayaks perfectly. It also allows me to keep cover on and lock my tailgate keeping paddles and other equipment secure. "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Andres V. - MD

" A long overdue review for exceptional durability and functionality - 6 years later and counting. I installed the LOMAX Folding Hard Tonneau Cover and the ADARAC Aluminum Pro Series Rack in my truck back in September 2018, and after nearly six years of use, I felt it's high time to share my experience. Simply put, this setup has exceeded my expectations in every way, and it has proven to be a wise and durable investment. The most impressive aspect of this setup is its durability. After six years, it still looks and functions like it did on day one. The Cover has held up exceptionally well, with no signs of wear and tear. The aluminum construction of the Rack is also remarkably resilient, showing no signs of rust or corrosion despite exposure to the elements (my truck has never been garaged). The functionality of this combination is outstanding. The Hard Tonneau Cover provides a secure and waterproof seal for my truck bed, keeping my cargo dry and protected from the elements. It's incredibly easy to use, and the folding design allows me to access the bed quickly when needed. The rack has been a game-changer. It provides a convenient and sturdy platform for carrying items like ladders and other equipment. The ease of installation and versatility of this rack are highly commendable. This investment has paid dividends over the years. Not only has it preserved the integrity of my tools in the truck bed, but it has also made my life easier by allowing me to transport cargo securely. I've had the pleasure of knowing that my gear is protected from the weather and easily accessible when I need it. This setup has proven its worth many times over. If you're considering outfitting your truck with this setup, don't hesitate. I can confidently say that this combination is worth every penny. , and my next truck will undoubtedly receive a similar treatment. "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Steven P. - PA

" I bought the Aluminum Pro Series uprights and the M-Series uprights. Used together to haul kayaks and bikes. This setup worked great. I finally found a setup that will let us take bikes and kayaks on our camping adventures. Would recommend to anyone. "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Arthur S. - MO

" Everything fit perfectly, was easy to install, and looks good. I have no complaints at all - 5 stars! "

Adarac Pro Review Image

Adarac Pro 5 star ratingBy Jeffery M. - MI

" Purchased parts for my ADARACAluminum Pro series..they were Awesome! Got all the parts as ordered and they came quickly... Thank You Jeff "

Adarac Pro Review Image
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